Prietzel, Jung, Stark, and Trute Find Victory Lane at Madison

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Bill Prietzel (Mid American Stock Car Series), Dan Jung (Midwest Truck Series), Kyle Stark (Midwest Dash Series), and Dave Trute (Great Northern Sportsman Series) all earned checkered flags as part of the Mini of Madison Salute to the Working Man at Madison International Speedway.  Chris Koepke won the first-ever “Beer Mile” on the Ring of Fire.

Bill Prietzel Flies to Victory Lane at Madison

The “Franklin Flyer” Bill Prietzel took the lead on lap 10 and raced his way to victory lane in the 40 lap feature for the Quest Industrial Mid American Stock Car Series presented by Club LaMark.

The front row of Mark Brooner and Eric Lingford brought the thirteen car field to the green flag. Lingford grabbed the point with Kenny Joosten up to second followed by Ryan Gutknecht, Bill Prietzel, and George Schultz.

The field mixed up a little when Prietzel and Schultz moved up to second and third on lap 5 followed by Rick Corso.  Joosten would eventually take the lead from Lingford, but it would be short-lived as Prietzel muscled his way to the lead on lap 10 followed by Schultz and Corso.

The top three wasted no time checking away from the field with Prietzel continuing to show the way as the leader.  With fifteen laps to go Prietzel’s advantage over Schultz and Corso was just a little over a second and shrinking.

Just as it appeared his lead was shrinking, Prietzel was able to maintain his margin over Schultz.  But Schultz continued to work his way back to close the lead to a couple of car lengths with eight laps to go just before the caution flag came out for a spin in turn two.  It was good news for Schultz, but not what Prietzel wanted to see.

A great restart by the veteran allowed him to maintain his lead over Schultz who had his hands full with Corso to keep the second position.  Their battle allowed Prietzel to keep his two car length lead and with five laps to go increase it to more than five.

Corso took the battle for second, but nobody would have enough for Prietzel who picked up the checkered flag.  Corso finished second followed by Schultz, Ryan Gutknechet, and Dan Gilster.

Fast qualifier was Dan Gilster with a lap of 19.579 (91.935 mph).  Heat winners were Rick Tackman Jr.and George Schultz.

Dan Jung Goes Wire to Wire for First Truck Series Win

Dan Jung held off Dave Edwards to win the 30 lap feature for the Midwest Truck Series and as a result picked up his first-ever checkered flag in the series.

The thirteen truck field was paced to the green flag by Nick Egan and Jung.  Jung took the early lead followed by Egan, Edwards, Chester Ace, and Kevin Knuese.  On lap 7 Edwards moved past Egan for second and started to close the gap on Jung.  Edwards pulled alongside the leader on lap 11 as the two raced side by side with Jung holding a slight advantage on the outside.  Behind the leaders Wood and Egan were racing side by side for the third position.

The side by side battle continued for lap after lap as Edwards worked the inside while Jung held his ground on the outside.  Quickly up in the field was Chester Ace who was up to fourth with ten laps to go.

Jung was able to build an advantage on Edwards and opened up a two length lead with eight laps to go.  But Edwards was not about to let him out of his sights as he was on the leader’s tailgate with five laps to go.  With four to go Edwards gave it a shot coming out of turn four, made contact with Jung, but was unable to wrestle away the top spot.

Jung was able to keep his momentum and roll his way to victory lane followed by Edwards, Wood, Tommy Pecaro, and Ace.

Tommy Pecaro was fast qualifier with a lap of 18.513 (97.229 mph).  Winners of the heat races were Dan Jung and Kevin Knuese.

Kyle Stark Keeps on Winning at Madison

Kyle Stark made it two for two in the Midwest Dash Series as he won the 20 lap feature.

Jason Uttech took the early lead but didn’t hold it for long as Brandon DeLacy cruised by to take the lead before the first lap was completed.

On lap 3 Tim Finstad was second followed by Kyle Stark, John Handeland, and Zach Rodriguez as the field quickly spread out around the big half-mile track.  Stark worked his way to second after five laps with Finstad holding down the third position, Rodriguez in fourth, and George Sparkman in fifth.

Out front Stark was closing the gap on the leader just as the caution flag waved for a spin in turn three.

DeLacy and Stark brought the field back to green with Stark taking the lead, Finstad up to second with Rodriguez, Sparkman, and DeLacy rounding out the top five.

Rodriguez moved into second on lap 10 with Sparkman right behind but with a long ways to go to catch the speedy Stark.  The caution flag came out on lap 11 when John Handeland was forced up the track and made heavy contact with the wall.

Both Rodriguez and Sparkman chose to line up behind Stark on the restart with DeLacy choosing the outside of Stark.  Stark kept the lead before the caution flag came out when several cars made contact in turn four before a lap could be completed under green.

Once again it was Stark keeping the point with Rodriguez getting ahead of Sparkman with Dae Auringer and DeLacy completing the top five.  The best battle on the speedway would be for second as Stark built up a huge lead over Rodriguez and Sparkman.

But once again the “King of the Four Cylinders” would earn the win followed by Rodriguez, Sparkman, Auringer, and DeLacy.

Kyle Stark set the pace in qualifying with a lap of 21.405 (84.093 mph). James Bell won the heat race with Dash wins going to Kyle Stark and George Sparkman.

Dave Trute Victorious Again at Madison

Dave Trute won the 25 lap feature for f in the Great Northern Sportsman Series. As a result

Mike Taylor and Mark DePorter led the field to the green flag with Taylor claiming the early lead.  Paul Neisius moved up to second while Dave Trute and Jason Thoma raced side by side for third.  On lap 5 Neisius took the race lead coming out of turn four when he worked to the inside of Taylor.  Right behind him were the cars of Trute and Thoma who raced their way past Taylor.

On lap 7 Dave Trute powered his way to the outside of Neisius coming out of turn three to take the point.

By lap 10 Trute had built up a multi-car length advantage with Neisius and Michael Gilomen running second and third.  With nine laps to go Scott Luck moved his way into the third position while Gilomen was cutting into Trute’s lead.  On lap 20 Luck worked to the inside of Gilomen coming out of the second turn to move into second.

The caution came out on lap 22 when Gilomen experienced mechanical problems setting up a single fire restart.  A great restart for Trute allowed him to build up a six car length lead and cruise his way to victory lane.  Luck won the race for second by holding off Neisius and Thoma.

Dave Trute set fast time in qualifying with a lap of 20.038 (89.829 mph).  Michael Gilomen won the 8 lap heat race.

Racing continues on August 5th with the Badgerland Challenge for the Late Models plus action in the Dave’s White Rock Sportsman, Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits, and 6Shooters.  Plus see Doug Rose and the world famous Green Mamba Jet melt a vehicle right on the track.  Pit gates open at 3:30, practice at 5:00, qualifying at 6:15 with racing at 7:30.

In the first annual “Beer Mile” it was Chris Koepke picking up the win in 6:46 after consuming four beers while running four laps around the “Ring of Fire.”  Koepke will receive free beer for a year. Mason Haas won the keg for the competitors over 250 pounds.

Official Results

Mid American Stock Car Series

40 Lap Feature (1-10)  Prietzel, Corso, Schultz, R. Gutknecht, Gilster, Potter, Joosten, Lingford, B. Gutknecht, Beebe

(11-13) Brooner, Grueneberg, Mierendorf

8 Lap Heat One: (1-7)  Tackman Jr., Lingford, Grueneberg, B. Gutknecht, Gilster, Mierendorf, Potter

8 Lap Heat Two: (1-6) Schultz, Corso, Joosten, R.Gutknecht, Prietzel, Brooner

Qualifying:  (1-10)  Dan Gilster- West Salem, WI, Rick Corso- McHenry, IL, Michael Grueneberg- Madison, WI, Bill Prietzel- Richfield, WI, Landry Potter- Genoa City, WI, George Schultz- Bristol, WI, Bobby Gutknecht- Oak Creek, WI, Ryan Gutknecht- Oak Creek, WI, Eric Lingford- Wind Lake, WI, Kenny Joosten- Wind Lake, WI

(11-13)  Rick Tackman Jr.- Waukesha, WI, Mark Brooner- Tomah, WI, Butch Mierendorf- Lake Mills, WI

Midwest Trucks

30 Lap Feature: (1-10)  Jung, Edwards, Wood, Pecaro, Ace, Egan, Corvo III, Knuese, Calhoun, Christiansen

(11-13) Rhoades, Behn, Scholze

8 Lap Heat One: (1-7)  Jung, Calhoun, Behn, Egan, Christiansen, Rhoades, Scholze

8 Lap Heat Two:  (1-6) Knuese, Corvo III, Edwards, Wood, Ace, Pecaro

Qualifying:  (1-10)  Tommy Pecaro- Markesan, WI, Jerry Wood- Sun Prairie, WI, Mike Corvo III- Park Ridge, IL, Dave Edwards- Salem, WI, Kevin Knuese- Waukesha, WI, Chester Ace- Oregon, WI, Dan Jung- Richfield, WI, Nick Egan- Mukwonago, WI, Danielle Behn- Waupaca, WI, Kyle Rhoades- Pulaski, WI

(11-13)  Ross Christiansen- Weston, WI, Ken Calhoun- Johnsburg, IL, Cole Scholze- Sparta, WI

Midwest Dash Series

20 Lap Feature (1-10)  Stark, Rodriguez, Sparkman, Auringer, DeLacy, Finstad, Uttech, Schlafke, K. Bell, Angrick

(11-19)  Phillips, Randall, Snow, Lembke, Shelley, Handeland, Reamer, J. Bell, Gottschalk

8  Lap Heat Race:  (1-7)  J.Bell, Schlafke, Phillips, Snow, Randall, Lembke, K.Bell

6 Lap Odd Dash: (1-6)  Stark, Rodriguez, Auringer, Shelley, Gottschalk, DeLacy

6 Lap Even Dash: (1-6)  Sparkman, Finstad, Reamer, Handeland, Angrick, Uttech

Qualifying: (1-10)  Kyle Stark- Marshall, WI, George Sparkman- Loves Park, IL, Zach Rodriguez- Rockton, IL, Seth Reamer- Fort Atkinson, WI, Dave Auringer- Prior Lake, MN, Tim Finstad- Poynette, WI, Peter Shelley- Edgerton, WI, John Handeland- Belleville, WI, Brandon DeLacy- Stoughton, WI, Chris Angrick- Fort Atkinson, WI

(11-19)  Chris Gottschalk- Jefferson, WI, Jason Uttech- Beaver Dam, WI, James Bell- Fort Atkinson, WI, Keith Bell- Brodhead, WI, Scott Schlafke- Cleveland, WI, Lyle Phillips- Edgerton, WI, Todd Snow- Rockford, IL, Aaron Randall- Janesville, WI, Dave Lembke- Milwaukee, WI

Great Northern Sportsman Series

25 Lap Feature:  (1-7) Trute, Luck, Neisius, Thoma, DePorter, Taylor, Gilomen

8 Lap Heat Race:  (1-7)  Gilomen, Taylor, Trute, Luck, Thoma, Neisius, DePorter

Qualifying: (1-7)  Dave Trute- New Lisbon, WI, Scott Luck- North Freedom, WI, Jason Thoma- Fort Atkinson, WI, Michael Gilomen- Northfield, MN, Paul Neisius- Hastings, MN, Mark DePorter- Fort Atkinson, Mike Taylor- Stoughton, WI

Racing continues on August 5th with the Badgerland Challenge for the Late Models plus action in the Dave’s White Rock Sportsman, Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits, and 6Shooters.  Plus see Doug Rose and the world famous Green Mamba Jet melt a vehicle right on the track.  Pit gates open at 3:30, practice at 5:00, qualifying at 6:15 with racing at 7:30.