Zack Riddle Back in Victory Lane at Madison

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Photos Courtesy Jess Riedner / Website

Hansberry Jr., Snyder, Stenjem, and Guralski Also Winners

Zack Riddle returned to victory lane in the Whelen All American NASCAR Late Models holding off Bobby Wilberg to pick up the checkered flag on Kids’ Night at Madison. Robert Hansberry Jr. (Sportsman), Dan Snyder (Bandits), Riley Stenjem (Legends), and Kole Guralski (Bandoleros) also earned wins.

Zack Riddle Holds Off Bobby Wilberg for Late Model Win

Zack Riddle started ninth and picked up his first feature win of the 2017 season at Madison taking home the checkered flag in the 30 lap feature for the NASCAR Late Models. Riddle became the fifth different winner in as many events this season.

Michael Bilderback and Rusty Hansen paced the field of fourteen cars to the green flag. Bilderback jumped to the early lead when Hansen didn’t get up to speed which allowed Tom Gille to slide into second ahead of Hansen, Will Rece, and Pat Richgels.

Zack Riddle cracked the top five on lap 11 when he found room to the inside of Richgels going into turn one. Jeremy Miller passed Richgels to move into sixth on lap 14 just before the caution flag waved when Richgels and John Baumeister Jr. got together coming out of turn two.

Bilderback and Gille raced back to the green flag with Bilderback racing his way back to the lead for one lap when the second caution flag came out when Gille and Hansen made contact on the front stretch resulting in both drivers going to the rear of the field.

When the green flag waved again Bilderback continued to lead with Zack Riddle and Bobby Wilberg now up to second and third place. On lap 20 Riddle moved to the inside of Bilderback coming out of turn two to take the lead with Wilberg passing Bilderback one lap later.

With three laps to go Wilberg was right on Riddle’s rear bumper but Riddle was able to hold him off to pick up the win. Bilderback finished third followed by Rece and Miller.

“We had a good car here tonight. The car was good tonight, not great, but my guys did a great job getting it ready,” said Riddle.

Fast qualifier was Jeremy Miller with a circuit of 18.744 (96.031 mph). John Baumeister Jr. was the winner in the RA Heating and Air Conditioning Dash. Michael Bilderback and Will Rece won the heat races.

Robert Hansberry Jr. Cruises to Sportsman Checkered Flag

Robert Hansberry Jr. started eighth and took the lead on a restart with ten laps to go and cruised to his fourth feature win in 2017 in the Dave’s White Rock Sportsman.

Gary Hellenbrand took the early lead from Tim Wondrash from his starting position outside of row one. Bryan Hellenbrand raced past Tim Wondrash to take second on the first lap followed by Robert Hansberry Jr., Ray Hellenbrand, and Mike Taylor.

On lap 6 Hansberry Jr. worked his way into second when he passed Bryan Hellenbrand coming out of turn two with Ray Hellenbrand moving into third position one lap later. Gary Hellenbrand’s lead was now six car lengths, but it would disappear when the first caution flag came out on lap 8 when Bryan Hellenbrand made contact with the front stretch wall.

On the restart Hansberry Jr. was able to take the lead with Ray Hellenbrand up to second. On lap 10 both Gary Hellenbrand and Mike Taylor were able to pass Ray Hellenbrand for second and third respectively with Taylor moving into second one lap later but nearly 2.5 seconds behind Hansberry Jr.

But there would be no denying Hansberry Jr. who easily picked up the win. Mike Taylor, Gary Hellenbrand, Trevor Robinson, and Ray Hellenbrand rounded out the top five.

“We had a rough start earlier in the night. I just have to thank everyone who helps us out each week,” said Hansberry Jr.

Ray Hellenbrand set fast time for the first time in his career with a lap of 20.174 (89.224 mph). Trevor Robinson was the winner in the RA Heating and Air Conditioning Dash. Heat winners were Tim Wondrash and Robinson.

Dan Snyder Picks Up Bandit Win

Dan Snyder took the lead at the half-way point and won the 20 lap feature for the Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits.

The field was ushered to the green flag by Jeremy Bredeson and Bill Kohn. Bredeson grabbed the early lead followed by Dan Snyder, Kohn, and David Schmidt. It would soon be a tight battle behind Bredeson with Snyder, Dave Schmidt, McKayla Adams, and Nick Schmidt.

Schmidt moved past Snyder for second on lap 5 and it appeared that he was ready to take the lead but wasn’t able to get by Bredeson on the high side allowing Snyder to maintain second.

On lap 10 Snyder worked his way past Bredeson to take the lead and was able to hold off the field to pick up the win. David Schmidt finished in second followed by Nick Schmidt, Bredeson, and Adams.

“The line out there is a little different than before,” said Snyder who has won two track championships at Madison.

Nick Schmidt set a new track record in qualifying with a mark of 14.815 (60.75 mph). Dave Schmidt won the RA Heating and Air Conditioning Dash. The checkered flags in the heat races went to Jeremy Bredeson and Dan Snyder.

Riley Stenjem Holds Off Max McNamara for Legends Win

Riley Stenjem won the 20 lap feature for the Legends holding off Max McNamara.

Derek Mueller and Ryan Weyer came to the line side by side to start the Legends feature, but it was Stenjem who took the lead after the first lap. Joining Stenjem was Max McNamara as the two quickly outdistanced themselves from the rest of the field.

Stenjem was able to hold off several attempts from McNamara to take away his lead. With two laps to go McNamara appeared to be ready to pass Stenjem on the high side, then quickly dived low coming out of turn four but was unable to make the pass giving Stenjem some breathing room as he picked up the victory.

“I came out here as a kid watching Max (McNamara) race so this was pretty nice to hold him off,” said Stenjem.

Fastest in qualifying for the Legends was Max McNamara with a lap of 13.763 (65.39 mph). Riley Stenjem was the winner in the heat race.

Kole Guralski Rolls to Bandolero Victory

Kole Guralski moved from last to first on his way to pick up the win in the 12 lap feature for the Bandoleros.

Keagen Benz and Kaeden Wangsness brought the Bandoleros to the green flag. Wangsness took the lead before his brother Chase Wangness passed him on lap 2. On lap 3 Karter Stark was up to second followed by Jevin Guralski.

Moving quickly up through the field was Kole Guralski who moved into second place on lap 7 sneaking past Stark and then took the lead on lap 9. Stark regained second on lap 10 but was still several car lengths behind Guralski and wouldn’t have enough time to catch the leader.

“There were a lot of holes that opened up for me,” said Guralski.

Heat race winners were Alex Hartwig and Cole Guralski.

Ryan O’Malley and Tyler Phillips from XPOGO of Tampa, Florida, entertained the crowd before the race and at intermission following the coin scramble. On Pogo Sticks they vaulted over a seven foot bar, performed back and front flips, and completely leaped over the car of Pat Richgels.

Next Friday night (July 21st) is Buck Night at Madison featuring all concession items for just $1.00 and ice cold beer for $2.00. It will also be double feature night with action in the NASCAR Late Models, Dave’s White Rock Sportsman, and Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits. Fan gates open at 6:00 with qualifying at 6:15 and racing at 7:30.

NASCAR Late Models

A Feature 1 30 laps

1. 14R-Zack Riddle, [9]; 2. 28W-Bobby Wilberg, [8]; 3. 2MB-Michael Bilderback, [1]; 4. 15WR-Will Rece, [5]; 5. 5M-Jeremy Miller, [10]; 6. 19B-John Baumeister, [7]; 7. 87E-Brent Edmunds, [6]; 8. 1A-Steve Anderson, [12]; 9. 7H-Rusty Hansen, [2]; 10. 40G-Tom Gille, [3]; 11. 18B-Brian Beale, [11]; 12. 15R-Pat Richgels, [4]; 13. 3G-Shawn Gunsolus, [14]; 14. 12B-Billy Baumeister, [13]

Dash 1 6 laps

1. 19B-John Baumeister, [3]; 2. 14R-Zack Riddle, [5]; 3. 15WR-Will Rece, [1]; 4. 5M-Jeremy Miller, [6]; 5. 28W-Bobby Wilberg, [4]; 6. 87E-Brent Edmunds, [2]

Heat 1 8 laps

1. 2MB-Michael Bilderback, [5]; 2. 12B-Billy Baumeister, [2]; 3. 7H-Rusty Hansen, [6]; 4. 40G-Tom Gille, [7]; 5. 18B-Brian Beale, [4]; 6. 1A-Steve Anderson, [3]; 7. 3G-Shawn Gunsolus, [1]

Heat 2 8 laps

1. 15WR-Will Rece, [2]; 2. 15R-Pat Richgels, [1]; 3. 19B-John Baumeister, [4]; 4. 5M-Jeremy Miller, [7]; 5. 87E-Brent Edmunds, [3]; 6. 28W-Bobby Wilberg, [5]; 7. 14R-Zack Riddle, [6]

Qualifying 1

1. 5M-Jeremy Miller, [1]; 2. 14R-Zack Riddle, [2]; 3. 28W-Bobby Wilberg, [3]; 4. 19B-John Baumeister, [4]; 5. 87E-Brent Edmunds, [5]; 6. 15WR-Will Rece, [6]; 7. 15R-Pat Richgels, [7]; 8. 40G-Tom Gille, [8]; 9. 7H-Rusty Hansen, [9]; 10. 2MB-Michael Bilderback, [10]; 11. 18B-Brian Beale, [11]; 12. 1A-Steve Anderson, [12]; 13. 12B-Billy Baumeister, [13]; 14. 3G-Shawn Gunsolus, [14]

Dave’s White Rock Sportsman

A Feature 1 20 laps

1. 95H-Robert Hansberry, [8]; 2. 4T-Mike Taylor, [5]; 3. 00H-Gary Hellenbrand, [2]; 4. 99TR-Trevor Robinson, [4]; 5. 78H-Ray Hellenbrand, [6]; 6. 84W-Tim Wondrash, [1]; 7. 7MM-Matt Messell, [7]; 8. 1H-Bryan Hellenbrand, [3]; (DNS) 43J-Shawn Johnson,

Dash 1 6 laps | 00:00:00

1. 99TR-Trevor Robinson, [1]; 2. 95H-Robert Hansberry, [2]; 3. 4T-Mike Taylor, [3]; 4. 78H-Ray Hellenbrand, [4]; 5. 00H-Gary Hellenbrand, [6]; 6. 1H-Bryan Hellenbrand, [5]

Heat 1 8 laps

1. 84W-Tim Wondrash, [2]; 2. 1H-Bryan Hellenbrand, [4]; 3. 00H-Gary Hellenbrand, [3]; 4. 7MM-Matt Messell, [1]; 5. 43J-Shawn Johnson, [5]

Heat 2 8 laps

1. 99TR-Trevor Robinson, [1]; 2. 95H-Robert Hansberry, [2]; 3. 4T-Mike Taylor, [3]; 4. 78H-Ray Hellenbrand, [4]

Qualifying 1

1. 78H-Ray Hellenbrand, [1]; 2. 4T-Mike Taylor, [2]; 3. 95H-Robert Hansberry, [3]; 4. 99TR-Trevor Robinson, [4]; 5. 1H-Bryan Hellenbrand, [5]; 6. 00H-Gary Hellenbrand, [6]; 7. 84W-Tim Wondrash, [7]; 8. 7MM-Matt Messell, [8]; 9. 43J-Shawn Johnson, [9]

Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits

A Feature 1 20 laps

1. 695S-Dan Snyder, [3]; 2. 10S-Dave Schmidt, [5]; 3. 09S-Nick Schmidt, [6]; 4. 7B-Jeremy Bredeson, [1]; 5. 49A-McKayla Adams, [4]; 6. 10D-Steve Dickson, [7]; 7. 35P-Lyle Phillips, [9]; 8. 83K-Bill Kohn, [2]; 9. 0P-Steve Putman, [8]

Dash 1 6 laps

1. 10S-Dave Schmidt, [1]; 2. 49A-McKayla Adams, [3]; 3. 695S-Dan Snyder, [4]; 4. 10D-Steve Dickson, [6]; 5. 09S-Nick Schmidt, [2]; 6. 83K-Bill Kohn, [5]

Heat 1 8 laps

1. 7B-Jeremy Bredeson, [3]; 2. 10D-Steve Dickson, [4]; 3. 83K-Bill Kohn, [5]; 4. 35P-Lyle Phillips, [1]; 5. 0P-Steve Putman, [2]

Heat 2 8 laps

1. 695S-Dan Snyder, [1]; 2. 10S-Dave Schmidt, [3]; 3. 49A-McKayla Adams, [2]; 4. 09S-Nick Schmidt, [4]

Qualifying 1 00:00:00

1. 09S-Nick Schmidt, [1]; 2. 10S-Dave Schmidt, [2]; 3. 49A-McKayla Adams, [3]; 4. 695S-Dan Snyder, [4]; 5. 83K-Bill Kohn, [5]; 6. 10D-Steve Dickson, [6]; 7. 7B-Jeremy Bredeson, [7]; 8. 0P-Steve Putman, [8]; 9. 35P-Lyle Phillips, [9]


A Feature 1 12 laps

1. 56G-Kole Guralski, [12]; 2. 92S-Karter Stark, [8]; 3. 8W-Chase Wangsness, [6]; 4. 901H-Alex Hartwig, [11]; 5. 20G-Jevin Guralski, [10]; 6. 90G-Michael Guderski, [5]; 7. 64PM-Anna Price, [7]; 8. 109W-Mason Wilcott, [4]; 9. 16H-Emma Huntsiger, [9]; 10. 11W-Kaeden Wangsness, [2]; 11. 5R-Robbie Rucks, [3]; 12. 17B-Keagen Benz, [1]

Heat 1 6 laps

1. 901H-Alex Hartwig, [4]; 2. 16H-Emma Huntsiger, [2]; 3. 64PM-Anna Price, [5]; 4. 90G-Michael Guderski, [6]; 5. 5R-Robbie Rucks, [3]; 6. 17B-Keagen Benz, [1]

Heat 2 6 laps

1. 56G-Kole Guralski, [5]; 2. 20G-Jevin Guralski, [3]; 3. 92S-Karter Stark, [4]; 4. 8W-Chase Wangsness, [6]; 5. 109W-Mason Wilcott, [2]; 6. 11W-Kaeden Wangsness, [1]


A Feature 1 20 laps

1. 77S-Riley Stenjem, [5]; 2. 41M-Max McNamara, [4]; 3. 27S-Dillon Schwanbeck, [3]; 4. 12W-Ryan Weyer, [2]; 5. 34M-Derek Mueller, [1]; 6. 140M-Aaron Moyer, [6]

Heat 1 8 laps

1. 77S-Riley Stenjem, [4]; 2. 41M-Max McNamara, [5]; 3. 27S-Dillon Schwanbeck, [3]; 4. 12W-Ryan Weyer, [2]; 5. 34M-Derek Mueller, [1]

Qualifying 1

1. 41M-Max McNamara, [1]; 2. 77S-Riley Stenjem, [2]; 3. 27S-Dillon Schwanbeck, [3]; 4. 12W-Ryan Weyer, [4]; 5. 140M-Aaron Moyer, [5]; 6. 34M-Derek Mueller, [6]