Swan Flies to Victory Lane at Madison

James Swan won the 25 lap feature for the Midwest Truck Series. It was his third career win in the series at Madison.

Once again another very competitive field of Midwest Trucks returned to Madison International Speedway. Rick Corso and Brad Kossow paced the twenty truck field to the green flag in the Sassy Cow Creamery 25. Corso took the early lead with Tristan Swanson, who won the opener at Madison, working past Kossow to capture second. On lap 3 Swanson pulled to the inside of Corso to take the lead just before the caution flag waved on lap 4 for a spin in turn two. An incident during the caution resulted in a red flag.

When the race resumed, Swanson and James Swan brought the field back to the green flag. Swanson jumped out to the lead followed by Swan, Kossow, Corso, and Chester Ace. On lap 5, Ace passed Corso for the fourth position. A spin on lap 6 brought out the race’s second caution flag.

Swanson continued to maintain his lead over Swan by a single truck length with Kossow, Ace, and Bryce Miller completing the top five. On lap 11 Swan pulled to the inside of Swanson coming out of turn two and the pair raced side by side. On lap 14 Chester Ace was able to clear Kossow to take third.

With ten laps to go, Swan and Swanson continued their door to door battle with Ace and Kevin Knuese battling it out for third. On lap 17 Swan was able to secure the lead from Swanson with Ace and Knuese up to second and third. A caution on lap 20 for a spin set up another restart.

Swan paced the field back to the green flag single file style. Chester Ace quickly looked to the inside of Swan but wasn’t able to make the pass for the lead. With two laps to go, Swan opened up a five truck length lead and flew to victory lane. Ace, Swanson, James Lynch, and Knuese rounded out the top five.

Kevin Knuese set fast time for the Midwest Trucks with a lap of 18.816 (95.663 mph). Heat races were won by Kenny Joosten, Kody Hubred, and Rick Corso.

Midwest Trucks

Feature: (1-10) James Swan, Chester Ace, Tristan Swanson, James Lynch, Kevin Knuese, Bryce Miller, Brad Kossow, Rick Corso, Derek Doerr, Kody Hubred
(11-20) Phillip Wuesthoff, Kenny Joosten, Cody Vander Loop, Evan Hassler, Tyler Noble, Chris Blawat, Danny Darnell, Tommy Pecaro, Russ Hansen, Brad Gajewski

Heat One: (1-6) Kenny Joosten, Evan Hassler, Danny Darnell, Tyler Noble, Brad Gajewski, Tommy Pecaro

Heat Two: (1-7) Kody Hubred, Chris Blawat, Bryce Miller, Phillip Wuesthoff, Russ Hansen, James Lynch, Cody Vander Loop

Heat Three: (1-7) Rick Corso, Derek Doerr, Tristan Swanson, Kevin Knuese, Chester Ace, James Swan, Brad Kossow

(1-10) Kevin Knuese, Chester Ace, James Swan, Tristan Swanson, Brad Kossow, Rick Corso, Derek Doerr, Russ Hansen, James Lynch, Bryce Miller
(11-20) Cody Vander Loop, Phillip Wuesthoff, Kody Hubred, Chris Blawat, Brad Gajewski, Kenny Joosten, Danny Darnell, Evan Hassler, Tyler Noble, Trevor Raskie-NT