Tommy Boileau Best in Bandit Big Rigs at Madison

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Photos Courtesy Jess Riedner / Website

Ace, Gerster, Morris, and Bollinger Also Capture Wins

Tommy Boileau won the 25 lap feature for the Bandit Big Rig Series in their first-ever visit to Madison International Speedway. Chester Ace (Midwest Trucks), Brian Gerster (Must See Sprint Cars), Ken Morris (6Shooters), and Mike Bollinger (6Shooters) also took home victories. One lucky fan also won over $2500 in the 50/50 raffle.

Tommy Boileau Best in Big Rigs

Tommy Boileau of Monument, Colorado, topped the field of Bandit Big Rigs in an exciting 25 lap feature.

Fourteen Bandit Big Rigs took the green flag with Scott Treadway and Trevor Kruckeberg leading the way. Tommy Boileau grabbed the lead away from Kruckeberg after one lap with Ricky Rude up to second. After five laps Boileau had an eight truck lead over Rude with Craig Kruckeberg, Mike Morgan, and Justin Ball rounding out the top five. On lap 9 Morgan moved past Kruckeberg to take the third position. With ten laps to go Boileau had caught the tail end of the field and began working his around the slower trucks. Rude was not about to allow him out of his sight as he closed the gap to a couple of truck lengths.

With eight laps to go and Boileau appearing to be ready for a trip to victory lane, several trucks made contact coming out of turn one sending fluids and parts all over the track and bringing out the red flag.

The race went green again after a lengthy caution period with twelve of the fourteen trucks able to continue. Boileau was able to retain his lead with Allen Boles up to second followed by Justin Ball, Craig Kruckeberg, and Darren Proffitt. Boles was able to get close enough to Boileau to give him a tap, but he was unable to make the pass.

Boileau would lead the rest of the way to pick up the win followed by Boles, Ball, Craig Kruckeberg, and Trevor Kruckeberg.

“This was an incredible win. We started figuring things out. The lower track temperature allowed us to get the truck to get hooked up,” said Boileau who picked up his second-ever circle track win.

Heat races were won by Allen Boles and Mike Morgan who also won the Challenge races.

Chester Ace Back in Victory Lane

Chester Ace won the 30 lap feature for the Midwest Truck Series in his first race of the season.

Mike Corvo and Dan Jung paced the field of sixteen trucks to the green flag. Corvo had a slight lead over Jung after the first lap. The two raced side by side until they made contact coming out of turn four on lap 3 bringing out the caution and forcing the rest of the field to take evasive action.

That incident gave Nick Egan the point on the restart as he chose the outside line with Rick Corso taking the inside. Egan gained the advantage over Corso followed by Kevin Knuese, Chester Ace, and Dave Edwards. On lap 6 Corso pulled to the inside of Egan with Ace up to third. Corso was able to wrestle the lead away from Egan one lap later.

Ace moved past Egan on lap 8 with Corso still showing the way out front. On lap 14 Ace worked his way to the inside of Corso to take the lead coming out of turn four and quickly opened up a two truck length lead. Ace increased his lead thanks to the battle for second between Corso and Edwards with James Swan up to fourth. Edwards took the second spot away from Corso on lap 18 but still had a lot of room between himself and the truck of Ace.

Ace’s lead would disappear on lap 21 when the truck of Rock Christiansen made contact with the backstretch wall and collected Corvo bringing out the yellow flag.

Ace and Edwards raced side by side following the restart with Ace able to regain his lead with Corso back up to challenge Edwards for second. Edwards was able to maintain second as Corso had his hands full with Swan. Out front it was all Ace who built his lead back to six truck lengths over Edwards. Swan and Corso were continuing to fight it out for third and were joined by Michael Bachaus. Bachaus would win the race for third while Ace took his truck to victory lane.

“I was very happy for how fast we were for not being out here yet this year. I had the itch to race again. We had to get the truck out again,” said Ace.

Dave Edwards was fastest qualifier with a lap of 18.968 (94.897 mph). Heat winners were Gabe Sommers and Mike Corvo.

Brian Gerster Holds Off Jimmy McCune for Sprint Car Victory

Brian Gerster of Fishers, Indiana, held over Jimmy McCune to pick up the win in the 30 lap feature for the Must See Sprint Cars.

Charlie Schultz and Anthony McCune comprised the front row for the feature. Schultz took the early lead with Jimmy McCune and Brian Gerster up to second and third before Jason Cox spun on lap 2 bringing out the caution.

Schultz continued to lead after the green flag waved but not for long as McCune and Gerster were up for the challenge. McCune appeared to be going for the lead on lap 5 when he drifted up the track giving second to Gerster. On lap 6 Gerster took the lead going into turn one with McCune moving into second one lap later.

At the half-way point Gerster’s advantage over McCune was one second as the two worked their way through lapped traffic. Gerster was able to increase his lead over McCune to 1.2 seconds with five laps to go.

But the race was far from over when the leader got caught behind lapped traffic allowing McCune to catch him. But Gerster was able to keep McCune at bay to pick up his first-ever win at Madison. McCune finished second followed by Anthony McCune, Charlie Schultz, and Jerry Caryer.

“I tried to get to the front as quick as I could so we were able to get out there and get that clean air. Unfortunately, I got hung up in the lapped traffic but that’s what makes it exciting,” said Gerster from victory lane.

Fast qualifier was Gerster with a mark of 14.710 (122.366 mph). Heat winners were Jeff Bloom and Jason Cox.

Ken Morris and Mike Bollinger Win 6Shooter Features

In only his second night in a 6Shooter, Ken Morris won the first twelve lap feature while Mike Bollinger picked up his second win of 2017 in the second feature.

Cory Xander and Chad Niday brought the field to the green flag Niday took the early lead away from Xander and built up a multi-car length advantage as Xander, Mike Seidel, and Ken Morris were fighting it out for second. A spin in turn two brought out the caution on lap 6 and took away Niday’s lead.

Niday and Morris raced side by side for the lead following the restart with Mike Bollinger up to third after starting last. Unfortunately, Bollinger made contact with Niday bringing out the caution sending both to the rear of the field.

Morris took the lead on the restart followed by Don Ledwidge and Kevin Whitford. But Morris was two speedy tonight as he lead the rest of the way to pick up his first-ever win at Madison. Whitford finished second followed by Jim Ronspiez, Trevor Chilson, and Ledwidge.

Chad MacLeod took the early lead in the second feature with Mike Bollinger quickly up to second taking the lead on lap 3. Despite some sliding and spinning cars the race stayed green with Bollinger never looking back as he easily won for the second time this season. Ronnie Osborne finished second followed by Trevor Chilson, Jim Ronspiez, and Tyler Spiegel.

6Shooter heat races were won by Ronnie Osborne and Mike Bollinger.

Racing continues at Madison on Friday, August 4th when it will be the final round of the Badgerland Challenge with action in the Late Models and Sportsman plus the Bandits and Hobby Stocks. Pit gates open at 3:30 with practice at 5:00, qualifying at 6:15, and racing at 7:30.


Bandit Big Rigs

25 Lap Feature: (1-10) Tommy Boileau, Allen Boles, Justin Ball, Craig Kruckeberg, Darren Proffitt, Travis Buckner, Jonathon Lisenbee, Tyler Kruckeberg, Terry Greenwood

(11-15) Scott Treadway, Joey Seaman, Ricky Rude, Mike Morgan, Chris Kikelhan-DNS

Heat One: (1-8) Allen Boles, Ricky Rude, Tommy Boileau, Craig Kruckeberg, Scott Treadway, Travis Buckner, Trevor Kruckeberg, Terry Greenwood

Heat Two: (1-7) Mike Morgan, Justin Ball, Darren Proffitt, Tyler Kruckeberg, Joey Seamen, Jonathon Lisenbee, Chris Kikelhan

Challenge Race #1: (1-7) Allen Boles, Ricky Rude, Darren Proffitt, Trevor Kruckeberg, Tyler Kruckeberg, Scott Treadway, Joey Seamen

Challenge Race #2: (1-7) Mike Morgan, Tommy Boileau, Justin Ball, Craig Kruckeberg, Jonathon Lisenbee, Travis Buckner, Terry Greenwood

Must See Sprint Series

30 Lap Feature: (1-11) Brian Gerster, Jimmy McCune, Anthony McCune, Charlie Schultz, Jerry Caryer, Tom Jewel, Joe Speakman, Adam Bilitz, Jason Cox, H.D Carter, Jeff Bloom

Heat One: (1-5) Jeff Bloom, Joe Speakman, Jerry Caryer, Tom Jewell, Adam Biltz

Heat Two: (1-5) Jason Cox, Brian Gerster, Anthony McCune, Charlie Schultz, Jimmy McCune

Qualifying: (1-10) Brian Gerster, Jimmy McCune, Jason Cox, Anthony McCune, Charlie Schultz, Jerry Caryer, Tom Jewel, Jeff Bloom, Joe Speakman, Adam Bilitz, H.D. Carter- DNS

Midwest Truck Series

30 Lap Feature: (1-10) Chester Ace, Dave Edwards, Michael Bachaus, Rick Corso, James Swan, Kevin Knuese, Nick Egan, Gabe Sommers, Danielle Behn, Ross Christiansen

(11-16) Erica Ensor, Dan Jung, Daniel Calhoun, Derek Doerr, Rock Christiansen, Mike Corvo

Heat One: (1-6) Gabe Sommers, Michael Bachaus, Ross Christiansen, Danielle Behn, Erica Ensor, Daniel Calhoun

Heat Two: (1-10) Mike Corvo, Dan Jung, Derek Doerr, Nick Egan, Kevin Knuese, Dave Edwards, Rick Corso, Chester Ace, Rock Christiansen, James Swan

Qualifying: (1-10) Dave Edwards, Kevin Knuese, James Swan, Derek Doerr, Nick Egan, Rock Christiansen, Rick Corso, Mike Corvo, Dan Jung, Michael Bachaus

(11-16) Gabe Sommers, Ross Christiansen, Danielle Behn, Erica Ensor, Daniel Calhoun, Chester Ace- DQ


12 Lap Feature One: (1-10) Ken Morris, Kevin Whitford, Jim Ronspiez, Trevor Chilson, Don Ledwidge, Ronnie Osborne, Tyler Spiegel, Mike Bollinger, Mike Seidel, Chad Niday

(11-15) Steven Buna, Chad MacLeod, Nick Krohn, Cory Xander, Chris Brugger-DNS

12 Lap Feature Two: (1-10) Mike Bollinger, Ronnie Osborne, Trevor Chilson, Jim Ronspiez, Tyler Spiegel, Ken Morris, Cory Xander, Mike Seidel, Chris Brugger, Kevin Whitford

(12-15) Nick Krohn, Chad MacLeod, Don Ledwidge, Chad Niday, Steven Buna

Heat One: (1-8) Ronnie Osborne, Don Ledwidge, Chris Brugger, Kevin Whitford, Steve Buna, Mike Seidel, Chad MacLeod, Cory Xander

Heat Two: (1-7) Mike Bollinger, Ken Morris, Jim Ronspiez, Tyler Spiegel, Nick Krohn, Trevor Chilson, Chad Niday