Scott Ciesielski Best of the Midwest Dash Series

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Scott Ciesielski of Amherst, Wisconsin, won the 25 lap feature for the Midwest Dash Series.

Tim Finstad and John Handeland brought the field of very competitive Midwest Dash Series cars to the green flag. Finstad, the forty year racing veteran, grabbed the early lead with Justin Pearson taking the lead on lap 3. George Sparkman moved past Handeland to take third on lap 3 and moved into second place one lap later.

The car on the move was Kyle Stark who raced his way to third after four laps with Phil Malouf to fourth. Unfortunately, Stark’s night would end early as he pulled off the track with mechanical issues on lap 6. A spin brought out the first caution flag on lap 7.

During the caution it became bad luck for the second place car of Malouf who stalled on the backstretch and had to be towed to the pits. Then George Sparkman pulled his car off the track when his car lost power.

The restart found Scott Ciesielski and Pearson in the front row. Ciesielski took the lead followed by Pearson, Finstad, Dan Braun, and Handeland. Ciesielski quickly built up a solid lead over Pearson and at the half-way mark his lead was fifteen car lengths. With 8 laps to go, Karter Stark, who started 20th, broke into the top five only to have his car expire two laps later.

The cars chasing Scott Ciesielski could only hope for a caution flag, but Ciesielski would not be denied as he cruised to victory lane ahead of Pearson. Finstad and Braun made heavy contact on the final lap racing hard for third which allowed Handeland to sneak by and take the third position. Mark Dewey and Chris Jackson completed the top five.

Scott Ciesielski commented from victory lane. “I started getting a little worryied and was wondering if something was going to happen to my car when I saw the others ahead of me dropping out.”

Kyle Stark was fast qualifier with a lap of 21.246 (84.722 mph). Heat races were won by Shawn Bowar, Dan Braun, and George Sparkman.

Feature (1-10) Scott Ciesielski, Justin Pearson, John Handeland, Mark Dewey, Chris Jackson, Merek Pankow, Shawn Bowar, Josh Tanguay, Tim Finstad, Dan Braun
(11-20) Tyler Edmundson, Bob Peters, Derek Bettenhausen, Mark English, Karter Stark, George Sparkman, Phil Malouf, Kyle Melton, Kyle Stark, Anna Malouf, Todd Snow-DNS

Qualifying (1-10) Kyle Stark, Mark English, George Sparkman, Scott Ciesielski, Phil Malouf, Kyle Melton, Dan Braun, Justin Pearson, Mark Dewey, John Handeland
(11-20) Tim Finstad, Chris Jackson, Merek Pankow, Tyler Edmundson, Josh Tanguay, Bob Peters, Derek Bettenhausen, Shawn Bowar, Anna Malouf, Todd Snow, Karter Stark- NT
Heat One: Shane Bowar, Josh Tanguay, Tyler Edmundson, Bob Peters, Derek Bettenhausen, Anna Malouf
Heat Two: Dan Braun, Justin Pearson, Chris Jackson, John Handeland, Mark Dewey, Merek Pankow
Heat Three: George Sparkman, Phil Malouf, Scott Ciesielski, Kyle Stark, Karter Stark, Kyle Melton, Mark English