Ray Hellenbrand Wins First Track Championship

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Ray Hellenbrand held off Rick Coppernoll in a tight points chase to win his first track championship in the Dave’s White Rock MISfitz.

“The last couple of years I’ve been the runner-up. This was my goal this year to win the championship. It’s been a lot of fun,” said Hellenbrand.

Coppernoll finished second in points followed by Colton Morgan, Eric Adrian, and Tim Wondrash.

Hellenbrand Wins Feature #1

Ray Hellenbrand won the first 15 lap feature for the Dave’s White Rock MISfitz.

The field was brought to the green flag by Ray Hellenbrand and Mike Taylor. Hellenbrand grabbed the early lead with Tyler Hansen moving past Taylor for second. On lap 4 Rick Coppernoll took the third spot from Taylor. With five laps to go Hansen closed the gap to two car lengths with Coppernoll, Colton Morgan, and Taylor rounding out the top five.

But Hellenbrand knew what he had to do in order to win the track championship and was able to maintain his lead and pick up the win with Hansen finishing in second and Coppernoll in third.

Colton Morgan Gets It Done

It was Eric Adrian and Robert Hansberry Jr. leading the field to the green in the second feature. Hansberry Jr. vaulted out to the front with Colton Morgan charging up the outside and taking the lead on the second lap. On lap 3 Tyler Hansen motored past Hansberry Jr. for second with Ray Hellenbrand up to third. On lap 5 Hellenbrand took the second position with Coppernoll up to third.

Out front Morgan was increasing his lead with five laps to go. With three laps to go the top three remained the same with both Hellenbrand and Coppernoll going under the twenty second mark once. Morgan hung on for the win with Hellenbrand edging Coppernoll for second.

“I was just trying not to break out,” said Morgan from victory lane.

Eric Adrian was the Dave’s White Rock Rookie of the Year. “It’s way different from sitting in the stands.”

Colton Morgan was quick qualifier with a lap 20.089 (89.601 mph). He also won the RA Heating and Air Conditioning Dash and the overall Dash championship.

Feature One: (1-9) Ray Hellenbrand, Tyler Hansen, Rick Coppernoll, Colton Morgan, Mike Taylor, Robert Hansberry Jr., Eric Adrian, Tim Wondrash, Dan Lerdahl

Feature Two: (1-9) Colton Morgan, Ray Hellenbrand, Rick Coppernoll, Tyler Hansen, Robert Hansberry Jr., Mike Taylor, Eric Adrian, Tim Wondrash, Dan Lerdahl

Dash: (1-6) Colton Morgan, Tyler Hansen, Mike Taylor, Ray Hellenbrand, Rick Coppernoll, Tim Wondrash

Qualifying: (1-9) Colton Morgan, Tyler Hansen, Rick Coppernoll, Robert Hansberry Jr., Mike Taylor, Ray Hellenbrand, Tim Wondrash, Eric Adrian, Dan Lerdahl,