Seven Different Drivers Win Features at Madison

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Bobby Wilberg and Zack Riddle each took home a checkered flag in the NASCAR Late Models while Ray and Mason Hellenbrand won in the Dave’s White Rock MISfitz. Nick Schmidt earned clean sweep in the Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits plus Mitchell Berg and Blaise Watters each picked up a win in the HSRA all as part of Take Dad to the Races Night at Madison.

Bobby Wilberg and Zack Riddle Win Late Model Features

Bobby Wilberg held off Shaun Scheel and Michael Haggar to win the first 30 lap feature presented by Wehr’s Machine for the NASCAR Late Models. It was his 20th career Late Model win at Madison. In the second feature Zack Riddle took home win #3 for the 2022 season.

Seth Reamer and Brent Edmunds brought the field to the green flag. Reamer grabbed the early lead with Stephen Scheel up to second and Shaun Scheel and Edmunds side by side for third. On lap 4 Stephen Scheel moved to the inside of Reamer and took the lead on lap 5 only to have Reamer regain the lead. Behind the top two were Shaun Scheel and Bobby Wilberg who were also racing side by side.

Reamer was doing an outstanding job running the outside while Stephen Scheel maintained the low line. On lap 14 Shaun Scheel was up to challenge for second with Reamer still the leader before an incident involving contact with a lapped car brought out the caution flag.

Reamer was able to keep his position when Stephen Scheel tapped out. Reamer lined up alongside Shaun Scheel for the restart. Shaun Scheel took the lead from Reamer and opened up a two car length lead over Wilberg who moved up to second. On lap 10 Micheal Haggar moved into third while Wilberg was dialing in Shaun Scheel for the lead. With eight laps to go Scheel’s lead was down to two car lengths. With five laps to go the gap was still two car lengths between first and second.

Lapped traffic with three laps to go bunched up the top three with Wilberg pulling to the inside of Scheel. Scheel had a slight lead with one to go. But Wilberg fought back to take the lead on the final lap and held off Scheel and Haggar for the win.

“If you get a chance to get the spot you’ve got to do it…that’s racing. Hope we put on a good show for the fans,” said Wilberg.

Zack Riddle Wins for Third Time in 2022

Zack Riddle won the second 30 lap feature presented by Race Promotion Monthly for the NASCAR Late Models.

Kevin Knuese and Stephen Scheel comprised the front row for the second main event. Scheel had a half car length lead after the first trip around the track just before the caution flag waved when Knuese spun.

Stephen Scheel led the field back to green followed by Brent Edmunds and Zack Riddle but the caution waved again when two cars made contact. Stephen Scheel was able to maintain his lead but was under heavy pressure from both Edmunds and Riddle. On lap 5 Riddle moved past Edmunds for second. On lap 10 Rusty Hansen moved up to third followed by Michael Haggar. On lap 11 Riddle moved to the inside of Stephen Scheel and took the lead. Riddle’s advantage grew to five car lengths at the half-way point with Hansen closing on Stephen Scheel.

Time was running out for the rest of the field to catch Riddle who had a ten car length lead over the field with ten laps to go. The battle for second was really heating up between Stephen Scheel and Hansen which also allowed Riddle to increase his lead. With two laps to go Hansen found the room to get to the inside of Stephen Scheel to take the second spot. But out front it was all Riddle who picked up the checkered flag followed by Hansen, Stephen Scheel, Micahel Haggar, and Brent Edmunds. Following post-race inspection the official top five was Riddle, Stephen Scheel, Haggar, Wilberg, and Shaun Scheel.

“It’s a lot of hard work from all the guys. It was a good day, we got the car figured out by the end,” said Riddle.

Riddle was quickest in qualifying with a lap of 18.872 (95.379 mph). Wilberg won the 6 lap RA Heating and Air Conditioning Dash.


1. 14ZR-Zack Riddle, 18.8720; 2. 19MH-Michael Haggar, 18.9670; 3. 28BW-Bobby Wilberg, 19.0210; 4. 8SS-Shaun Scheel, 19.0280; 5. 7RH-Russ Hansen, 19.0650; 6. 4SS-Stephen Scheel, 19.1180; 7. 87BE-Brent Edmunds, 19.1980; 8. 37SR-Seth Reamer, 19.2500; 9. 33KK-Kevin Knuese, 19.2510; 10. 15PR-Pat Richgels, 19.3100; 11. 32PD-Paul Dygon, 20.4400

Late Models – Dash 6 Laps
1. 28BW-Bobby Wilberg , Beloit, WI[2], 2. 14ZR-Zack Riddle , Oregon, WI[4], 3. 8SS-Shaun Scheel , Lake Mills, WI[1], 4. 7RH-Russ Hansen , Sun Prairie, WI[5], 5. 19MH-Michael Haggar , Hanover, MN[3], 6. 4SS-Stephen Scheel , Lake Mills, WI[6]

Late Models – Feature 1 30 Laps
1. 28BW-Bobby Wilberg , Beloit, WI[6], 2. 19MH-Michael Haggar , Hanover, MN[7], 3. 8SS-Shaun Scheel , Lake Mills, WI[5], 4. 7RH-Russ Hansen , Sun Prairie, WI[4], 5. 14ZR-Zack Riddle , Oregon, WI[8], 6. 87BE-Brent Edmunds , Monticello, WI[2], 7. 37SR-Seth Reamer , Marshall, WI[1], 8. 4SS-Stephen Scheel , Lake Mills, WI[3], 9. 33KK-Kevin Knuese , Waunakee, WI[9], 10. 32PD-Paul Dygon , Wind City, WI[11], 11. 15PR-Pat Richgels , Lake Mills, WI[10]

Late Models – Feature 2 30 Laps
1. 14ZR-Zack Riddle , Oregon, WI[5], 2. 4SS-Stephen Scheel , Lake Mills, WI[2], 3. 19MH-Michael Haggar , Hanover, MN[8], 4. 28BW-Bobby Wilberg , Beloit, WI[9], 5. 8SS-Shaun Scheel , Lake Mills, WI[7], 6. 33KK-Kevin Knuese , Waunakee, WI[1], 7. 15PR-Pat Richgels , Lake Mills, WI[11], 8. 37SR-Seth Reamer , Marshall, WI[3], 9. 32PD-Paul Dygon , Wind City, WI[10], 10. 7RH-Russ Hansen , Sun Prairie, WI[6], 11. 87BE-Brent Edmunds , Monticello, WI[4]