Shaun Scheel Rules the Late Models at Madison

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Morgan, Schmidt, and Nilson Also Take Home Checkered Flags

It was a night of exciting finishes at Madison as part of Bobcat of Janesville Kids’ Night highlighted by Shaun Scheel who held off Buddy Kofoid to win the NASCAR Late Models main event while Colton Morgan (Dave’s White Rock MISfitz), Dave Schmidt (Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits), and Carter Nilson (Bandoleros) also went home winners.

Scheel Holds Off Kofoid for Late Model Victory

Shaun Scheel, who started eighth in the field, held off Buddy Kofoid who was making his first ever appearance at Madison to pick up the win in the 30 lap feature for the NASCAR Late Models.

The field of Late Models was brought to the green flag by Pat Richgels and Jeff Holmgren Jr. The duo ran side by side for the first three laps with Will Rece and Buddy Kofoid running in third and fourth respectively. The caution flag came out on lap 5 for a multi-car incident involving Stephen Scheel, Rusty Hansen, and Bobby Wilberg. Scheel was done for the night with Wilberg returning after a trip to the pits while Hansen was also able to continue.

Jeff Holmgren Jr. brought the field back to the green followed by Richgels, Rece, Kofoid, and Brent Edmunds. The battle for sixth was intense between Shaun Scheel, Zack Riddle, and Jacob Goede. On lap 11 Riddle worked his way past Edmunds to break into the top five. One lap later Rece powered his way past Richgels for second with Kofoid taking second from Rece on lap 14.

On lap 15 Kofoid moved to the inside of Holmgren Jr. to take the lead with Rece dropping to the inside of Holmgren Jr. to battle for second with Riddle and Goede running fourth and fifth. The tight battles behind Kofoid allowed him to build up an eight car length lead before Rece and Holmgren Jr. got together in turn four on lap 19 bringing out the caution flag.

Now it was time for the cone to make its first appearance. Kofoid chose to line up on the inside with Riddle electing to go to the outside of the first row. Lining up in the second row would be Goede on the inside and Scheel on the outside.

Kofoid was able to maintain his lead on the restart, but the caution flag quickly waved for an incident involving both Riddle and Goede which resulted in the pair both going to the back of the lead lap pack.

For the restart, Kofoid chose the low side and Scheel the high side with Richgels and Edmunds comprising row two. The outside paid off for Scheel as he quickly jumped out to the lead ahead of Kofoid followed by Richgels, Wilberg, and Edmunds. With eight laps to go Scheel’s lead was up to six car lengths over Kofoid. But Kofoid wasn’t about to give up.

With five laps to go, Kofoid had cut the lead to a car length. It was down to half a car length with two laps to go. While Kofoid did everything he could to take the lead away from Scheel, it was not going to happen as Scheel was able to hang on to make the trip to victory lane.

“I knew what he was going to do on the restart. It’s been a struggle this year and it feels really good to be back in victory lane,” said Scheel from victory lane.

For the third time this season fast time was set by Zack Riddle with a trip of 18.670 (96.411 mph). Shaun Scheel won the RA Heating and Air Conditioning Dash for the second time in a row. Heat races were won by Jeff Holmgren Jr. and Stephen Scheel.

Colton Morgan Makes a Trip to Victory Lane

Colton Morgan took home the checkered flag in the 20 lap feature for the Dave’s White Rock MISfitz.

Eric Adrian and Mike Winters showed the way to the green flag with Winters leading the first lap by inches over Colton Morgan. Lap after lap continued with Winters holding a slight lead on the inside of Morgan. Behind the leaders a spirited battle between Rick Coppernoll and Ray Hellenbrand was taking place.

With five laps to go Winters’ lead was just a single car length. With three laps to go the lead was less than a car length. Winters was clearly a man on a mission. But it was the best of times and the worst of times for Winters. After leading the entire race, he broke out late in the race by going below the twenty second mark and was disqualified giving the win to Morgan.

Mike Taylor set fast time in qualifying with a lap of 20.025 (89.888 mph). Taylor became the fourth different driver in four races to set fast time in the division. Colton Morgan picked up his first RA Heating and Air Conditioning Dash victory of the season and then proceeded to win the heat race.

“It is mentally challenging,” said Morgan when asked about keeping his speed from going under twenty seconds.

Dave Schmidt Back in Bandit Victory Lane

Dave Schmidt led wire to wire on his way to earning his first win of the season in the Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits 25 lap feature.

Schmidt jumped out to the early lead in the Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandit feature. But Steve Dickson was not about to let Schmidt check away from the field as he was able to stay within a car length for the first ten laps.

Running a strong third, Ronnie Osborne was able to keep the top two in his sights, but out front Schmidt was opening up a five car length lead over Dickson.

But out front it was smooth sailing for Schmidt with his fellow competitors trying everything in their power to reel him in but without any luck unless the caution flag would come out. But the caution flag never waved and Schmidt never looked back as he picked up his first feature win of the season. Dickson, Osborne, Jeremy Bredeson, and Nick Schmidt rounded out the top five.

“It’s been awhile,” said Schmidt from victory lane who noted that his brother (Nick) wasn’t running well otherwise things may have been different.

Ronnie Osborne was fast qualifier for the first time with a lap of 14.814 (60.753 mph). Jeremy Bredeson took home his first RA Heating and Air Conditioning Dash win. Dave Schmidt was victorious in the heat race.

Carter Nilson Wins a Bandolero Thriller

Carter Nilson picked up the win in the 15 lap feature for the Bandoleros.

Collin Murphy and Carter Nilson paced the field to the green flag. Murphy was able to take the early lead with Nilson up to second followed by Cohen Henze. On lap 3 Henze passed Nilson for second but had a lot of ground to cover in order to catch Murphy.

At the half-way mark Murphy’s lead was still ten car lengths, but when two cars got together on the backstretch the caution flag waved and his lead evaporated. Murphy continued to lead following the waving of the green flag and built up another ten car length advantage. On lap 9 disaster struck for the pursuit car of Henze when his wheel broke away from his car bringing out the yellow flag.

On the restart Nilson pulled to the inside of Murphy and the two raced side by side with Easton Riedner joining the mix. Nilson grabbed the top spot with Riedner getting by Murphy with two laps to go. In the end Nilson would be able to hold off the hard charging Riedner to pick up the win.

After thanking all of his sponsors, Nilson said, “This is awesome.”

Cohen Henze was quickest in qualifying with a lap of 15.489 (58.106 mph) and won the heat race.

Buck Night is back in full force next Friday (July 16th) with all concessions for $1.00 each and beer for just $2.00 (Some restrictions apply). Racing action features the NASCAR Late Models, Dave’s White Rock MISfitz, Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits, and the High School Racing Association.

Official Results:

NASCAR Late Models
Feature: (1-10) Shaun Scheel, Buddy Kofoid, Bobby Wilberg, Pat Richgels, Brent Edmunds, Zack Riddle, Jeff Holmgren Jr., Kyle Smith, Breden Berge, Gary Krueger
(11-16) Paul Dygon, Will Rece, Jacob Goede, Bill Baumeister, Stephen Scheel, Rusty Hansen
Dash: (1-6) Shaun Scheel, Bobby Wilberg, Zack Riddle, Jacob Goede, Rusty Hansen, Stephen Scheel
Heat One: (1-8) Jeff Holmgren Jr., Pat Richgels, Kyle Smith, Buddy Kofoid, Breden Berge, Bill Baumeister, Gary Krueger, Paul Dygon
Heat Two: (1-8) Stephen Scheel, Shaun Scheel, Bobby Wilberg, Jacob Goede, Zack Riddle, Will Rece, Brent Edmunds, Rusty Hansen
Qualifying: (1-10) Zack Riddle, Bobby Wilberg, Jacob Goede, Shaun Scheel, Rusty Hansen, Stephen Scheel, Brent Edmunds, Will Rece, Buddy Kofoid Pat Richgels
(11-16) Jeff Holmgren Jr., Braden Berge, Kyle Smith, Bill Baumeister, Paul Dygon, Gary Krueger-DNS

Dave’s White Rock MISfitz
Feature: (1-6) Colton Morgan, Rick Coppernoll, Ray Hellenbrand, Mike Taylor, Eric Adrian, Mike Winters
Dash: (1-6) Colton Morgan, Ray Hellenbrand, Mike Winters, Mike Taylor, Rick Coppernoll, Eric Adrian
Heat One: (1-6) Colton Morgan, Ray Hellenbrand, Mike Taylor, Eric Adrian, Mike Winters, Rick Coppernoll
Qualifying: (1-6) Mike Taylor, Colton Morgan, Ray Hellenbrand, Rick Coppernoll, Mike Winters, Eric Adrian

Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits
Feature: (1-6) Dave Schmidt, Steve Dickson, Ronnie Osborne, Jeremy Bredeson, Nick Schmidt, Kevin Beyer
Heat One: (1-5) Dave Schmidt, Steve Dickson, Ronnie Osborne, Jeremy Bredeson, Kevin Beyer
Dash: (1-5) Jeremy Bredeson, Ronnie Osborne, Steve Dickson, Kevin Beyer, Dave Schmidt
Qualifying: (1-6) Ronnie Osborne, Steve Dickson, Jeremy Bredeson, Dave Schmidt, Kevin Beyer, Nick Schmidt

Feature: (1-6) Carter Nilson, Easton Riedner, Collin Murphy, Brennan Lensing, Avery Linnerud, Cohen Henze
Heat One: (1-6) Cohen Henze, Easton Riedner, Carter Nilson, Collin Murphy, Brennan Lensing, Avery Linnerud
Qualifying: (1-6) Cohen Henze, Easton Riedner, Avery Linnerud, Collin Murphy, Carter Nilson, Brennan Lensing