Zack Riddle Holds Off Shaun Scheel for Late Model Win at Madison

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Coppernoll, Osborne, Bishop and Dahlberg Also Winners

Zack Riddle (NASCAR Late Models), Rick Coppernoll (Dave’s White Rock MISfitz), Ronnie Osborne (Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits), Dan Bishop (Roto Rooter 6Shooters), and Jayden Dahlberg (HSRA) all went home with checkered flags tonight at Madison International Speedway.

Zack Riddle Back in Victory Lane

Zack Riddle held off Shaun Scheel to win the 30 lap feature for the NASCAR Late Models. It was his second win of the season and nineteenth in his career at Madison.

Braden Berge and Kyle Smith brought the nineteen car field to the green flag. Smith was able to jump out to the early lead before the cars of Will Rece, Brent Edmunds, and Stephen Scheel got together behind him on lap 3 bringing out the caution flag. The cars of Rece and Edmunds were stuck together which brought out the red flag so they could be uncoupled. Both were able to rejoin the field with Scheel able to make it back out briefly late in the race.

Smith continued to lead following the restart with Rusty Hansen and Pat Richgels fighting it out for second. Bobby Wilberg and Shaun Scheel moved up to third and fourth on lap 5. On lap 6 Scheel worked to the inside of Wilberg to take third with Goede quickly up to challenge Wilberg for the fourth spot. On lap 8 Scheel was on a mission as he pulled to the inside of Hansen and Smith to take the lead with Goede up to second followed now by Riddle and Hansen.

Scheel opened up a ten car length lead over the field with Goede and Riddle going side by side for second with Riddle eventually getting the spot on lap 12. On lap 13 the caution flag came out when a car made heavy contact with the wall coming out of turn four bringing out the red flag for the second time in the race. Although not involved in the incident both Wilberg and Goede needed to go to the pits for mechanical issues. Goede was able to return but would restart at the back of the back.

Scheel led the field back to the green flag followed by Riddle, Hansen, Smith, and Richgels. Riddle immediately looked to the outside of Scheel and the two began to battle it out side by side. On lap 17 Riddle was able to drop down low and find room inside of Scheel and one lap later was able to take the lead from him.

Riddle was able to open up a slight lead over Scheel, but Scheel wasn’t about to let him go. But time was running out. On the final lap it looked like Scheel might have a chance to retake the lead, but Riddle wasn’t going to give up the top spot as he held on for the win. Rusty Hansen finished third followed by Jacob Goede who worked his way back to fourth and Pat Richgels.

“We had a couple of cautions early in the race that helped us out,” said Riddle whose win on Father’s Day weekend had a little more meaning after recently becoming a new dad.

Fast time belonged to Riddle with a trip of 18.732 (96.092 mph). Shaun Scheel won the RA Heating and Air Conditioning Dash. Heat winners were Bill Baumeister, Hansen, and Shaun Scheel.

Coppernoll Captures the Flag in MISfitz

Rick Coppernoll won the 20 lap feature for the Dave’s White Rock MISfitz. It was his first win of the 2021 season at Madison.

A couple of veteran drivers, Mike Taylor and Coppernoll, showed the way to the green flag. Coppernoll was able to take the early over Taylor with Ray Hellenbrand and Colton Morgan joining the mix. On lap 5 Morgan powered his machine past Taylor for second with Hellenbrand picking off Taylor one lap later. Coppernoll continued to lead with Morgan and Hellenbrand running side by side for second.

With four laps to go Hellenbrand slid past Morgan for second and pulled to the inside of Coppernoll looking for the lead. But Coppernoll was not to be denied as he held off Hellenbrand to pick up the win.

“I stayed on the outside and kept it from going under twenty,” said Coppernoll.

Morgan set fast time with a lap of 20.141 (89.370 mph). Hellenbrand captured the RA Heating and Air Conditioning Dash with Coppernoll winning the heat race.

Ronnie Osborne Best of the Bandits

Ronnie Osborne won the 25 lap feature for the Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits.

Fifteen Bandits took the green flag for their feature with Matt Krinke and Brandon Riedner pacing the field. Riedner took the early lead with Krinke and Nick Newton side by side for second. By lap 5 Brandon Junget was on the move as he was able to take the lead with Ronnie Osborne keeping pace with him. Junget and Osborne opened a huge lead over the rest of the field while Newton, Dave Schmidt and Jeremy Bredeson were in a battle for third.

On lap 14 Osborne made his way past Junget for the lead just before Junget had a tire go down ending his night. It was smooth sailing for Osborne who started working his way through lapped traffic. Bredeson and Nick Schmidt were fighting it out for second while Osborne was adeptly picking his way through the lapped traffic.

It was apparent that only a caution flag could slow down Osborne, but it didn’t happen and he cruised his way to victory lane. Bredeson finished second followed by Nick Schmidt, Dave Schmidt, and rookie Kevin Beyer.

“Be smooth and don’t watch the mirrors,” said Ronnie Osborne in a post race interview when asked about how he handled his sizeable lead.

Fastest in qualifying was Nick Schmidt with a lap of 14.760 (60.976 mph). Dave Schmidt was victorious in the RA Heating and Air Conditioning Dash. Heat races were won by Brandon Junget and Randall Sadler.

Bishop Wins the 6Shooters

Dan Bishop held off the pack to pick up the win in the 18 lap feature for the Roto Rooter 6Shooters.

Ken Morris and Ken Dyer brought the seventeen car field to the green flag. Morris quickly vaulted out to the lead closely followed by Dan Bishop with Steve Mueller up to third and Ozzie Osborne in fourth. The top four pulled away from the field and then had to dodge their way through and around lapped traffic. Unfortunately for the four cars pulling away from the field, the caution flag came out on lap 10 for debris on the track taking away their advantage.

After the green flag waved, Bishop was able to maintain his lead followed by Morris, Mueller, and Osborne who once again separated themselves from the pack. With two laps to go Bishop’s lead was up to two car lengths as Morris and Mueller were battling it out side by side for second. Mueller would win the battle for second, but it was Bishop taking home the checkered flag tonight. Osborne finished third followed by Trevor Chilson and Dylan Klinger.

“Wow, after not racing last year it’s good to get back down here to race again,” said Bishop.

Heat races were won by Osborne and Chilson.

Two for Two for Jayden Dahlberg

Jayden Dahlberg took the lead from the start and never looked back as he took home the checkered flag in the 15 lap feature for the High School Racing Association. Behind Dahlberg a couple of Oregon High School students, Brandon Liddle and Seth Niday were fighting it out for second with Liddle taking home second place and Ashton Kinsey edging Niday for third.

Niday won the heat race.

Racing continues at Madison on Friday, June 25th for Salute to America Night when Bytec Inc. presents the Dairyland 100 for the USAC Silver Crown Series plus the 602 Late Models and Midwest Dash Series will also be in action. Highlighting the night will be the area’s biggest and best aerial and ground fireworks display by Spielbauer Fireworks. Grandstands open at 6:00 with qualifying at 6:15 and racing at 7:30.

Official Results
Late Models
Feature: (1-10) Zack Riddle, Shaun Scheel, Rusty Hansen, Jacob Goede, Pat Richgels, Kyle Smith, Braden Berge, Will Rece, Hunter Drefahl, Bryan Wrolstad
(11-19) Brent Edmunds, Hanna Raley, Paul Dygon, Jeff Holmgren Jr., Vince Wilkinson, Stephen Scheel, Bill Baumeister, Bobby Wilberg, Gary Krueger

Dash: (1-6) Sh. Scheel, Riddle, Wilberg, Rece, Goede, Edmunds
Heat One: (1-5) Baumeister, Wilkinson, Raley, Krueger, Dygon
Heat Two: (1-7) Hansen, Smith, Holmgren Jr., Richgels, Berge, Drefahl, Wrolstad
Heat Three: (1-7) Sh. Scheel, Goede, Riddle, Wilberg, St. Scheel, Rece, Edmunds
Qualifying: (1-10) Riddle, Goede, Wilberg, Sh. Scheel, Edmunds, Rece, St. Scheel, Holmgren Jr.,Hansen, Richgels
(11-20) Smith, Berge, Wrolstad, Drefahl, Wilkinson, Baumeister, Raley, Dygon, Liddle, Krueger (NT)

Feature: (1-6) Rick Coppernoll, Ray Hellenbrand, Colton Morgan, Mike Taylor, Tim Wondrash, Eric Adrian, Tyler Hansen- DNS
Dash: (1-6) Hellenbrand, Morgan, Hansen, Taylor, Wondrash, Coppernoll
Heat One: (1-7) Coppernoll, Taylor, Wondrash, Adrian, Morgan, Hellenbrand, Hansen
Qualifying: (1-7) Morgan, Hellenbrand, Coppernoll, Taylor, Hansen, Wondrash, Adrian

Feature: (1-10) Ronnie Osborne, Jeremy Bredeson, Nick Schmidt, Dave Schmidt, Kevin Beyer, Nick Newton, James Junget, Stephen Hillary, Randall Sadler, Brandon Riedner
(11-15) Matt Krinke, Josh Finn, Chris Gottschalk, Brandon Junget, Ben Rucker
Dash: (1-6) D. Schmidt, Osborne, B. Junget, Bredeson, N. Schmidt, J. Junget
Heat One: (1-8) B. Junget, Osborne, D. Schmidt, Bredeson, N. Schmidt, J. Junget, Beyer, Finn
Heat Two: (1-7) Sadler, Riedner, Newton, Krinke, Gottschalk, Hillary, Rucker
Qualifying: (1-10) N. Schmidt, D. Schmidt, Bredeson, B. Junget, Osborne, J. Junget, Beyer, Finn, Hillary Newton
(11-15) Sadler, Riedner, Krinke, Gottschalk, Rucker

Feature: (1-10) Dan Bishop, Steve Mueller, Ozzie Osborne, Trevor Chilson, Dylan Klinger, Randy Grancorvitz, Josh Morris, Mark Kelley, Ricky Frane, Sam Schulz
(11-18) Steve Buna, Jason Morgan, Dary Schulz, Todd Klinger, Todd Carteron, Jamie Kamin, Ken Dyer, Ken Morris

Heat One: Osborne, S. Schulz, Mueller, J. Morris, Bishop, K. Morris, Carteron, Kelley, T. Klinger
Heat Two: Chilson, D. Klinger, Buna, Grancorvitz, Morgan, Dyer, Kamin, Frane, D. Schulz

Feature: (1-4) Jayden Dahlberg, Brandon Liddle, Ashton Kinsey, Seth Niday
Heat One: (1-4) Niday, Kinsey, Liddle, Dahlberg