Rick Coppernoll and Dylan Klinger Win at Madison

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Late Model and Bandit Features Postponed

Rick Coppernoll (Dave’s White Rock MISfitz) and Dylan Klinger (Roto Rooter 6Shooters) picked up wins tonight as part of Union 464 Kids’ Night. Unfortunately, the features for the NASCAR Late Models and Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits were rained out.

The Late Models and Bandits will now be racing triple features on Friday, August 20th as part of the NASCAR Season Championship Night. The MISfiz and 6Shooters will be racing double features that night meaning there will be a total of ten features.

Rick Coppernoll Makes It Two in a Row in MISfitz

Rick Coppernoll won the 20 lap feature for the Dave’s White Rock MISfitz. It was his second in as many starts and third of the season at Madison.

Colton Morgan jumped out to the early lead followed closely by Rick Coppernoll and Ray Hellenbrand. On lap 8, Coppernoll pulled to the inside of Morgan to gain a slight advantage and cleared him two laps later. While Morgan and Hellenbrand were racing side by side for second, Coppernoll was able to increase his lead to three lengths. On lap 13 Hellenbrand passed Morgan for second and drew within a car length of the leader.

But that’s as close as he could get as Coppernoll hung on for the win. Hellenbrand finished second with Morgan in third.

Rick Coppernoll was fastest in qualifying with a lap of 20.080 (89.641 mph). Colton Morgan won the RA Heating and Air Conditioning Dash and the heat race.

Dylan Klinger Tops the 6Shooter Field

Dylan Klinger won his first-ever feature at Madison by topping the field in the Roto Rooter 6Shooters main event. Klinger also became the fifth different winner in five races for the division this season.

Matthew Thoma and Steve Buna brought the field to the green flag for the 18 lap feature event with Thoma, who was making his first appearance on the Ring of Fire, jumping out to the early advantage. Seth Niday moved up to second before losing the position to Dylan Klinger on lap 4 with Buna and Todd Carteron completing the top five. The first caution flag came out on lap 6 for debris on the track.

Thoma continued to lead but closing quickly was Klinger who cut his advantage to two lengths. The large field of cars meant being able to work in, around, and through traffic was going to decide the winner. Thoma did a good job of it, but Klinger was able to get around him to take the lead and race his way to victory lane. Rounding out the top five were Dan Bishop, Steve Buna, and Trevor Chilson.

Heat races were won by Ozzie Osborne, Paul Johnson Jr., and Dan Bishop.

In preliminary action for the NASCAR Late Models, Zack Riddle set fast time for the fourth time this season with a lap of 18.776 (95.918 mph). Bobby Wilberg edged Riddle by inches at the line to pick up the win in the RA Heating and Air Conditioning Dash. Heat races were won by Stephen Scheel and Wilberg. Feature line-ups from tonight will carry over to the rescheduled event on August 20th.

For the Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits, the fast qualifier was Nick Schmidt with a trip around the Ring of Fire in 14.816. Jeremy Bredeson won the RA Heating and Air Conditioning Dash while Nick Newton and Bredeson won the heat races. The Bandit feature line-up will also carry over to the rescheduled race.

Next Friday night (August 13th) is the first annual Cheese Curd Cup at Madison with all racing action taking place on the Ring of Fire. See the Midwest Dash, Hobby Stocks, Legends, Bandoleros, and High School Racing Association.

Official Results
NASCAR Late Models
Feature: Postponed until August 20th
Dash: (1-6) Bobby Wilberg, Zack Riddle, Will Rece, Jacob Goede, Shaun Scheel, Brent Edmunds
Heat One: (1-5) Stephen Scheel, Jeff Holmgren Jr., Pat Richgels, Rusty Hansen, Kyle Smith
Heat Two: (1-6) Bobby Wilberg, Zack Riddle, Jacob Goede, Will Rece, Shaun Scheel, Brent Edmunds
Qualifying: (1-11) Zack Riddle, Bobby Wilberg, Will Rece, Jacob Goede, Brent Edmunds, Shaun Scheel, Rusty Hansen, Jeff Holmgren Jr., Stephen Scheel, Pat Richgels, Kyle Smith

Dave’s White Rock MISfitz
Feature: (1-6) Rick Coppernoll, Ray Hellenbrand, Colton Morgan, Tim Wondrash, Eric Adrian, Tyler Hansen
Dash: (1-6) Colton Morgan, Rick Coppernoll, Ray Hellenbrand, Tyler Hansen, Tim Wondrash, Eric Adrian
Heat One: (1-6) Colton Morgan, Rick Coppernoll, Tyler Hansen, Tim Wondrash, Eric Adrian, Ray Hellenbrand
Qualifying: (1-6) Rick Coppernoll, Tyler Hansen, Colton Morgan, Tim Wondrash, Eric Adrian, Ray Hellenbrand

Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits
Feature: Postponed until August 20th
Dash: (1-6) Jeremy Bredeson, Kyle Riedner, Ronnie Osborne, Nick Schmidt, Dave Schmidt, Stephen Hillary
Heat One: (1-7) Nick Newton, Kyle Riedner, Gary Stark, Brandon Johnson, Brandon Riedner, Trent Rueth, Gavin Smothers
Heat Two: (1-6) Jeremy Bredeson, Dave Schmidt, Nick Schmidt, Ronnie Osborne, Stephen Hillary, Kevin Beyer
Qualifying: (1-10) Nick Schmidt, Dave Schmidt, Ronnie Osborne, Jeremy Bredeson, Kyle Riedner, Stephen Hillary, Brandon Johnson, Gary Stark, Nick Newton, Brandon Riedner
(11-13) Kevin Beyer, Trent Rueth, Gavin Smothers

Roto Rooter 6Shooters
Feature: (1-10) Dylan Klinger, Matthew Thoma, Dan Bishop, Steve Buna, Trevor Chilson, Todd Carteron, Ken Morris, Greg Whitt, Ozzie Osborne, Josh Morris
(11-21) Sam Schulz, Logan Miller, Randy Grancorvitz, Ken Dyer, Paul Johnson Jr., Brandon Liddle, Ricky Frone, Jason Morgan, Todd Klinger, Seth Niday, Zack Carteron
Heat One: (1-6) Ozzie Osborne, Trevor Chilson, Josh Morris, Greg Whitt, Jason Morgan, Logan Miller
Heat Two: (1-7) Paul Johnson Jr., Brandon Liddle, Dylan Klinger, Ken Dyer, Steven Buna, Sam Schulz, Zack Carteron, Ricky Frone
Heat Three: (1-7) Dan Bishop, Ken Morris, Todd Carteron, Seth Niday, Matthew Thoma, Randy Grancorvitz, Todd Klinger