Nick Panitzke Holds Off Jacob Goede for Late Model Win at Madison

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Edwards, Phillips, and Kosowski Also Pick Up Victories

Nick Panitzke held off Jacob Goede and Zack Riddle to win the 30 lap feature for the NASCAR Late Models at Madison International Speedway on Friday night. Dave Edwards (Dave’s White Rock MISfitz), Lyle Phillips (Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits) and Connor Kosowski (Central States Region Super Cups) also were victorious.

Nick Panitzke Holds Off Stellar Late Model Field

Nick Panitzke of Lonsdale, Minnesota, held off Jacob Goede of Carver, Minnesota, to win the 30 lap action packed NASCAR Late Model feature. The two drivers came into tonight’s race in the top five of the NASCAR national point standings. For Panitzke, who started fifth, it was his second win of the season at Madison.

Goede and Dale Nottestad paced the field to the green flag. Goede jumped out to the early advantage while Bobby Wilberg slid inside Nottestad to take the second spot with Nick Panitzke taking the third spot from Nottetad on lap 2. An incident in turn two back in the pack brought out the caution flag on lap 3. All cars involved were able to continue.

Goede paced the field back to the green flag. Zack Riddle passed Nottestad for fourth while Will Rece did the same on lap 4. On lap 5 Panitzke pulled to the inside of Wilberg and took the second spot one lap later. On lap 7 Riddle moved to the inside of Wilberg and took the third spot.

Goede and Panitzke were pulling away from the field after ten laps with Riddle, Wilberg, and Rece completing the top five. At the half-way mark, Panitzke had cut Goede’s lead to less than a car length.

On lap 18 Panitzke moved to the inside of Goede coming out of turn four and the two raced side by side. Panitzke gained the advantage on lap 20 as the two made slight contact on the backstretch which allowed Panitzke to open up a two car length lead.

Panitzke and Goede, who now had a half straight away lead over the third place car of Riddle, were working their way through lapped traffic when on lap 24 the car of Jody Krueger spun in front of the leaders bringing out the caution flag and setting the stage for a double file restart.

Panitzke chose the inside with Goede on the outside followed by Riddle and Wilberg in row two and Rece and Jeremy Miller in row three. Unfortunately, several cars back in the pack stacked up on the restart so the drivers would have to try it again.

When the race went green, Panitzke took a slight advantage on the inside of Goede with Riddle a close third as the top three pulled away. With two laps to go Panitzke had increased his lead to three car lengths just prior to the caution flag coming out when two cars got together in turn four.

The stage was set for a two lap shootout with Panitzke and Goede bringing the field back to the green flag. Panitzke was able to regain the lead, but the caution flag and eventually the red flag came out before a lap could be completed when several cars behind the leaders were involved in an incident going into turn three. Cars involved were Shaun Scheel, Jesse Bernhagen, Shane Morrissey, Rusty Hansen, and Stephen Scheel. Morrissey and Hansen would be able to continue.

In order to allow track safety crews to clean up the track, the field parked on the backstretch while the Bandits feature was run on the Ring of Fire.

Once again, Panitzke chose the inside with Goede on the outside for what was hoped to be the final restart. Panitzke sprinted out to the lead and put a car length between himself and Goede and raced his way to the green flag. Riddle, Rece, and Miller rounded out the top five.

“My crew and my family work so hard on this car. I’m pretty emotional right now. Goede is a great competitor, and I couldn’t have asked for a better night. This is a tough field down here,” said Panitzke.

Zack Riddle was fastest in qualifying with a mark of 18.638 (96.577 mph). The Dash winner was Will Rece. Heat races were won by Jeremy Miller, Will Rece, and Zack Riddle.

Riddle trails point leader Wilberg by just 41 going into double feature night next week.

Dave Edwards Does It Again in MISfitz

Dave Edwards picked up the win in the 20 lap feature for the Dave’s White Rock MISfitz. It was his third win in his past four starts. Edwards has a 71 point lead over Ray Hellenbrand in the championship standings.

The field came to the green flag under the leadership of Tim Wondrash and Bryan Hellenbrand with Hellenbrand taking the early lead. On lap 5 Edwards powered by Wondrash for second followed by Chris Wangrow. On lap 8 Edwards was ready to challenge for the lead as he worked his way to the outside of Hellenbrand. One lap later Edwards would clear Hellenbrand to take the lead while Wangrow moved up to second.

At the half-way mark Edwards had increased his lead to three car lengths over Wangrow for second. A tight battle for second between Wangrow and Ray Hellenbrand allowed Edwards to continue to build his lead.

But Wangrow wasn’t done as he cut into Edwards lead and was in position to make the pass coming out of turn four on the final lap but came up just short. Ray Hellenbrand finished third followed by Mike Taylor and Bryan Hellenbrand.

“I felt like a sitting duck. We were able to hold him off to pick up the win. This is awesome,” said Edwards.

Quick time was Mike Taylor with a lap of 20.076 (89.659 mph). Steve Anderson won the Dash while Edwards took the win in the heat race.

Lyle Phillips Goes Wire to Wire to Pick Up Bandit Win

Lyle Phillips won the 25 lap feature for the Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits. Nick Schmidt has just a 16 point lead over Jeremy Bredeson and 37 points over Brandon Junget going into next Friday’s double features.

Phillips and Bredeson paced the field to the green flag. Phillips took the early lead with Bredeson and Ronnie Osborne in second and third. On lap 7 Bredeson was on the rear bumper of Phillips ready to challenge for the lead. After ten laps Phillips was still holding on to the lead with Bredeson still applying heavy pressure and lapped traffic ahead.

On lap 12 Bredeson powered to the outside of Phillips but was unable to make the pass. With ten laps to go the lead was still a car length for Phillips with Nick Schmidt on the move and up to third.

With five laps to go the cars of Phillips, Bredeson, and Schmidt were pulling away from the field. But as Schmidt and Bredeson were battling it out for second, Phillips was able to open up his lead to two car lengths.

But that’s as close as the rest of the field would get to Phillips who picked up his first win of the season. Bredeson, Schmidt, Osborne, and Steve Dickson completed the top five.

“I knew if I hugged the bottom I’d be okay. It’s been awhile since we’ve run a feature,” said Phillips.

Nick Schmidt set a new track record in qualifying with a lap of 14.664 (61.375 mph) and picked up the win in the Dash. Ronnie Osborne won the heat race.

Clean Sweep for Connor Kosowski

Connor Kosowski of Chicago, Illinois, won the 20 lap feature for the Central States Region Super Cups. It was his second win in as many races at Madison this season.

Kellen Arnold and Landon Hocking led the field to the green flag. Arnold jumped out to the early lead. On lap 2 Connor Kosowski moved up to second inside of Hocking as the top three broke away from the rest of the field. On lap 5 Kosowski moved to the inside to take the lead.

On lap 5 Kosowski and Hocking got together allowing Arnold to take the lead. But the black flag came out for Arnold who was leaking fuel which put Kosowski back in the lead. Kosowski quickly checked away from the field, but a spin on lap 11 brought out the caution flag taking away his sizeable lead.

Kosowski was able to maintain his lead following the restart and flew around the Ring of Fire the rest of the way to pick up the checkered flag. Landon Hocking and Ashlyn Heddins rounded out the top three.

“It feels great. To come out on top makes it feel pretty good,” said Kosowski.

Fast time was Connor Kosowski with a lap of 14.885 (60.464 mph). He also won the heat race.

It’s Whelen Engineering Season Championship Night on Friday, August 30thwith double features in the NASCAR Late Models, Dave’s White Rock MISfitz, Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits, and the Roto Rooter 6Shooters. See track champions crowned in the Late Models, MISfitz, and Bandits. Gates open at 6:00, qualifying at 6:15 with racing at 7:30.


NASCAR Late Models
A Feature 1 30 laps
1. 22P-Nick Panitzke, [5]; 2. 72G-Jacob Goede, [1]; 3. 14R-Zack Riddle, [7]; 4. 15WR-Will Rece, [6]; 5. 5M-Jeremy Miller, [15]; 6. 28W-Bobby Wilberg, [3]; 7. 38W-Jeff Watters, [18]; 8. 21M-Shane Morrissey, [16]; 9. 7H-Rusty Hansen, [8]; 10. 51N-Dale Nottestad, [2]; 11. 15R-Pat Richgels, [13]; 12. 99D-Hunter Drefahl, [19]; 13. 2JK-Jody Krueger, [21]; 14. 32D-Paul Dygon, [23]; 15. 28B-Jesse Bernhagen, [4]; 16. 4S-Stephen Scheel, [10]; 17. 8S-Shaun Scheel, [11]; 18. 40G-Tom Gille, [9]; 19. 19B-John Baumeister, [12]; 20. 17P-Landry Potter, [17]; 21. 87E-Brent Edmunds, [22]; 22. 14T-Kyle Taylor, [14]; 23. 39M-Colton Morgan, [20] Dash 1 6 laps
1. 15WR-Will Rece, [2]; 2. 14R-Zack Riddle, [1]; 3. 28W-Bobby Wilberg, [5]; 4. 22P-Nick Panitzke, [3]; 5. 51N-Dale Nottestad, [6]; 6. 28B-Jesse Bernhagen, [4] Heat 1 10 laps
1. 5M-Jeremy Miller, [7]; 2. 21M-Shane Morrissey, [8]; 3. 17P-Landry Potter, [3]; 4. 38W-Jeff Watters, [2]; 5. 99D-Hunter Drefahl, [4]; 6. 39M-Colton Morgan, [1]; 7. 2JK-Jody Krueger, [5]; 8. 87E-Brent Edmunds, [9]; 9. 32D-Paul Dygon, [6] Heat 2 10 laps
1. 15WR-Will Rece, [3]; 2. 4S-Stephen Scheel, [5]; 3. 19B-John Baumeister, [6]; 4. 7H-Rusty Hansen, [4]; 5. 14T-Kyle Taylor, [7]; 6. 28B-Jesse Bernhagen, [2]; 7. 51N-Dale Nottestad, [1] Heat 3 10 laps
1. 14R-Zack Riddle, [3]; 2. 28W-Bobby Wilberg, [1]; 3. 40G-Tom Gille, [5]; 4. 8S-Shaun Scheel, [6]; 5. 15R-Pat Richgels, [7]; 6. 22P-Nick Panitzke, [2]; 7. 72G-Jacob Goede, [4] Qualifying
1. 14R-Zack Riddle, [8]; 2. 15WR-Will Rece, [10]; 3. 22P-Nick Panitzke, [15]; 4. 28B-Jesse Bernhagen, [16]; 5. 28W-Bobby Wilberg, [17]; 6. 51N-Dale Nottestad, [22]; 7. 72G-Jacob Goede, [23]; 8. 7H-Rusty Hansen, [6]; 9. 40G-Tom Gille, [21]; 10. 4S-Stephen Scheel, [4]; 11. 8S-Shaun Scheel, [7]; 12. 19B-John Baumeister, [13]; 13. 15R-Pat Richgels, [11]; 14. 14T-Kyle Taylor, [9]; 15. 17P-Landry Potter, [12]; 16. 38W-Jeff Watters, [19]; 17. 39M-Colton Morgan, [20]; 18. 99D-Hunter Drefahl, [2]; 19. 2JK-Jody Krueger, [3]; 20. 32D-Paul Dygon, [18]; 21. 87E-Brent Edmunds, [1]; (DNS) 21M-Shane Morrissey, ; (DQ) 5M-Jeremy Miller, [5]

Dave’s White Rock MISfitz
A Feature 20 Laps
1. 5E-Dave Edwards, [5]; 2. 31W-Chris Wangrow, [6]; 3. 78H-Ray Hellenbrand, [3]; 4. 4T-Mike Taylor, [4]; 5. 33H-Bryan Hellenbrand, [2]; 6. 84W-Tim Wondrash, [1]; 7. 1A-Steve Anderson, [7] Dash 1 6 laps
1. 1A-Steve Anderson, [2]; 2. 4T-Mike Taylor, [1]; 3. 5E-Dave Edwards, [3]; 4. 78H-Ray Hellenbrand, [4]; 5. 33H-Bryan Hellenbrand, [5]; 6. 84W-Tim Wondrash, [6] Heat 1 8 laps
1. 5E-Dave Edwards, [1]; 2. 4T-Mike Taylor, [2]; 3. 31W-Chris Wangrow, [6]; 4. 78H-Ray Hellenbrand, [3]; 5. 33H-Bryan Hellenbrand, [4]; 6. 84W-Tim Wondrash, [5]; (DNS) 1A-Steve Anderson,
1. 4T-Mike Taylor, [4]; 2. 1A-Steve Anderson, [3]; 3. 5E-Dave Edwards, [5]; 4. 78H-Ray Hellenbrand, [1]; 5. 33H-Bryan Hellenbrand, [7]; 6. 84W-Tim Wondrash, [2]; 7. 31W-Chris Wangrow, [6]

Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits
A Feature 1 25 laps
1. 35P-Lyle Phillips, [1]; 2. 7B-Jeremy Bredeson, [2]; 3. 09S-Nick Schmidt, [5]; 4. 19O-Ronnie Osborne, [3]; 5. 10D-Steve Dickson, [6]; 6. 11J-Brandon Junget, [4]; 7. 1K-Matthew Karr, [8]; 8. 41P-Brian Paulson, [7] Dash 1 6 laps
1. 09S-Nick Schmidt, [1]; 2. 19O-Ronnie Osborne, [3]; 3. 10D-Steve Dickson, [5]; 4. 7B-Jeremy Bredeson, [4]; 5. 11J-Brandon Junget, [2]; 6. 35P-Lyle Phillips, [6] Heat 1 8 laps
1. 19O-Ronnie Osborne, [1]; 2. 11J-Brandon Junget, [2]; 3. 09S-Nick Schmidt, [3]; 4. 10D-Steve Dickson, [5]; 5. 7B-Jeremy Bredeson, [4]; 6. 35P-Lyle Phillips, [6]; 7. 41P-Brian Paulson, [7]; 8. 1K-Matthew Karr, [8] Qualifying
1. 09S-Nick Schmidt, [2]; 2. 11J-Brandon Junget, [3]; 3. 19O-Ronnie Osborne, [6]; 4. 7B-Jeremy Bredeson, [1]; 5. 10D-Steve Dickson, [4]; 6. 35P-Lyle Phillips, [8]; 7. 41P-Brian Paulson, [7]; 8. 1K-Matthew Karr, [5]

Central States RegionSuper Cups
A Feature
1. 43K-Connor Kosowski, [4]; 2. 40H-Landon Hocking, [2]; 3. 14H-Ashlyn Heddins, [3]; 4. 41W-Brandyn Wind, [5]; 5. 3M-Kellen Arnold, [1]; (DNS) 75M-Michael Mucha, ; (DNS) 29M-Ron McNeilly,
Heat 1
1. 43K-Connor Kosowski, [1]; 2. 40H-Landon Hocking, [3]; 3. 3M-Kellen Arnold, [4]; 4. 75M-Michael Mucha, [2]; 5. 14H-Ashlyn Heddins, [6]; 6. 41W-Brandyn Wind, [5]; (DNS) 29M-Ron McNeilly,
1. 43K-Connor Kosowski, [7]; 2. 75M-Michael Mucha, [1]; 3. 40H-Landon Hocking, [5]; 4. 3M-Kellen Arnold, [2]; 5. 14H-Ashlyn Heddins, [3]; 6. 29M-Ron McNeilly, [4]; 7. 41W-Brandyn Wind, [6]