New Entry Level Division Makes Successful Debut at Madison

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Owner / Promoter Gregg McKarns knows how important it is to attract new drivers to the sport so he created the Roto Rooter 6Shooter division to make it happen.

With a very “stock” six cylinder car and drivers with no previous racing experience the division found its home on the quarter-mile “Ring of Fire.” From a single car at the first race, the division ended the year with a dozen cars and a group of drivers having a lot of fun without spending much money. Many of the cars cost less than $500.

There are no point standings kept for the division. The goal is to keep it “stock” and most importantly fun and entertaining. It’s truly a division that anyone without prior racing experience can come out and race on Friday nights.

Jed Patrick Buchholz, who plays college football in Minnesota, won two features this season. Lucas Stevenson, Ray Sleeder, Jim Ronspiez, and Trevor Chilson were also Six Shooter feature winners in 2015. Twenty different drivers competed in 2015 with several sharing the same car and coming to the track with backgrounds such as a youth pastor, high school student, or even a retired high school principal.

The 6Shooter division is all about fun. If you’ve never raced but want to give it a try without spending much money, the Six Shooter division in 2016 is just for you. For complete rules checkout the track website at