Thank You from MIS

Madison International Speedway would like to thank the many sponsors and race teams who donated bikes for the Quest Industrial Turn One Kids’ Club Bike Night.  A total of twenty-five bikes were presented to the young fans.

Thanks goes out to Skolaski Racing, Rockweiler Insulation, Robert Hansberry Jr., Dave Gasner (UPS), Chester Ace, Kevin Griffin, Clifcorn Motorsports, Wendt Racing, Quest Industrial, Chuck Garetson, Marti / Coker Racing, Vince Bartolotta, Kevin Knuese, and Kyle Vergata.  Many of these individuals / teams donated more than one bike.  Our apologies in case we forgot any donors.

One of the drivers, Kyle Vergata, also added some special touches to his bike.  “I put a lot of hours into customizing this bike and wrapping it.”  Vergata was able to present his work of art to a lucky young fan from Oregon.

Several teams also graciously donated bike helmets for many of the winners.