Zack Riddle Wins NASCAR Late Model Feature…$1000 Bounty Posted

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Coppernoll, Phillips, and Niemi Also Winners

Zack Riddle (NASCAR Late Models), Rick Coppernoll (Dave’s White Rock MISfitz), Carson Phillips (Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits) and Eric Niemi (Roto Rooter 6 Shooters all picked up checkered flags tonight at Madison International Speedway on LIUNA Local 464 Kids’ Night. The night featured bike races for the kids during intermission along with many young fans going home with new bikes. The speedway would like to thank all those who donated bikes.

As a result of his seventh win of the season, a $1000 bounty is being offered by Dave’s White Rock and Club LaMark on Season Championship Night (August 19th), $500 in each race. Each feature race will pay $1000 to win so if a driver can beat Riddle they will take home $1500 for their win. There are double features on Championship Night so Riddle’s fellow competitors may get two chances to collect the bounty on Riddle.

Zack Riddle Does It Again in Late Models

Zack Riddle won the 30 lap feature for the NASCAR Late Models. It was his seventh win of the season and his twenty-seventh career win in the division at Madison.

A pair of first time visitors in 2022, Steve Lichtfeld and Jerimy Wagner, paced the field to the green flag. Wagner took the early lead with Stephen Scheel and Bobby Wilberg up to second and third after two laps. Stephen Scheel took the lead on lap 3. Wilberg moved up to second on lap 4 followed closely by Zack Riddle. On lap 6 Wilberg worked to the inside of Stephen Scheel coming out of turn four. Wilberg was able to take the top spot on lap 8 with Riddle moving ahead of Stephen Scheel for second.

Wilberg and Riddle opened up a ten car length lead over the third place car of Stephen Scheel at the half-way point. Ten laps to go and Wilberg was still out front by a car length over Riddle. On lap 21 Riddle worked to the inside of Wilberg coming out of turn four to take the lead and wasted no time opening up a sizeable advantage over Wilberg.

Riddle continued to run strong and kept the lead the rest of the way to pick up the victory. Wilberg finished second followed by Stephen Scheel, Jerimy Wagner, and Steve Lichtfeld.

Riddle thanked his crew for making everything possible and all of the hard work they put in from week to week. He also said he was ready to take on the field who will be out for the $1000 bounty on August 19th.

Riddle was fastest in qualifying with a lap of 18.855 (95.465 mph). Wilberg won the RA Heating and Air Conditioning Dash for the second time this year. Lichtfeld and Wilberg won the heat races.

Rick Coppernoll Wins Number Three at Madison

Rick Coppernoll held off Ray Hellenbrand to win the 20 lap feature for the Dave’s White Rock MISfitz. It was Coppernoll’s third feature win of the season.

Coppernoll and Ray Hellenbrand led the field to the green flag with Ray Hellenbrand getting a slight advantage after the first lap. Coppernoll then took a half car length lead over Ray Hellenbrand after three laps. At the half-way point the two leaders were doubled up running side by side. Behind the leaders Mason Hellenbrand and Tyler Noble were fighting it out for third.

With five laps to go, Coppernoll and Ray Hellenbrand continued to race side by side. With four laps to go Coppernoll increased his lead to two car lengths, but Ray Hellenbrand was not about to let him out of his sights. Coming out of turn four on the final lap, Ray Hellenbrand gave it his best shot, but he wasn’t going to get by Coppernoll tonight who wheeled his way to victory lane.

Much to the delight of the crowd, Coppernoll presented his trophy to a very excited young fan.

In his first appearance in 2022, Tyler Noble wheeled his truck to fast time with a lap of 20.044 (89.802 mph). Ray Hellenbrand picked up his third win of the year in the RA Heating and Air Conditioning Dash. Heat winners were Dan Snyder and Ray Hellenbrand.

Carson Phillips Picks Up First-Ever Win at Madison

Carson Phillips won the 20 lap feature for the Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits.

Nick Schneider and Kevin Beyer took the field to the green flag. Schneider had the early advantage before Carson Phillips took the point after two laps. Trent Rueth took the second spot from Schneider. On lap 5 Nick Schmidt moved up the third with Bart Brockmann in fourth. At the half-way point a spin in turn one brought out the caution flag.

Carson Phillips lined up on the inside for the restart with Rueth lining up behind him which allowd Schmidt to line up outside the front row. Phillips continued to lead after the restart with Schmidt working strong on the outside. Phillips was doing a stellar job of holding off Schmidt for the lead, but a caution for a spin ahead of the leaders with two laps to go would lead to another restart.

Phillips lined up on the inside with Schmidt on the outside followed by Rueth and Nick Newton. Philips was able hold Schmidt at bay the rest of the way to pick up the win.

“Nick’s a good racer, but we just got it done,” said Phillips who was on the Ring of Fire for only the second time this season.

Quick qualifier for the sixth time this season was Nick Schmidt with a lap of 15.082 (59.674 mph). It was win number two for Bart Brockmann in the RA Heating and Air Conditioning Dash. Ryan Oetzel and Schmidt.

Eric Niemi Masters the 6Shooters

For the second time this season, Eric Niemi won the 18 lap feature for the Roto Rooter 6Shooters.

Kevin Zemp and Pete Schmidt brought the large pack of 6Shooters to the green flag. On lap 2 Ken Dyer took a brief lead before Dan Bishop, Ken Osborne, and Eric Niemi grabbed the top three spots. Niemi, who started fifteenth, took the lead on lap 3. One lap later the top three were already working their way through lapped traffic. When two cars slowed on lap 8, the caution flag waved for the first time.

On the restart, Niemi got a great restart over Osborne and opened up a six length lead wasting no time catching lapped traffic. With three laps to go lapped traffic was three wide ahead of Niemi and Osborne who somehow were able to survive the blockade. Niemi was able to hold off Osborne for the win with Josh Morris, Ozzie Osborne and Trevor Chilson rounding out the top five.

“That was a show we put on for the fans,” said Niemi from victory lane. “All we did was talk to people who raced last year and that’s all it took to get us out here to race.”

Heat races were won by Bob McKeown, Josh Morris, and Sam Schulz.

The second annual Ring of Fire Cheese Curd Cup presented by Morrison’s Auto is next Friday (August 12th) featuring the Hobby Stocks, Midwest Dash Series, Legends, Bandoleros, and HSR by Morrison’s Auto. Pit gates open at 3:30 with practice at 5:00, qualifying at 6:15 and first race at 7:30.


NASCAR Late Models – Feature 30 Laps
1. 14ZR-Zack Riddle , Oregon, WI[7], 2. 28BW-Bobby Wilberg , Beloit, WI[6], 3. 4SS-Stephen Scheel , Lake Mills, WI[4], 4. 18JW-Jerimy Wagner , Onalaska, WI[2], 5. 32SL-Steve Lichtfeld , Pardeeville, WI[1], 6. 19RO-Ronnie Osborne , Fitchburg, WI[8], 7. 37SR-Seth Reamer , Marshall, WI[3], 8. 8SS-Shaun Scheel , Lake Mills, WI[5], 9. 32PD-Paul Dygon , Wind Lake, WI[9]

Qualifying1.14ZR-Zack Riddle, 18.8550; 2. 28BW-Bobby Wilberg, 18.9270; 3. 7RH-Russ Hansen, 18.9450; 4. 8SS-Shaun Scheel, 19.0840; 5. 4SS-Stephen Scheel, 19.1320; 6. 37SR-Seth Reamer, 19.2000; 7. 18JW-Jerimy Wagner, 19.3290; 8. 32SL-Steve Lichtfeld, 19.4610; 9. 19RO-Ronnie Osborne, 19.5730; 10. 32PD-Paul Dygon, 20.0880

Late Models – Dash 6 Laps1. 28BW-Bobby Wilberg , Beloit, WI[3], 2. 14ZR-Zack Riddle , Oregon, WI[4], 3. 8SS-Shaun Scheel , Lake Mills, WI[1], 4. 7RH-Russ Hansen , Sun Prairie, WI[2], 5. 4SS-Stephen Scheel , Lake Mills, WI[5], 6. 37SR-Seth Reamer , Marshall, WI[6]

Late Models – Heat 1 8 Laps 1. 32SL-Steve Lichtfeld , Pardeeville, WI[1], 2. 37SR-Seth Reamer , Marshall, WI[3], 3. 18JW-Jerimy Wagner , Onalaska, WI[2], 4. 19RO-Ronnie Osborne , Fitchburg, WI[4], 5. 32PD-Paul Dygon , Wind Lake, WI[5]

Late Models – Heat 2 8 Laps
1. 28BW-Bobby Wilberg , Beloit, WI[2], 2. 14ZR-Zack Riddle , Oregon, WI[3], 3. 8SS-Shaun Scheel , Lake Mills, WI[4], 4. 4SS-Stephen Scheel , Lake Mills, WI[5], 5. 7RH-Russ Hansen , Sun Prairie, WI[1]

Dave’s White Rock MISfitz – Feature 20 Laps1. 7RC-Rick Coppernoll , Stoughton, WI[1], 2. 78RH-Ray Hellenbrand , Verona, WI[3], 3. 67MH-Mason Hellenbrand , Verona, WI[5], 4. 7TN-Tyler Noble , Arena, WI[4], 5. 6DS-Dan Snyder , Stoughton, WI[8], 6. 4MT-Mike Taylor , Stoughton, WI[6], 7. 99JS-Justin Sellers , Carol Stream, IL[7], 8. 84TW-Tim Wondrash , Brooklyn, WI[9], 9. 11JL-Josh Lundy , Roscoe, IL[10], 10. 9SJ-Scott Jensen , Evansville, WI[11]

Qualifying1. 7TN-Tyler Noble, 20.0440; 2. 78RH-Ray Hellenbrand, 20.2220; 3. 31CW-Chris Wangrow, 20.3120; 4. 7RC-Rick Coppernoll, 20.3490; 5. 67MH-Mason Hellenbrand, 20.3590; 6. 4MT-Mike Taylor, 20.3620; 7. 99JS-Justin Sellers, 20.3890; 8. 6DS-Dan Snyder, 20.4580; 9. 84TW-Tim Wondrash, 20.6580; 10. 11JL-Josh Lundy, 20.8810; 11. 9SJ-Scott Jensen, 21.0110; 12. 12BM-Butch Mierendorf, 33.6450

MISfitz – Dash 6 Laps1. 78RH-Ray Hellenbrand , Verona, WI[2], 2. 7TN-Tyler Noble , Arena, WI[1], 3. 7RC-Rick Coppernoll , Stoughton, WI[3], 4. 67MH-Mason Hellenbrand , Verona, WI[4], 5. 4MT-Mike Taylor , Stoughton, WI[5], 6. 99JS-Justin Sellers , Carol Stream, IL[6]

MISfitz – Heat 1 8 Laps1. 6DS-Dan Snyder , Stoughton, WI[2], 2. 84TW-Tim Wondrash , Brooklyn, WI[1], 3. 99JS-Justin Sellers , Carol Stream, IL[3], 4. 9SJ-Scott Jensen , Evansville, WI[5], 5. 11JL-Josh Lundy , Roscoe, IL[4]

MISfitz – Heat 2 8 Laps1. 78RH-Ray Hellenbrand , Verona, WI[2], 2. 7RC-Rick Coppernoll , Stoughton, WI[4], 3. 7TN-Tyler Noble , Arena, WI[3], 4. 67MH-Mason Hellenbrand , Verona, WI[5], 5. 4MT-Mike Taylor , Stoughton, WI[6]

Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits – Feature 20 Laps1. 15CP-Carson Phillips , Edgerton, WI[3], 2. 09NS-Nick Schmidt , Watertown, WI[6], 3. 64TR-Trent Rueth , Johnson Creek, WI[5], 4. 41NN-Nick Newton , Jefferson, WI[7], 5. 70BB-Bart Brockmann , Rockford, IL[4], 6. 00NS-Nick Schneider , Roscoe, IL[1], 7. 5RO-Ryan Oetzel , Brodhead, WI[8], 8. 32CC-Chris Cowan , Edgerton, WI[12], 9. 16CL-Carli Lenz , Lake Mills, WI[11], 10. 91KB-Kevin Beyer , Appleton, WI[2], 11. 15KS-Keith Slagg , Racine, WI[9], 12. 116JL-Josh Lenz , Lake Mills, WI[10]

Qualifying1. 09NS-Nick Schmidt, 15.0820; 2. 64TR-Trent Rueth, 15.2840; 3. 70BB-Bart Brockmann, 15.3850; 4. 15CP-Carson Phillips, 15.4180; 5. 41NN-Nick Newton, 15.7190; 6. 91KB-Kevin Beyer, 15.7890; 7. 00NS-Nick Schneider, 15.8470; 8. 5RO-Ryan Oetzel, 15.9770; 9. 15KS-Keith Slagg, 16.1820; 10. 116JL-Josh Lenz, 16.3850; 11. 16CL-Carli Lenz, 16.4230; 12. 32CC-Chris Cowan, 16.6240

Bandits – Dash 6 Laps1. 70BB-Bart Brockmann , Rockford, IL[1], 2. 09NS-Nick Schmidt , Watertown, WI[3], 3. 64TR-Trent Rueth , Johnson Creek, WI[2], 4. 41NN-Nick Newton , Jefferson, WI[5], 5. 15CP-Carson Phillips , Edgerton, WI[4], 6. 91KB-Kevin Beyer , Appleton, WI[6]

Bandits – Heat 1 8 Laps1. 5RO-Ryan Oetzel , Brodhead, WI[4], 2. 116JL-Josh Lenz , Lake Mills, WI[2], 3. 00NS-Nick Schneider , Roscoe, IL[5], 4. 16CL-Carli Lenz , Lake Mills, WI[1], 5. 15KS-Keith Slagg , Racine, WI[3], 6. 32CC-Chris Cowan , Edgerton, WI[6]

Bandits – Heat 2 8 Laps1. 09NS-Nick Schmidt , Watertown, WI[5], 2. 41NN-Nick Newton , Jefferson, WI[1], 3. 70BB-Bart Brockmann , Rockford, IL[3], 4. 15CP-Carson Phillips , Edgerton, WI[2], 5. 64TR-Trent Rueth , Johnson Creek, WI[4], 6. 91KB-Kevin Beyer , Appleton, WI[6]

Roto Rooter 6Shooters – Feature 18 Laps1. 4EN-Eric Niemi , Belleville, WI[15], 2. 91KO-Ken Osborne , Janesville, WI[11], 3. 03JM-Josh Morris , Stoughton, WI[17], 4. 19RO-Ronald Osborne , Fitchburg, WI[9], 5. 101TC-Trevor Chilson , Middleton, WI[8], 6. XJVH-Jason VanHise , Roscoe, IL[10], 7. 9DB-Dan Bishop , Lodi, WI[7], 8. 54TC-Todd Carteron , Madison, WI[5], 9. 55PK-Phillip Klinkner , Stoughton, WI[6], 10. 33RG-Randy Grancorvitz , Fort Atkinson, WI[13], 11. 01BM-Robert McKeown , McFarland, WI[18], 12. 24KD-Ken Dyer , Madison, WI[3], 13. 7PS-Pete Schmidt , Oregon, WI[2], 14. 76JM-Jason Morgan , Evansville, WI[20], 15. 24JM-Julie Morris , Windsor, WI[19], 16. 6DS-Dary Schulz , Madison, WI[22], 17. 11TK-Todd Klinger , Oregon, WI[21], 18. 181KZ-Kevin Zemp , Madison, WI[1], 19. 18CM-Cory McCarthy , Brooklyn, WI[12], 20. 16SS-Sam Schulz , Brooklyn, WI[16], 21. 550MC-Matt Crowell , Mcfarland, WI[4]

6Shooters – Heat 1 6 Laps1. 01BM-Robert McKeown , McFarland, WI[4], 2. 4EN-Eric Niemi , Belleville, WI[6], 3. 18CM-Cory McCarthy , Brooklyn, WI[8], 4. 19RO-Ronald Osborne , Fitchburg, WI[5], 5. 55PK-Phillip Klinkner , Stoughton, WI[2], 6. 24KD-Ken Dyer , Madison, WI[7], 7. 76JM-Jason Morgan , Evansville, WI[3], 8. 6DS-Dary Schulz , Madison, WI[1]

6Shooters – Heat 2 6 Laps1. 03JM-Josh Morris , Stoughton, WI[3], 2. 17KW-Ken Wrege , Oregon, WI[4], 3. 91KO-Ken Osborne , Janesville, WI[7], 4. 101TC-Trevor Chilson , Middleton, WI[5], 5. 54TC-Todd Carteron , Madison, WI[6], 6. 7PS-Pete Schmidt , Oregon, WI[8], 7. 24JM-Julie Morris , Windsor, WI[1], 8. 11TK-Todd Klinger , Oregon, WI[2]

6Shooters – Heat 3 6 Laps1. 16SS-Sam Schulz , Brooklyn, WI[3], 2. 33RG-Randy Grancorvitz , Fort Atkinson, WI[1], 3. XJVH-Jason VanHise , Roscoe, IL[6], 4. 9DB-Dan Bishop , Lodi, WI[4], 5. 550MC-Matt Crowell , Mcfarland, WI[5], 6. 181KZ-Kevin Zemp , Madison, WI[2], 7. 7KM-Kenny Morris , Windsor, WI[7]