Triple Crown Challenge Contingency Program

MIS Announces Contingency Program for Triple Crown Challenge

 Drivers participating in this season’s Super Late Model Triple Crown Challenge will now have an opportunity to win four tires at each of the three events leading up to the Race of Champions on September 23rd.

 Former racer John Grueneberg has come forward with a plan to provide some incentive for drivers racing this year’s Triple Crown Challenge.  Eight tires will be given away during the first round on June 8th with four tires awarded on both July 6th and September 22nd.

 Round 1 is scheduled for June 8th and will be the Scotty “O” Ollerman Memorial 100.  Following qualifying, the top sixteen drivers by time will participate in a special drawing.  The fastest qualifier will draw first followed by the second fastest and so on.  Chips will be placed in a bag numbered from 0 to 15.  The driver who draws the “O” chip will get four tires paid for Round 1.

The winner of the Scotty “O” Ollerman Memorial race will receive four tires for Round 2 on July 6th.

The winner of the Johnny Ziegler Tribute on July 6th will get four tires for Round 3 on September 22nd.

The point leader after the first three rounds following the third round on September 22nd will get four tires for the Race of Champions on Sunday, September 23rd.

“This is a great way to reward drivers and encourage the guys to run all of the events,” said MIS Business / Marketing Manager Jason Tyler.  “We are also hoping others will come forward and offer contingencies too.”  Tyler can be reached at 608.513.9709.

Racing this Friday night begins with practice at 4:45, qualifying at 6:15 and racing to follow.  Also on the racing program will be the Pellitteri Waste Systems Legends and Ho Chunk Gaming Madison Sportsman.


An on-track autograph session will take place during intermission.