Rules Released for 2013 Triple Crown Challenge at MIS

Rules Released for 2013 Triple Crown Challenge at MIS

Track officials have released the rules and conditions for the 2013 Super Late Model Triple Crown Challenge Series at Madison International Speedway.

The Triple Crown Challenge Series includes four races in 2013 all taking place on Sunday afternoons.  The first race will take place on Sunday, June 16th followed by events on July 14th, July 28th, and September 8th.

“We have put together a program that should not only bring the best super late model teams from the region to MIS, but from points beyond as well,” said Jason Tyler.  “We already have ten teams who have signed up to run in 2013.”

Each race will be 100 laps with a competition yellow at some point between laps 50 and 75 where teams will be able to work on their cars for ten minutes on the front stretch, but will not be able to change tires.  The race will restart (double file) in the same order it was at the time of the competition yellow.

Tyler is also encouraging teams to sign up before March 1st.  “We have a great deal for those who sign up before March 1st.  Teams will receive one pit pass per event, membership, eligibility for the point fund and their $50 entry fee for each of the four races all for $250…a savings of more than $100.”  Membership and event fees will increase after March 1st.

The series will also feature a new point system in 2013.  First place will be worth 50 points which each subsequent finishing position one point less (50,49,48, etc).  Drivers will receive one bonus point for leading a lap and one bonus point for winning the race.  Qualifying points will be awarded to the top four (5,4,3,2) with all other qualifiers getting one point.  “The new point system will guarantee a tight chase all the way to the final lap on September 8th,” added Tyler.

The INEX Legends and Midwest Super Trucks will be the support divisions for each of the four Triple Crown events.

“I want all Super Late Model teams to check out our rules.  I’d also encourage all Big 8 Late Model teams to look closely at opportunities they may have to race in the Triple Crown in 2013,” concluded Tyler.

To access the rules / conditions go to /superlatemodelrules

More information on the 2013 season will be coming out shortly.