Nick Panitzke and Jeremy Miller Pick Up Wins Tonight at Madison

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Nick Panitzke and Jeremy Miller (Late Models), Jason Thoma (Sportsman), Dave Schmidt and Nick Schmidt (Bandits), Aaron Moyer (Legends), and Karter Stark (Bandoleros) all picked up feature wins tonight as part of Kids’ Night at Madison International Speedway.

Panitzke and Miller Take Home Checkered Flags

Nick Panitzke and Jeremy Miller won features tonight for the NASCAR Whelen All American Series Late Models.

In his first visit to Madison this season and his first Late Model start ever at Madison, Panitzke of Lonsdale, Minnesota, made his trip worthwhile picking up the checkered flag in the first 30 lap feature.

Jason Schuler and Brian Beale brought the twenty-one car field to the green flag with Schuler jumping out to the lead while Beale and Nick Panitzke were racing side by side for second. On lap 3 Panitzke cleared Beale for the second position. Jeremy Miller broke into the top five on lap 5 with Bobby Wilberg doing the same two laps later.

Out front Schuler was under heavy pressure from Panitzke who was able to take the lead coming out of turn two just before the caution flag waved for a spin back in the pack on lap 9.

Schuler and Panitzke brought the field back to green with Panitzke gaining the advantage from the outside. Panitzke opened up a six car length lead over Schuler by lap 11 with Miller, Wilberg, and Brady Liddle rounding out the top five.

With Panitzke running away from the field, the best battle on the track was shaping up behind him with Schuler, Miller, and Wilberg. However, a stalled car on the backstretch brought out the caution flag on lap 23 and negating Panitzke’s multi-car length lead.

Once again Schuler and Panitzke led the field back to green with Panitzke on the inside and Schuler on the outside. Panitzke was able to regain his lead with five laps to go with Schuler in second and Miller and Wilberg racing side by side for third with Wilberg winning that battle on lap 27. Will Rece moved his way past Miller as well to move into the fourth position.

Panitzke led the rest of the way to pick up the win followed by Schuler, Wilberg, Rece, and Miller.

“I love coming to these Wisconsin tracks. They have the best fans and it’s a lot of fun,” said Panitzke.

Jeremy Miller started ninth and picked up the win in the second 30 lap feature.

In the second feature, Pat Richgels and Tom Gille ushered the twenty car field to the green flag. Richgels jumped out to the early lead with Matt Lundberg working past Gille to take the second spot. John Baumeister Jr. moved into third on lap 3 and two laps later went to work Lundberg to take second. Jeremy Miller raced his way past Lundberg for third on lap 5 as well with Wilberg doing the same one lap later.

Nick Panitzke joined the top five on lap 7. Out front Richgels, Baumeister Jr., and Miller were breaking away from the pack. On lap 11 Baumeister Jr. found room to the inside of Richgels to take the lead. Miller and Wilberg moved into second and third ahead of Richgels on lap 12 with Panitzke moving into fourth on lap 13.

Miller took the lead coming out of turn four on lap 15 with Wilberg and Panitzke right behind as Baumeister Jr. settled for fourth and Zack Riddle in fifth.

The top three had no trouble working their way around lapped traffic as they had a sizeable lead over Baumeister Jr., Riddle, and Michael Bilderback who were battling it out for fourth.

Miller was able to keep Wilberg and Panitzke in his rear view mirror as he picked up the checkered flag. Wilberg, Panitzke, Baumeister Jr., and Riddle rounded out the top five.

“It’s a total team effort,” said Miller in a post race interview.

Bobby Wilberg was quick qualifier with a lap of 18.664 (96.442 mph). Brent Edmunds won the RA Heating and Air Conditioning Dash.

Clean Sweep for Jason Thoma

Jason Thoma dominated the Dave’s White Rock Sportsman tonight by setting fast time, winning the Dash, and taking home the checkered flag in both features.

Jason Thoma cruised to victory lane from his seventh starting position in the first 20 lap feature for the Dave’s White Rock Sportsman.

Ray Hellenbrand and Trevor Robinson paced the field to the green flag and raced side by side for the first two laps before Robinson gained the advantage. On lap 3 Jason Thoma worked his way around Hellenbrand for the second position and then moved past Robinson to take the lead two laps later.

Thoma quickly jumped out to a six car length advantage over Robinson Robert Hansberry Jr. moved into third on lap 11 with Mike Taylor up to fourth when he passed Hellenbrand. Thoma continued to run away from the field while his fellow competitors were hoping for a caution flag that never materialized. Robinson was able to hold off Hansberry Jr. for second while Taylor and Hellenbrand rounded out the top five.

“The car’s pretty fast tonight. We love coming here,” said Thoma.

Gary Hellenbrand took the early lead in the second 20 lap feature followed by Ray Hellenbrand, Hansberry Jr., and Thoma. On lap 3 Thoma moved past Hansberry Jr. into third place. On lap 4 Thoma passed both of the Hellenbrands to take the lead.

Within a couple of laps, Thoma’s lead was able to build a two second lead over Gary Hellenbrand. Terry Wangsness and Trevor Robinson cracked the top five with ten laps to go. On lap 13 Ray Hellenbrand moved into second ahead of Gary Hellenbrand who then had to fight off Robinson for third.

Thoma’s lead would evaporate on lap 16 when the caution flag flew for a spin on the front stretch. But the caution flag would not slow down Thoma who jumped back into the lead following the restart and led the rest of the way. Ray Hellenbrand finished second with Trevor Robinson, Gary Hellenbrand, and Terry Wangsness completing the top five.

“This car is really hooked up tonight,” said Thoma.

Thoma was fast qualifier with a lap of 20.042 (89.811 mph). He also picked up the win in the RA Heating and Air Conditioning Dash.

Schmidt Brothers Win Bandit Features

Dave and Nick Schmidt each won a 20 lap feature for the Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits.

Dave Schmidt won the first 20 lap feature for the Bandits after starting seventh in the field.

Steve Putman and Bill Kohn comprised the front row for the eleven car event. McKayla Adams wasted no time and moved into the lead before the first lap was completed. Dave Schmidt was up to second on lap 3 followed by Lyle Phillips, Jeremy Bredeson, and Steve Dickson.

Adams and Schmidt were pulling away from the field with Schmidt working to the inside of Adams on lap 11 and making the pass for the lead. Adams was not about to let Schmidt get away from her, but Schmidt was just too fast tonight and appeared to be on his way to victory lane until a caution flag with two laps to go changed things for the time being.

Schmidt won the race back to the green flag while Adams finished second followed by Dickson, Dan Snyder, and Lyle Phillips.

Steve Putman jumped out to the early lead in the second 20 lap feature with Nick Schmidt ready to take over the top spot on lap 4 just as the yellow flag came out for a stalled car. Schmidt was able to take the lead on the restart with Dan Snyder up to second. Steve Dickson moved past Putman on lap 5 for the third spot with Dave Schmidt moving up to fourth on the following lap.

Nick Schmidt and Snyder worked their way away from the field and were fighting it out for the lead. Schmidt was able to maintain the lead and run away and hide from Snyder. The best race on the speedway was for third where Dickson and Dave Schmidt were running side by side with Dickson winning the battle. Jeremy Bredeson finished in fifth.

Fastest qualifier was Nick Schmidt with a mark of 14.805 (60.79 mph). The RA Heating and Air Conditioning Dash was won by Steve Dickson.

Aaron Moyer Races to Legends Victory

Aaron Moyer won the 20 lap feature for the Legends which was his 23rd victory at Madison.

Ryan Weyer took the early lead with Riley Stenjem and Aaron Moyer up to challenge.

On lap 4 Moyer and Stenjem sprinted by Weyer with Moyer opening up a big lead over Stenjem.

By the half-way mark Moyer was working his way through lapped traffic with ease as only a caution flag could slow him down. But the race stayed green and Moyer cruised into victory lane.

“We’ve had a rough month so it feels great to be back in victory lane here at MIS,” said Moyer.

Quick time in qualifying was set by Aaron Moyer with a trip of 13.682 (64.93 mph) which narrowly missed breaking the track record. Riley Stenjem won the heat race.

Karter Stark King of the Bandoleros

Karter Stark took the lead on lap 7 and held off Cole Guralski to win the 12 lap feature for the Bandoleros.

Robbie Rucks and Michael Guderski brought the field of thirteen Bandoleros to the green flag. Guderski led the first three laps before Guralski worked his way to the outside to take the lead on lap 4. Stark moved into second and started to hunt down the leader. On lap 7 Stark powered his way to the inside of Guralski to take the lead and began to work his way in and around lapped traffic.

Stark was able to keep Guralski at bay to pick up the win. Guderski finished third followed by Emma Huntsiger and Kaleb Winter.

Heat race wins went to Anna Price and Cole Guralski. Michael Guderski won the the half-mile bike race for the Bandoleros.

Next week at Madison it’s the Howie Lettow Classic and Championship Round of the Super Late Model Triple Crown Challenge. The Midwest Trucks will be here for their fourth visit along with the Central States Super Cups. Pit gates open at 3:30 with practice at 5:00 followed by qualifying at 6:15 and racing at 7:30.


NASCAR Whelen All American Series Late Models

A Feature 1 30 laps

1. 22P-Nick Panitzke, [3]; 2. 37S-Jason Schuler, [1]; 3. 28W-Bobby Wilberg, [11]; 4. 15WR-Will Rece, [10]; 5. 5M-Jeremy Miller, [9]; 6. 18L-Brady Liddle, [5]; 7. 2MB-Michael Bilderback, [6]; 8. 14R-Zack Riddle, [12]; 9. 18B-Brian Beale, [2]; 10. 19B-John Baumeister, [7]; 11. 78L-Matt Lundberg, [17]; 12. 40G-Tom Gille, [15]; 13. 15R-Pat Richgels, [13]; 14. 12B-Billy Baumeister, [4]; 15. 1A-Steve Anderson, [18]; 16. 37R-Seth Reamer, [19]; 17. 16G-Russ Grossen, [21]; 18. 87E-Brent Edmunds, [8]; 19. 7H-Rusty Hansen, [14]; 20. 50G-Jake Gille, [16]; 21. 2K-Gary Krueger, [20]; (DNS) 3G-Shawn Gunsolus,

A Feature 2 30 laps

1. 5M-Jeremy Miller, [9]; 2. 28W-Bobby Wilberg, [11]; 3. 22P-Nick Panitzke, [13]; 4. 19B-John Baumeister, [4]; 5. 14R-Zack Riddle, [6]; 6. 2MB-Michael Bilderback, [7]; 7. 18B-Brian Beale, [5]; 8. 37S-Jason Schuler, [12]; 9. 15R-Pat Richgels, [1]; 10. 15WR-Will Rece, [10]; 11. 40G-Tom Gille, [2]; 12. 78L-Matt Lundberg, [3]; 13. 87E-Brent Edmunds, [18]; 14. 18L-Brady Liddle, [8]; 15. 12B-Billy Baumeister, [14]; 16. 50G-Jake Gille, [20]; 17. 37R-Seth Reamer, [16]; 18. 2K-Gary Krueger, [21]; 19. 1A-Steve Anderson, [15]; 20. 16G-Russ Grossen, [17]; (DNS) 7H-Rusty Hansen,

Dash 1 6 laps

1. 87E-Brent Edmunds, [5]; 2. 14R-Zack Riddle, [4]; 3. 5M-Jeremy Miller, [3]; 4. 19B-John Baumeister, [6]; 5. 28W-Bobby Wilberg, [1]; 6. 15WR-Will Rece, [2]

Qualifying 1

1. 28W-Bobby Wilberg, [22]; 2. 15WR-Will Rece, [16]; 3. 5M-Jeremy Miller, [11]; 4. 14R-Zack Riddle, [14]; 5. 87E-Brent Edmunds, [7]; 6. 19B-John Baumeister, [20]; 7. 2MB-Michael Bilderback, [10]; 8. 18L-Brady Liddle, [19]; 9. 12B-Billy Baumeister, [13]; 10. 22P-Nick Panitzke, [21]; 11. 18B-Brian Beale, [18]; 12. 37S-Jason Schuler, [3]; 13. 15R-Pat Richgels, [15]; 14. 7H-Rusty Hansen, [12]; 15. 40G-Tom Gille, [4]; 16. 50G-Jake Gille, [5]; 17. 78L-Matt Lundberg, [6]; 18. 1A-Steve Anderson, [8]; 19. 37R-Seth Reamer, [2]; 20. 2K-Gary Krueger, [9]; 21. 16G-Russ Grossen, [17]; (DNS) 3G-Shawn Gunsolus,

Dave’s White Rock Sportsman

A Feature 1 20 laps

1. 6T-Jason Thoma, [5]; 2. 99TR-Trevor Robinson, [2]; 3. 95H-Robert Hansberry, [6]; 4. 4T-Mike Taylor, [3]; 5. 78H-Ray Hellenbrand, [1]; 6. 55W-Terry Wangsness, [4]; 7. 00H-Gary Hellenbrand, [7]; 8. 1H-Bryan Hellenbrand, [8]; 9. 84W-Tim Wondrash, [10]; 10. 7M-Sam Messell, [9]

A Feature 2 20 laps

1. 6T-Jason Thoma, [8]; 2. 78H-Ray Hellenbrand, [4]; 3. 99TR-Trevor Robinson, [7]; 4. 00H-Gary Hellenbrand, [2]; 5. 55W-Terry Wangsness, [3]; 6. 4T-Mike Taylor, [5]; 7. 95H-Robert Hansberry, [6]; 8. 1H-Bryan Hellenbrand, [1]; 9. 84W-Tim Wondrash, [9]; 10. 7M-Sam Messell, [10]

Dash 1 6 laps

1. 6T-Jason Thoma, [1]; 2. 4T-Mike Taylor, [2]; 3. 99TR-Trevor Robinson, [3]; 4. 78H-Ray Hellenbrand, [4]; 5. 95H-Robert Hansberry, [5]

Qualifying 1

1. 6T-Jason Thoma, [9]; 2. 55W-Terry Wangsness, [1]; 3. 4T-Mike Taylor, [8]; 4. 99TR-Trevor Robinson, [5]; 5. 78H-Ray Hellenbrand, [2]; 6. 95H-Robert Hansberry, [4]; 7. 00H-Gary Hellenbrand, [6]; 8. 1H-Bryan Hellenbrand, [7]; 9. 7M-Sam Messell, [10]; 10. 84W-Tim Wondrash, [3]

Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits

A Feature 1 20 laps

1. 10S-Dave Schmidt, [7]; 2. 49A-McKayla Adams, [3]; 3. 10D-Steve Dickson, [9]; 4. 51S-Dan Snyder, [6]; 5. 35P-Lyle Phillips, [4]; 6. 09S-Nick Schmidt, [8]; 7. 7B-Jeremy Bredeson, [5]; 8. 83K-Bill Kohn, [2]; 9. 0P-Steve Putman, [1]; 10. 13S-Travis Schneeberg, [11]; 11. 112T-Chris Tolliver, [10]

A Feature 2 20 laps

1. 09S-Nick Schmidt, [4]; 2. 51S-Dan Snyder, [6]; 3. 10D-Steve Dickson, [7]; 4. 10S-Dave Schmidt, [9]; 5. 7B-Jeremy Bredeson, [3]; 6. 83K-Bill Kohn, [2]; 7. 35P-Lyle Phillips, [5]; 8. 0P-Steve Putman, [1]; 9. 112T-Chris Tolliver, [11]; 10. 13S-Travis Schneeberg, [10]; 11. 49A-McKayla Adams, [8]

Dash 1 6 laps

1. 10D-Steve Dickson, [4]; 2. 10S-Dave Schmidt, [2]; 3. 35P-Lyle Phillips, [6]; 4. 09S-Nick Schmidt, [1]; 5. 51S-Dan Snyder, [3]; 6. 7B-Jeremy Bredeson, [5]

Qualifying 1

1. 09S-Nick Schmidt, [7]; 2. 10S-Dave Schmidt, [10]; 3. 51S-Dan Snyder, [5]; 4. 10D-Steve Dickson, [9]; 5. 7B-Jeremy Bredeson, [8]; 6. 35P-Lyle Phillips, [1]; 7. 49A-McKayla Adams, [2]; 8. 83K-Bill Kohn, [3]; 9. 0P-Steve Putman, [6]; 10. 112T-Chris Tolliver, [4]; 11. 13S-Travis Schneeberg, [11]


A Feature 1 15 laps

1. 92S-Karter Stark, [9]; 2. 56G-Kole Guralski, [4]; 3. 90G-Michael Guderski, [2]; 4. 16H-Emma Huntsiger, [6]; 5. 16W-Kaleb Winter, [12]; 6. 5R-Robbie Rucks, [8]; 7. 64PM-Anna Price, [7]; 8. 20G-Jevin Guralski, [3]; 9. 901H-Alex Hartwig, [5]; 10. J3-Justin Ziemlecki, [14]; 11. 17B-Keagen Benz, [1]; 12. 17Z-Jessica Ziemlecki, [13]; 13. 11W-Kaeden Wangsness, [11]; (DNS) 8W-Chase Wangsness,

Heat 1 6 laps

1. 64PM-Anna Price, [3]; 2. 11W-Kaeden Wangsness, [2]; 3. 17B-Keagen Benz, [1]; 4. J3-Justin Ziemlecki, [4]; 5. 5R-Robbie Rucks, [7]; 6. 8W-Chase Wangsness, [6]; 7. 17Z-Jessica Ziemlecki, [5]

Heat 2 6 laps

1. 56G-Kole Guralski, [3]; 2. 16H-Emma Huntsiger, [5]; 3. 20G-Jevin Guralski, [2]; 4. 901H-Alex Hartwig, [4]; 5. 16W-Kaleb Winter, [7]; 6. 90G-Michael Guderski, [1]; 7. 92S-Karter Stark, [6]


A Feature 1 20 laps

1. 140M-Aaron Moyer, [5]; 2. 77S-Riley Stenjem, [6]; 3. 12W-Ryan Weyer, [1]; 4. 34M-Derek Mueller, [4]; 5. 17G-Cole Gray, [2]; 6. 41M-Tony Moyer, [3]; 7. 3H-Michael Hoffman, [7]

Heat 1 8 laps

1. 77S-Riley Stenjem, [4]; 2. 140M-Aaron Moyer, [5]; 3. 12W-Ryan Weyer, [6]; 4. 17G-Cole Gray, [1]; 5. 41M-Tony Moyer, [2]; 6. 34M-Derek Mueller, [3]; 7. 3H-Michael Hoffman, [7]

Qualifying 1

1. 140M-Aaron Moyer, [4]; 2. 77S-Riley Stenjem, [3]; 3. 34M-Derek Mueller, [1]; 4. 41M-Tony Moyer, [2]; 5. 17G-Cole Gray, [5]; 6. 12W-Ryan Weyer, [6]; 7. 3H-Michael Hoffman, [7]