Thursday Night Street Drags Back at Madison this Week; Going for 200!

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The very popular Thursday Night Street Drags are back this week (July 13th) at Madison International Speedway. Held monthly from April to September this friendly competition between all types of motorized vehicles continues to gain in popularity for just one reason…it’s fun.

If you’ve thought about it then now is your chance to do something about it!

Yes, it’s competitive as vehicles square off in elimination style bracket racing on the 300 foot drag strip on the front stretch at the speedway. But there is no big prize money involved and winners won’t hear their names on the local sports broadcast. In fact there’s no prize money, but the bracket winners get a trophy. That’s because the one on one street drags are all about bringing out your car, truck, motorcycle, ATV, or whatever else and racing it for fun. It’s that simple. As track owner Gregg McKarns says, “If you’re too serious this probably isn’t the venue for you.”

More than a dozen different divisions / brackets take to the track at each event. You’ll see vintage cars from the 1960’s that are fully restored, diesel trucks, motorcycles, and more. It’s only $10.00 for a pit pass and $10.00 per division. Yes, if a vehicle meets specifications it can run in more than one division as many have done so far in the two years the speedway has offered street drags.

The drivers really enjoy the opportunity but there’s no introductions, post-race interviews, autograph sessions, etc. It’s simple, grassroots style street drag racing.

“I think it’s great that the speedway gives us the chance to do this once a month,” said Jake, a competitor in one of the truck divisions. “I haven’t won my bracket yet, but I’ve come close.”

It’s a double elimination style format for each bracket. You win you keep racing. You lose you get a second chance to compete against someone else. “Buy backs” are available which allows a competitor a way to keep racing after losing a second time.

“This is such a rush,” said Rob who came to track last month with his family car. “Just don’t tell my wife that her car is here.”

Tom added, “I came out last year and had a blast. Now I’ve got three or four guys from work who are here. We kind of compete against each other for bragging rights.”

A “Shine and Show” contest is also open for all competitors to determine the best appearing vehicles. Judging takes place at 8:30 PM.

But the speedway has a goal that they have come close to reaching but have come up just short. That goal is to go over the 200 mark for entries at one of the monthly events. Could this be the week?

This Thursday night, July 13th, is our next event. Pit gates open at 6:00 PM with practice and “grudge” racing at 6:30 with bracket racing starting at 7:30 PM. Fans are welcome to come out and watch all the excitement for just a $10.00 admission.

More information about brackets / rules / procedures is available at the track website

For those who don’t know, Madison International Speedway is located on Sunrise Road which is one mile south of Highway 138 just two miles east of Oregon or four miles west of Stoughton.

See you on track or in the grandstands this Thursday night.