Stephen Scheel and Zack Riddle Pick Up NASCAR Late Model Wins at Madison

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Stephen Scheel and Zack Riddle were the big winners tonight at Madison as each driver took home a feature win in the NASCAR Late Models. Three other divisions were also in action with Dave Schmidt capturing both wins in the Pellitteri Waste Systems “A” Bandits while Nick Newton and Brandon Johnson won in the “B” Bandits. Colton Morgan and Rick Coppernoll were winners in the Dave’s White Rock MISfitz while Joshua Zacharias and Ozzie Osborne picked up their first-ever checkered flags in the Roto Rooter 6Shooters.

During intermission long-time track employee and neighbor Evie Handeland became the newest member of the Madison International Speedway Hall of Fame. Her family played a vital role in the building of Wisconsin’s Fastest Half-Mile back in 1968 when they sold the land necessary for Sam Bartus to extend the track.

Scheel and Riddle Take Home Late Model Checkered Flags

Stephen Scheel and Zack Riddle each won a 25 lap feature in the NASCAR Late Models.

Scheel won his first ever NASCAR Late Model feature capturing the first of the twin features. Scheel began racing Bandits at Madison then moved to the Sportsman division before making the jump to the Late Models.

Scheel and Michael Haggar brought the field to the green flag with Scheel jumping out to the lead followed by Haggar, Jeff Holmgren Jr., Shaun Scheel and Will Rece. The caution flag came out on lap 5 for debris on the track.

Stephen Scheel led the field back to the green after the single file restart. With ten laps in the books, Scheel’s lead was up to two car lengths just before the caution flag came out when Pat Richgels and Rusty Hansen tangled on the front stretch.

After another caution on lap 11, Scheel jumped out to a three length lead over Haggar who had his hands full with Holmgren Jr. The best battle on the track was the three car race for fifth which was eventually won by Zack Riddle. On lap 17 Riddle powered his way past Shaun Scheel to take fourth with Wilberg up to fifth. Riddle pulled to the inside of Holmgren Jr. and took third with three laps to go.

Scheel was able to increase his lead out front while Haggar was doing everything he could to hold off Riddle for second. But there was no denying Scheel who raced his way to the checkered flag followed by Haggar, Riddle, Wilberg, and Holmgren Jr.

“I haven’t been in this victory lane since my Sportsman days. This is so great,” said Scheel who became the fifth different winner in 2021.

In the second 25 lap feature, Zack Riddle showed the way and gathered up his third feature of the season.

Kyle Smith and USAC star Buddy Kofoid paced the field to the green flag. Smith jumped out to the early lead, but Will Rece wasted no time getting up to second and then to the inside of Smith to take the lead on lap 3. On lap 4 Shaun Scheel moved inside of Smith to take second with Bobby Wilberg up to third on lap 5. One lap later Riddle moved into fourth followed by Jacob Goede.

As Wilberg and Shaun Scheel were fighting it out for second, Rece was able to increase his lead to eight car lengths. Scheel was able to take second while Wilberg and Riddle fought it out for third. A spin on lap 13 brought out the caution flag and took away Rece’s lead.

Enter the cone and decision making time. Rece and Scheel both chose to line up on the inside while Wilberg elected to go to the outside of Rece in the front row. After the waving of the green, the two raced side by side with Riddle in their trunks. On lap 15 Rece was able to clear Wilberg, but then would drift up the track allowing Riddle to slide by both cars to take the lead on lap 16. The caution flag would wave again with eight laps to go when Buddy Kofoid experienced mechanical issues.

For the restart, Riddle chose the low side with Goede on the outside followed by Wilberg on the inside of the second row and Stephen Scheel moving up to the outside. Riddle jumped back to the lead with Goede fighting his way back on the inside. Riddle opened up a two car length advantage as he began to step away from the field.

The race stayed green the rest of the way allowing Riddle to maintain his lead and pick up the checkered flag followed by Goede, Wilberg, Stephen Scheel, and Shaun Scheel.

“It was a lot of fun racing with all the guys tonight,” said Riddle.

Fast time was set by Jacob Goede with a mark of 18.675 (96.386 mph). Bobby Wilberg won the RA Heating and Air Conditioning Dash.

Morgan and Coppernoll Best of the MISfitz

Colton Morgan won his second feature of the season in the Dave’s White Rock MISfitz while Rick Coppernoll took home the win in the second feature.

Ray Hellenbrand and Colton Morgan brought the field to the green flag in the first 15 lap feature. Morgan took the point from the start with Hellenbrand running on the outside and Rick Coppernoll in third. With each lap Morgan and Hellenbrand continued to run side by side for the lead with Coppernoll right behind waiting for the right opportunity.

With two laps to go Morgan’s lead was up to a car length and increased his advantage on the final lap to pick up the win. Hellenbrand finished second and Coppernoll in third.

“I’m getting used to this and having fun,” said Morgan.

Similar to the first feature, the three cars of Morgan, Hellenbrand, and Coppernoll put on a great show. Morgan had the early advantage before Coppernoll took the lead on lap 9 on the outside with Morgan on the inside. They were even at the line when the white flag waved and raced the final lap side by side with Coppernoll edging out Morgan at the stripe.

“We made some adjustments during intermission,” said Coppernoll.

Colton Morgan was fastest in qualifying for the second time this season with a lap of 20.013 (89.942 mph) plus won the RA Heating and Air Conditioning Dash.

Dave Schmidt Wins a Pair of Features

Dave Schmidt keeps a checkered flag in his car and put it to good use after winning both features for the Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits.

In the opening 20 lap feature, Ryan Oetzel and James Bell led the field to the green flag. Bell jumped out to a good lead with Brandon Johnson up to second and Jeremy Bredeson in third. On lap 3 Bredeson pulled to the outside of both Johnson and Bell to take the lead. Johnson was able to take second from Bell but had a long distance to catch Bredeson.

Working their way up from the back of the pack were Nick and Dave Schmdit. Nick Schmidt moved past Bell on lap 13 to take third. Bredeson’s lead out front continued to grow until the caution flag waved on lap 17 when Nick Schmidt and Johnson tangled in turn one. This moved Nick Newton up to second followed by Bell. Bredeson continued to lead following the restart with Dave Schmidt up to second and Ronnie Osborne in third. Bredeson was unstoppable in this race and picked up the checkered flag followed by Dave Schmidt, Ronnie Osborne, Nick Newton, and James Bell. However, Bredeson’s car would later fail post-race inspection which resulted in Dave Schmidt getting the win.

Nick Newton was the highest finishing B Bandit for the second week in a row.

Brandon Riedner and Adam Dickert led the field to the green flag in the second feature. Riedner took the early lead with Nick Newton racing by on the inside to take the lead on lap 2. Brandon Johnson moved past Riedner for second one lap later. Newton and Johnson began putting some distances between them and the rest of the field. Speedy Dave Schmidt was up to third while Johnson was taking the lead from Newton on lap 7. Schmidt took the second spot on lap 9 and quickly pulled to the outside of Johnson and took the lead on lap 10 with Jeremy Bredeson behind him in second.

On lap 14 Nick Schmidt was up to challenge Bredeson for second as the two tried to gain ground on Dave Schmidt whose lead was increasing. Dave Schmidt was able to hold off the field to pick up his second win in as many weeks.

“It makes it tougher with more cars,” said Schmidt from victory lane.

Brandon Johnson won the B Bandits with a fourth place overall finish.

Fast qualifier was Nick Schmidt with a trip of 14.922 and he also notched the win in the RA Heating and Air Conditioning Dash.

Ozzie Osborne and Joshua Zacharias Win in the 6Shooters

Ozzie Osborne and Joshua Zacharias were the big winners in the twin features for the Roto Rooter 6Shooters.

Osborne crossed the line second but was awarded the win in the first 12 lap feature for the Roto Rooter 6Shooters.

Todd Klinger and Jason Morgan paced the twenty-three car field to the green flag in the first 12 lap main event. Josh Morris took the lead after the first lap followed by Steve Buna and Ken Morris. The man on the move was Steve Mueller who quickly moved up to second after 3 laps and passed Josh Morris for the lead on lap 4. Working their way up through the field were Ozzie Osborne and Trevor Chilson with Osborne taking the second spot just before the caution flag came out on lap 6 for a stalled vehicle.

It didn’t take long for Mueller to catch the tail end of the field following the restart and he successfully maneuvered his way around traffic followed by Osborne, Chilson, Bishop, and Josh Morris. Mueller would lead the rest of the way to take home the win. Ozzie Osborne finished second and would be declared the winner after Mueller’s car did not pass post-race inspection.

The second feature found Joshua Zacharias winning his first ever Roto Rooter 6Shooter feature at Madison in his first appearance since 2019.

Todd Carteron and Joshua Zacharies pulled away from the field after the front row starters failed to negotiate the first turn. Zacharies took the lead from Carteron with Paul Johnson Jr. in third, Ken Morris in fourth, and Dylan Klinger in fifth.

From there it was all a matter of working through lapped traffic and Zacharias did a great job of it and led the rest of the way earning a trip to victory lane.

The race stayed green the entire way and the field was unable to catch Zacharies who took home the checkered flag.

“This feels great,” said Zacharias who was making his first appearance of the season on the Ring of Fire.

Next week the Big 8 Late Models come to town to take on the local stars in a 48 lap battle. Joining the racing program will be the 602 Late Models, HSRA, and Upper Midwest Vintage Series. Grandstands open at 6:00 with qualifying at 6:15 and racing at 7:30. It’s also Racer’s Reunion Night with all former drivers at Oregon Legion Speedway, Capitol Speedway, Impact Speedway, and Madison International Speedway admitted free provided you RSVP to Gregg at

Official Results

NASCAR Late Models
Feature 1: (1-10) Stephen Scheel, Michael Haggar, Zack Riddle, Bobby Wilberg, Jeff Holmgren Jr., Shaun Scheel, Jacob Goede, Will Rece, Michael Kofoid, Kyle Smith
(11-19) Adam Peschek, Brent Edmunds, Pat Richgels, Gary Krueger, Hanna Raley, Rusty Hansen, Bill Baumeister, Billy Mohn, Paul Dygon
Feature 2: (1-10) Zack Riddle, Jacob Goede, Bobby Wilberg, Stephen Scheel, Shaun Scheel, Billy Mohn, Brent Edmunds, Kyle Smith, Michael Haggar, Hanna Raley
(11-17) Jeff Holmgren Jr., Pat Richgels, Adam Peschek, Will Rece, Michael Kofoid, Billy Baumeister, Gary Krueger
Dash: (1-6) Bobby Wilberg, Zack Riddle, Billy Mohn, Jacob Goede, Michael Kofoid, Will Rece
Qualifying: (1-10) Jacob Goede, Zack Riddle, Billy Mohn, Bobby Wilberg, Michael Kofoid, Will Rece, Shaun Scheel, Brent Edmunds, Jeff Holmgren Jr., Michael Haggar
(11-19) Stephen Scheel, Kyle Smith, Rusty Hansen, Adam Peschek, Bill Baumeister, Pat Richgels, Hanna Raley, Gary Krueger, Paul Dygon

Dave’s White Rock MISfitz
Feature 1: (1-5) Colton Morgan, Ray Hellenbrand, Rick Coppernoll, Tim Wondrash, Eric Adrian
Feature 2: (1-5) Rick Coppernoll, Colton Morgan, Ray Hellenbrand, Tim Wondrash, Eric Adrian
Dash: (1-5) Colton Morgan, Rick Coppernoll, Tim Wondrash, Eric Adrian
Qualifying: (1-6) Colton Morgan, Ray Hellenbrand, Rick Coppernoll, Tim Wondrash, Eric Adrian, Mike Taylor-NT

Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits
Feature 1: (1-10) Dave Schmidt, Ronnie Osborne, Nick Newton, James Bell, Bart Brockmann, Nick Schmidt, Brandon Riedner, Adam Dickert, Johnathan Petitt, Ryan Oetzel
(11-12) Brandon Johnson, Jeremy Bredeson-DQ
Feature 2: (1-10) Dave Schmidt, Nick Schmidt, Brandon Johnson, Nick Newton, Ronnie Osborne, James Bell, Adam Dickert, Ryan Oetzel, Brandon Riedner, Bart Brockmann
(11-12) Jeremy Bredeson-DQ, Johnathan Petitt-DNS,
Dash: (1-5) Nick Schmidt, Dave Schmidt, Brandon Johnson, Bart Brockmann, Adam Dickert,
Qualifying: (1-10) Nick Schmidt, Dave Schmidt, Kevin Beyer, Brandon Johnson, Adam Dickert, Bart Brockmann, Brandon Riedner, Nick Newton, James Bell, Ryan Oetzel
(11-13) Scott Johnson, Ronnie Osborne, Jeremy Bredeson-DQ

Roto Rooter 6Shooters
Feature 1: (1-10) Ozzie Osborne, Trevor Chilson, Dan Bishop, Josh Morris, Steve Buna, Dylan Klinger, Ken Morris, Paul Johnson, Ricky Erone, Sam Schulz
(11-20) Joshua Zacharias, Ken Dyer, Todd Carteron, Randy Grancorvitz, Mark Rufenacht, Jamie Kamin, Beth Popp, Todd Klinger, Jason Morgan, Cory McCarthy
(21-23) Todd Killerlain, Julie Morris, Steve Mueller
Feature 2: (1-10) Joshua Zacharias, Todd Carteron, Paul Johnson, Ken Morris, Dylan Klinger, Steve Mueller, Ozzie Osborne, Dan Bishop, Cory McCarthy, Sam Schulz
(11-20) Trevor Chilson, Randy Grancorvitz, Ken Dyler, Todd Killerlain, Ricky Erone, Josh Morris, Beth Popp, Todd Klinger, Jamie Kamin, Mark Rufenacht
(21) Julie Morris