Tyler Hansen and Rick Coppernoll the Best of the MISfitz

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The Dave’s White Rock MISfitz checkered flags went to Tyler Hansen and Rick Coppernoll.

He might not have realized it at first, but Tyler Hansen was the winner in the first 20 lap feature.

The field was led to the green by Justin Sellers and Tim Wondrash with Wondrash taking the early lead before Rick Coppernoll passed him on lap 2. Ray Hellenbrand moved into second on lap 3. On lap 8 rookie Mason Hellenbrand powered his way into third with Tyler Hansen up to fourth. Hansen moved past Mason Hellenbrand for third on lap 14 and moved to the outside of Ray Hellenbrand for second before taking the second spot on lap 16. A spin on lap 18 brought out the caution flag.

Hansen took the lead on the restart, but Coppernoll was able to fight back to pull even and take the lead coming out of turn four on the final lap only to go below the twenty second lap mark and give the win to Hansen who returned from the pits to appear in victory lane.

“I was just trying to hang on because the car was getting loose,” said Hansen from victory lane.

Rick Coppernoll won the second 20 lap feature for the Dave’s White Rock MISfitz.

Justin Sellers and Scott Jensen started out front but quickly surrendered the lead to Mason Hellenbrand followed by Ray Hellenbrand, and Rick Coppernoll. A spin involving two cars brought out the caution flag on lap 5.

Ray Hellenbrand would take the lead from Mason Hellenbrand following the restart. On lap 9 Coppernoll worked his way to the inside of Mason Hellenbrand for second. On lap 11 the yellow flag waved for a spin. Coppernoll and Ray Hellenbrand raced side by side out front with Tyler Hansen on the outside looking in from third. On lap 16 Ray Hellenbrand slowed allowing Hansen to move into second who immediately began hunting down Coppernoll similar to the first feature. But this time Coppernoll was able to hold off Hansen for the win.

In victory lane Coppernoll gave his trophy to a lucky fan.

Ray Hellenbrand took the win in the RA Heating and Air Conditioning Dash. Tyler Hansen set fast time in qualifying with a lap of 20.027 (89.879 mph)

1. 2TH-Tyler Hansen, 20.0270; 2. 78RH-Ray Hellenbrand, 20.1230; 3. 67MH-Mason Hellenbrand, 20.1350; 4. 7RC-Rick Coppernoll, 20.1720; 5. 4MT-Mike Taylor, 20.4120; 6. 84TW-Tim Wondrash, 20.4500; 7. 99JS-Justin Sellers, 20.9470; 8. 95DL-Dan Lerdahl, 22.2110; 9. 9SJ-Scott Jensen, 23.8100; 10. 91DE-Dylan Eagen, 23.9690

MISfitz – Dash 6 Laps
1. 78RH-Ray Hellenbrand , Verona, WI[3], 2. 2TH-Tyler Hansen , Marshall, WI[1], 3. 67MH-Mason Hellenbrand , Verona, WI[5], 4. 7RC-Rick Coppernoll , Stoughton, WI[7], 5. 84TW-Tim Wondrash , Brooklyn, WI[11], 6. 4MT-Mike Taylor , Stoughton, WI[9]

MISfitz – Feature 1 20 Laps
1. 2TH-Tyler Hansen , Marshall, WI[7], 2. 78RH-Ray Hellenbrand , Verona, WI[6], 3. 4MT-Mike Taylor , Stoughton, WI[3], 4. 67MH-Mason Hellenbrand , Verona, WI[5], 5. 84TW-Tim Wondrash , Brooklyn, WI[2], 6. 99JS-Justin Sellers , Carol Stream, IL[1], 7. 9SJ-Scott Jensen , Oregon, WI[9], 8. 95DL-Dan Lerdahl , Evansville, WI[8], 9. 91DE-Dylan Eagen , Evansville, WI[10], 10. 7RC-Rick Coppernoll , Stoughton, WI[4]- DQ (Breakout)

MISfitz – Feature 2 20 Laps
1. 7RC-Rick Coppernoll , Stoughton, WI[10], 2. 2TH-Tyler Hansen , Marshall, WI[9], 3. 4MT-Mike Taylor , Stoughton, WI[7], 4. 67MH-Mason Hellenbrand , Verona, WI[6], 5. 99JS-Justin Sellers , Carol Stream, IL[4], 6. 95DL-Dan Lerdahl , Evansville, WI[2], 7. 78RH-Ray Hellenbrand , Verona, WI[8], 8. 84TW-Tim Wondrash , Brooklyn, WI[5], 9. 9SJ-Scott Jensen , Oregon, WI[3]