Three in a Row for Nick Schmidt

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Nick Schmidt won his third straight Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits track championship at Madison and ties Chester Ace for the most track championships in the division. Ronnie Osborne finished second in the points followed by Dave Schmidt, Jeremy Bredeson, and Kevin Beyer.

Track champion Nick Schmidt thanked his supporters and sponsors. “It’s fun getting to race here,” noted Schmidt.

Three feature races were run for the Bandits with Nick and Dave Schmidt and Ronnie Osborne each capturing a checkered flag.

Nick Schmidt Wins Opening Bandit Battle

Nick Schmidt powered his way to victory lane in the 20 lap make up feature. It was his third win of the year and 16th all-time at Madison placing him third overall. Brandon Johnson was the highest finishing B Bandit.

Brandon Riedner and Nick Newton paced the field to the green flag. Newton jumped out to the while a far car battle was taking place for second. On lap 3 Jeremy Bredeson and Nick Schmidt powered their way to the front and quickly checked away from the field. On lap 8 Nick Schmidt moved past Bredeson to take the lead while Newton, Brandon Johnson, and Ronnie Osborne were fighting it out for third. Osborne would win the third position on lap 10.

With five laps to go, Schmidt had caught lapped traffic with Bredeson doing everything possible to keep him in his sights. But there was no stopping Schmidt who led the rest of the way to pick up the checkered flag. Bredeson finished second followed by Osborne, Dave Schmidt, and Brandon Johnson. Johnson was the B Bandit winner.

“I love it when there’s more cars out here,” said Nick Schmidt. Brandon Johnson added, “It’s great to see more cars out here.”

Dave Schmidt Works His Way to Victory Lane

Starting tenth in the field, Dave Schmidt worked his way through the field to pick up the checkered flag. It was his division leading fourth win of the season. Topping the B Bandits was Nick Newton.

Brandon Riedner and Nick Newton brought the field to the green. Newton got out front quickly with Kyle Riedner and Gary Stark Jr. up to second and third. But charging to the lead on lap 4 was Dave Schmidt who opened up a sizeable lead over the field. On lap 8 Ronnie Osborne was up to second followed by Nick Schmidt and Steve Dickson. A tight battle behind the leaders was for the B Bandit win with Newton, Stark Jr, and Riedner.

But Dave Schmidt was just too fast as the race stayed green and he picked up the win. Nick Schmidt was second followed by Osborne, Dickson, and Newton.

“The battery was starting to die, “said Schmidt from victory lane. Newton added, “It was getting rough out there, but we hung on.”

Ronnie Osborne Races to the Checkered Flag

Ronnie Osborne won the third 20 lap feature for the Bandits. It was his second win of the season and fourth in his Bandit career at Madison. Kyle Riedner was the best of the B Bandits.

Gavin Smothers and Ryan Oetzel paced the field to the green flag. Brandon Johnson took the lead after a lap with Kyle Riedner working his way inside for second. On lap 5 Riedner took the lead on the outside and opened up a six car length advantage over Johnson. On lap 7 Ronnie Osborne moved into second. On lap 12 Osborne pulled to the outside of Riedner and took the lead.

With five laps to go it was all Ronnie Osborne followed by Riedner, Dave Schmidt, Steve Dickson, and Jeremy Bredeson. It was smooth sailing the rest of the way for Osborne who picked up the checkered flag. Riedner was best of the B Bandits.

“I have to thank all my sponsors for making this possible,” said Osborne. “It’s been a long day. This car is fast,” said Riedner.

Rookie of the Year Kevin Beyer thanked the Osborne family for the opportunity to race this season.

Fast time was Nick Schmidt with a lap of 14.804 (60.794 mph). Kyle Riedner was fast qualifier for the B Bandits.

Feature One: (1-10) Nick Schmidt, Jeremy Bredeson, Ronnie Osborne, Dave Schmidt, Brandon Johnson, Gary Stark Jr., Kyle Riedner, Nick Newton, Brandon Riedner, Kevin Beyer
(11-12) Gavin Smothers, Trent Rueth

Feature Two: (1-10) Dave Schmidt, Nick Schmidt, Ronnie Osborne, Steve Dickson, Nick Newton, Kyle Riedner, Brandon Johnson, Jeremy Bredeson, Josh Mazur, Kevin Beyer, Brandon Riedner
(11-16) Bart Brockmann, Ryan Oetzel, Gavin Smothers, Gary Stark Jr, Matt Weber, Steve Dickson

Feature Three: (1-10) Ronnie Osborne, Dave Schmidt, Kyle Riedner, Nick Schmidt, Steve Dickson, Brandon Johnson, Nick Newton, Bart Brockmann, Josh Mazur, Brandon Riedner
(11-15) Kevin Beyer, Ryan Oetzel, Jeremy Bredeson, Matt Weber, Gavin Smothers

Dash: (1-6) Steve Dickson, Ronnie Osborne, Nick Schmidt, Jeremy Bredeson, Kyle Riedner, Dave Schmidt
Qualifying: (1-10) Nick Schmidt, Dave Schmidt, Jeremy Bredeson, Ronnie Osborne, Steve Dickson, Kyle Riedner, Brandon Johnson, Gary Stark Jr, Josh Mazur, Nick Newton
(11-17) Brandon Riedner, Kevin Beyer, Trent Rueth, Bart Brockmann, Gavin Smothers, Ryan Oetzel, Matt Weber