Ricky Rude Rules the Big Rigs

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He was a man on a mission.

Two years ago Ricky Rude and the Bandit Big Rig Series made their first ever visit to Madison International Speedway. But unfortunately Rude’s night ended early when his truck slammed into the wall sending cement and truck parts flying and ending his night early. So when he made the long haul from Weaverville, North Carolina this year, things were going to be different for the two-time series champion.

A large crowd of fans from throughout the region found their way to Madison on a Friday night and were treated to an awesome night of racing entertainment.

You they could see in practice and in the preliminary events that the #14 of Rude was definitely hooked up and was the truck to beat as he flew around Wisconsin’s Fastest Half-Mile easily winning both preliminary races.

So it was no fluke when Rude went on to lead wire to wire to pick up the win in the Bandit Big Rigs 30 lap main event. To add to the excitement, he also took home a check for $10,000 compliments of the Bandit Big Rig Series who presented the event at Madison.

“Last week I started in the back and this week I’m out front,” said Rude.

Austin Hoppe and Rude lined up in the front row for the fifteen truck main event. Rude quickly jumped out to the lead and set the pace for his fellow competitors. Allen Boles and Craig Kruckeberg moved up to second and third trying their best to keep up with Rude.

Rude quickly caught the tail of the field and adeptly weaved his way in and around lapped traffic with Boles and Kruckeberg in tow. But out front Rude was putting seven or more seconds between himself and the second place truck of Boles as he easily cruised to victory lane. Boles, Kruckeberg, Mark Noble, and Marshall Davis completed the top five in the caution free event.

“Last time I was here we went through the wall and I broke my shoulder. We got redemption on two different levels tonight,” said Rude. “I gained a few points on Allen (Boles) and I’m the first repeat winner of the season. We really appreciate all of the fans who came out here to support us on a Friday night.”

The 15 lap Challenge races were won by Allen Boles and Rude. Heat races were won by Mike Morgan, Kruckeberg, and Rude. Mark Noble won the Shootout.

It’s a double header of action next week at Madison with the One on One Street Drags on Thursday and Union 464 Kids’ Night on Friday. Gates open at 6:00 on Thursday with fifteen divisions offered for bracket style racing along with a Shine n Show Contest. Entry fee is $10.00 per division with a pit pass also $10.00. Grandstand admission is just $10.00. Union 464 presents Kids’ Night on Friday with all kids 11 and under admitted free plus over $3000 in bikes will be given away to lucky kids. Big Wheel, Power Wheel, and bike races for the kids will also take place during intermission. See the weekly stars in the NASCAR Late Models, Dave’s White Rock MISfitz, and Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits in action along with the Bandoleros. Grandstands open at 6:00 with the first race at 7:30.

Bandit Big Rig Series (Unofficial Results)

30 Lap Feature (1-15) Ricky Proffitt (Ricky Rude), Allen Boles, Craig Kruckeberg, Mark Noble, Marshall Davis, Mike Morgan, Bob Mitchell, Darren Proffitt, Austin Hoppe, Scott Treadway, Randy Briggs, Luke Whitmire, Doug Hilson, Jon Lisenbee, Zack Riddle, Brian Cash-DNS

15 Lap Challenge Race #1: Boles, Lisenbee, Mitchell, Briggs, D. Proffitt, Whitmire, Riddle

15 Lap Challenge Race #2: Rude, Noble, Kruckeberg, Treadway, Davis, Morgan, Hoppe, Hilson

10 Lap Heat One: Morgan, Whitmire, D. Proffitt, Cash, Riddle

10 Lap Heat Two: Kruckeberg, Noble, Hilson, Lisenbee, Mitchell

10 Lap Heat Three: Rude, Davis, Treadway, Boles, Briggs