Zack Riddle Wins Number Six at Madison

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Hellenbrand, Newton, and Chilson Also Take Home Wins

A great crowd was on hand for Buck Night at Madison International Speedway with exciting racing action taking place in four divisions.

Zack Riddle won his sixth race of the season in the NASCAR Late Models while Mason Hellenbrand held off his dad to win in the Dave’s White Rock MISfitz. Nick Newton was the winner in the Pellitteri Systems Bandits while Trevor Chilson won the Roto Rooter 6Shooters main event.

Zack Riddle Holds Off Jeremy Miller for NASCAR Late Model Win

For the sixth time in 2022, Zack Riddle found his way to victory lane after holding off Jeremy Miller in the caution free 30 lap feature for the NASCAR Late Models. Riddle now has twenty-six career Late Model feature wins at Madison.

Tonight’s Late Model field included drivers who totaled over 70 career feature wins in the division.

Shaun Scheel and Bobby Wilberg brought the field to the green flag. The pair ran side by side with Jeremy Miller, Michael Bilderback, and Zack Riddle in pursuit. On lap 3 Scheel broke away to take the lead with Miller up to second and Riddle to third one lap later. On lap 6 Bilderback found room inside of Wilberg to take the fourth spot. After ten laps Scheel, Miller, and Riddle were breaking away from the pack. On lap 11 Riddle moved to the inside of Miller to battle for second and would take the second position one lap later.

Riddle, who started fifth, took the lead on lap 13 when he got to the inside of Scheel going into turn one. The top three then made it past lapped traffic while Miller was able to get past Scheel for second. Riddle wasted no time building up a three car length advantage over Miller with Scheel now a distant third and Bilderback in fourth.

With eight laps to go Miller was cutting into Riddle’s lead, but time was starting to run out. Would there be a caution? With five laps to go Riddle had increased his lead to six car lengths. As the race continued to run under green it was apparent that Miller wasn’t going to have enough to catch Riddle who raced his way to victory lane. Rounding out the top five were Scheel, Bilderback, and Rusty Hansen.

“That was a lot of fun. I’m pumped about this one,” said Riddle. With three races remaining on the Late Model schedule in 2022, Riddle continues to lead the points with Wilberg in second and Scheel in third.

Zack Riddle was quickest in qualifying with a trip of 18.722 (96.144 mph). It was his third fast time of the season. Riddle also won the RA Heating and Air Conditioning Dash for the first time in 2022. Rusty Hansen and Jeremy Miller were the heat winners.

Mason Hellenbrand Picks Up Second Win of the Season

Mason Hellenbrand held off his dad, Ray, to pick up the checkered flag in the 20 lap feature for the Dave’s White Rock MISfitz. It was the second win of his rookie season at Madison.

The MISfitz field was brought to the green flag by Mike Taylor and Mason Hellenbrand. The two raced side by side trading the lead every other lap but only by a few feet. On lap 4 Mason Hellenbrand cleared Taylor to take the lead with Ray Hellenbrand up to second followed by Chris Wangrow and Rick Coppernoll. On lap 7 the caution flag came out when two cars got together coming out of turn one.

Mason Hellenbrand continued to lead the way following the restart. Coppernoll moved past Wangrow to take third on lap 8. On lap 10 Dan Snyder passed Wangrow to move into the top four. Coppernoll moved to the outside of Ray Hellenbrand to battle it out for second which allowed Mason Hellenbrand to increase his lead to three car lengths with five laps to go. With three laps to go the second cauton flag of the race waved due to a spin in turn two.

On the restart Mason Hellenbrand elected to line up on the inside while Ray Hellenbrand chose the outside. Mason Hellenbrand continued to lead following the restart and was able to hold off Ray Hellenbrand for the final three laps to pick up the checkered flag.

“I was somewhat worried about those guys behind me,” said Hellenbrand from victory lane.

Setting fast time for the first time this season was Dan Snyder with a lap of 20.035 (89.843 mph). Ray Hellenbrand won the RA Heating and Air Conditioning Dash for the second time in 2022. Heat race wins were captured by Mason Hellenbrand and Ray Hellenbrand.

Nick Newton Takes Home Checkered Flag in Bandits

Nick Newton picked up his first win of the season in the Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits and broke the six race win streak of Nick Schmidt.

Kevin Beyer and Nick Newton led the field to green flag with Newton clearing Beyer for the lead after the first two laps. After five laps Newton had built up a ten car length lead while the others were bunched up racing side by side for second. Fast qualifier Nick Schmidt was trying everything he could and it took until the half way point for him to move up to second, but still with a lot of ground to close on Newton.

With each lap, Schmidt was closing the gap between himself and Newton. But Newton was just too strong out front and was able to pick up the checkered flag with a five car length advantage.

“I could see him coming,” said Newton from victory lane who added that he had two tires going down.

Fastest in qualifying once again was Nick Schmidt with a lap of 15.005 (59.980 mph). He has set fast time each night of qualifying in 2022. Nick Newton picked up his first win in the RA Heating and Air Conditioning Dash. Schmidt won the heat race.

Trevor Chilson Back in Victory Lane

Trevor Chilson won the 18 lap feature for the Roto Rooter 6Shooters topping the twenty car field.

Chris Braun and Chad Koenecke paced the field to the green flag. Braun jumped to the early lead. Ken Morris was up to join the pair after three laps with Trevor Chilson and Richard Nelson looking to join the top three. On lap 6 Morris moved into second with Dylan Klinger to third and Chilson to fourth. Just before the half-way mark Klinger was challenging for the lead as the caution flag waved for a spin just ahead of the leaders.

Shortly following the restart, Chilson took the lead with a low pass in turn one with 8 laps to go. Klinger followed Chilson to move into the second spot with seven laps to go. Chilson and Klinger broke away from the pack and worked their way through lapped traffic with Chilson hanging on for the win followed by Klinger, Morris, Ozzie Osborne and Nelson.

“Feels good to be back in victory lane this year,” said Chilson who told the crowd he has less than $500 invested in his car.

Heat race winners were Ozzie Osborne, Dan Bishop, and Dylan Klinger.

Racing continues on Friday, July 29th with the return of the Big 8 Late Models plus the Mid- American Stock Cars and Upper Midwest Vintage Series. The Big 8 Late Models will battle it out in a 48 lap main event. It’s also Racers’ Reunion Night with all former Madison drivers admitted free. You must RSVP in advance to Former drivers will meet and greet the fans plus be part of the on-track introductions for the Big 8 race.

NASCAR Late Models

Late Models – Feature 30 Laps
1. 14ZR-Zack Riddle , Oregon, WI[5], 2. 5JM-Jeremy Miller , Rockford, IL[4], 3. 8SS-Shaun Scheel , Lake Mills, WI[1], 4. 2MB-Michael Bilderback , South Beloit, IL[3], 5. 7RH-Russ Hansen , Sun Prairie, WI[8], 6. 28BW-Bobby Wilberg , Beloit, WI[2], 7. 37SR-Seth Reamer , Marshall, WI[6], 8. 5JH-Jeff Holmgren Jr, East Troy, WI[11], 9. 24JO-Jim Olson , Harvard, IL[10], 10. 61FB-Franc Beldowski , Rockford, IL[7], 11. 32PD-Paul Dygon , Wind Lake, WI[12], 12. 87BE-Brent Edmunds , Monticello, WI[9]


1. 14ZR-Zack Riddle, 18.7220; 2. 5JM-Jeremy Miller, 18.7310; 3. 2MB-Michael Bilderback, 18.8250; 4. 28BW-Bobby Wilberg, 18.9550; 5. 8SS-Shaun Scheel, 18.9560; 6. 37SR-Seth Reamer, 19.0770; 7. 61FB-Franc Beldowski, 19.0800; 8. 7RH-Russ Hansen, 19.0930; 9. 87BE-Brent Edmunds, 19.1020; 10. 24JO-Jim Olson, 19.1580; 11. 5JH-Jeff Holmgren, 19.2180; 12. 32PD-Paul Dygon, 20.3340

Late Models – Dash 6 Laps
1. 14ZR-Zack Riddle , Oregon, WI[1], 2. 5JM-Jeremy Miller , Rockford, IL[2], 3. 28BW-Bobby Wilberg , Beloit, WI[4], 4. 2MB-Michael Bilderback , South Beloit, IL[3], 5. 8SS-Shaun Scheel , Lake Mills, WI[5], 6. 37SR-Seth Reamer , Marshall, WI[6]

Late Models – Heat 1 10 Laps
1. 7RH-Russ Hansen , Sun Prairie, WI[2], 2. 87BE-Brent Edmunds , Monticello, WI[1], 3. 24JO-Jim Olson , Harvard, IL[4], 4. 61FB-Franc Beldowski , Rockford, IL[3], 5. 5JH-Jeff Holmgren Jr, East Troy, WI[5], 6. 32PD-Paul Dygon , Wind Lake, WI[6]

Late Models – Heat 2 10 Laps
1,5JM-Jeremy Miller , Rockford, IL[2], 2. 14ZR-Zack Riddle , Oregon, WI[3], 3. 2MB-Michael Bilderback ,South Beloit, IL[1], 4. 8SS-Shaun Scheel , Lake Mills, WI[5], 5. 28BW-Bobby Wilberg , Beloit, WI[4], 6. 37SR-Seth Reamer , Marshall, WI[6]

Dave’s White Rock MISftiz

MISfitz – Feature 20 Laps
1. 67MH-Mason Hellenbrand , Verona, WI[2], 2. 78RH-Ray Hellenbrand , Verona, WI[4], 3. 6DS-Dan Snyder , Stoughton, WI[5], 4. 84TW-Tim Wondrash , Brooklyn, WI[6], 5. 4MT-Mike Taylor , Stoughton, WI[1], 6. 9SJ-Scott Jensen , Evansville, WI[7], 7. 7RC-Rick Coppernoll , Stoughton, WI[3], 8. 31CW-Chris Wangrow , Avalon, WI[8


1. 78RH-Ray Hellenbrand, 20.0450; 2. 7RC-Rick Coppernoll, 20.0990; 3. 31CW-Chris Wangrow, 20.1050; 4. 67MH-Mason Hellenbrand, 20.2610; 5. 6DS-Dan Snyder, 20.3450; 6. 4MT-Mike Taylor, 20.3680; 7. 84TW-Tim Wondrash, 20.5490; 8. 9SJ-Scott Jensen, 21.0920

MISfitz – Dash 6 Laps
1. 78RH-Ray Hellenbrand , Verona, WI[1], 2. 31CW-Chris Wangrow , Avalon, WI[4], 3. 6DS-Dan Snyder , Stoughton, WI[2], 4. 4MT-Mike Taylor , Stoughton, WI[6], 5. 7RC-Rick Coppernoll , Stoughton, WI[3], 6. 67MH-Mason Hellenbrand , Verona, WI[5]

MISfitz – Heat 1 8 Laps
1. 67MH-Mason Hellenbrand , Verona, WI[4], 2. 84TW-Tim Wondrash , Brooklyn, WI[2], 3. 4MT-Mike Taylor , Stoughton, WI[3], 4. 9SJ-Scott Jensen , Evansville, WI[1]

MISfitz – Heat 2 8 Laps
1.78RH-Ray Hellenbrand , Verona, WI[2], 2. 31CW-Chris Wangrow , Avalon, WI[4], 3. 6DS-Dan Snyder , Stoughton, WI[3], 4. 7RC-Rick Coppernoll , Stoughton, WI[1]

Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits

Bandits – Feature 20 Laps
1. 41NN-Nick Newton , Jefferson, WI[2], 2. 09NS-Nick Schmidt , Watertown, WI[5], 3. 70BB-Bart Brockmann , Rockford, IL[4], 4. 64TR-Trent Rueth , Johnson Creek, WI[3], 5. 91KB-Kevin Beyer , Appleton, WI[1], 6. 62SD-Steven Deininger , Monroe, WI[6]


1.09NS-Nick Schmidt, 15.0050; 2. 70BB-Bart Brockmann, 15.2910; 3. 64TR-Trent Rueth, 15.2930; 4. 41NN-Nick Newton, 15.6740; 5. 91KB-Kevin Beyer, 15.7310; 6. 62SD-Steven Deininger, 50.0000

Bandits – Dash 6 Laps

1. 41NN-Nick Newton , Jefferson, WI[2], 2. 70BB-Bart Brockmann , Rockford, IL[4], 3. 64TR-Trent Rueth , Johnson Creek, WI[3], 4. 09NS-Nick Schmidt , Watertown, WI[5], 5. 91KB-Kevin Beyer , Appleton, WI[1], 6. 62SD-Steven Deininger , Monroe, WI[6]

Bandits – Heat 1 8 Laps
1. 09NS-Nick Schmidt , Watertown, WI[5], 2. 41NN-Nick Newton , Jefferson, WI[2], 3. 64TR-Trent Rueth , Johnson Creek, WI[3], 4. 70BB-Bart Brockmann , Rockford, IL[4], 5. 91KB-Kevin Beyer , Appleton, WI[1]

Roto Rooter 6Shooters

6Shooters – Feature 18 Laps
1. 101TC-Trevor Chilson , Middleton, WI[10], 2. 1DK-Dylan Klinger , Albany, WI[14], 3. XKM-Kenny Morris , Oregon, WI[5], 4. 19RO-Ronald Osborne , Fitchburg, WI[16], 5. 91RN-Richard Nelson , Oregon, WI[9], 6. 9DB-Dan Bishop , Lodi, WI[15], 7. 7CB-Chris Brown , Oregon, WI[1], 8. 17KW-Ken Wrege , Oregon, WI[6], 9. 01BM-Robert McKeown , McFarland, WI[13], 10. 16SS-Sam Schulz , Brooklyn, WI[8], 11. 4CK-Chad Koenecke , Albany, WI[2], 12. 03JM-Josh Morris , Stoughton, WI[11], 13. 76JM-Jason Morgan , Evansville, WI[3], 14. 181KZ-Kevin Zemp , Madison, WI[18], 15. 11TK-Todd Klinger , Oregon, WI[20], 16. 4GR-Gene Robbins , Evansville, WI[19], 17. 55PK-Phillip Klinkner , Stoughton, WI[17], 18. 33RG-Randy Grancorvitz , Fort Atkinson, WI[12], 19. 24JM-Julie Morris , Windsor, WI[7], 20. 6DS-Dary Schulz , Madison, WI[4]

Heat One: (1-6) Ozzie Osborne, Bob McKeown, Trevor Chilson, Julie Morris, Dary Schulz, Chris Braun, Colten Shriver-DNS

Heat Two: (1-7) Dan Bishop, Randy Grancorvitz, Richard Nelson, Ken Wrege, Captain Jason Morgan, Phillip Klinkner, Gene Robbins

Heat Three: (1-7) Dylan Klinger, Josh Morris, Sam Schulz, Ken Morris, Chad Koenecke, Kevin Zemp, Todd Klinger