Tire Incentives Offered to New Teams / Weekly Tire Drawing for LM Teams

Long-time Madison International Speedway sponsors and supporters Gary Rockweiler of Rockweiler Insulation and Stan Otis of Club LaMark have stepped up to offer tire incentives for both new and current Late Model race teams at MIS.

Some teams not racing at MIS have expressed concern about not having the Hoosier tires that are necessary to race at MIS.  So Rockweiler is offering two free tires to the first three late model teams who come to race at MIS for the first time in 2012.  If three new teams aren’t at MIS the first week (June 15th) the incentive rolls over to the next week until a total of three new teams come to race.  All MIS tire rules will apply to the teams who receive the two tires.

Otis is giving away one free Hoosier tire each week to one of the late model teams.  A drawing will be held with the fast qualifier having the honors of drawing a number.  The numbers will coincide with the finishing results from qualifying so if a 5 is chosen the driver who finished fifth in qualifying gets the tire.  The lucky winner will receive his / her tire for the following week of racing.

“We are very thankful for both Gary and Stan and their commitment to seeing the racing program continue to grow and prosper at MIS,” said MIS Business / Marketing Manager Jason Tyler.