Yes, We Plan on Racing Tonight!

Yes, We Plan on Racing Tonight. It is Championship Night at Madison International Speedway and we will race until we can’t anymore.

We know the various weather apps are calling for rain at some point tonight, and in all likelihood it will rain at some point tonight. Different models have different timing, but as of 3pm Friday August 19 we are dry and race ready here at Madison International Speedway.

So here is the plan, instead of waiting around for it to rain, we are going to race while we wait, we hope you will join us for what is shaping up to be a memorable night here at MIS:

Pit Gates will open at 3:30pm and then go from there. We will make adjustments if needed.

Practice is to begin at 5pm.

Front gates are scheduled to open at 6pm. Prior to opening those we will see where the weather experts’ minds are at.

Qualifying is to get underway at 6:15pm. Then we will go racing.

At 7:30pm we will start with features.

MISfitz Feature 1 20 Laps

Late Model Feature 1 30 Laps

Bandit Feature 1 20 Laps

6shooter Feature 1 18 Laps

At this point, half of the scheduled features are complete and this would be considered a complete show (no rain checks).

Following the first set of features we will run the R.A. Heating and Air Conditioning Dashes to finalize those Champions and then go straight into the second set of features.

MISfitz Dash 6 Laps

Late Model Dash 6 Laps

Bandit Dash 6 Laps

MISfitz Feature 2 20 Laps

Late Model Feature 2 30 Laps

Bandit Feature 2 20 Laps

6shooter Feature 2 18 Laps

Again, if the first set of features is completed, this will be considered a complete show. The drivers will be paid for any completed feature event regardless.

Thank you for your support this season,

Gregg and Angie McKarns