New Division for Madison in 2019

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MIS 2019 Sportsman Rules | MIS 2019 TBD Rules

Oregon, WI- A new racing class was announced today for the 2019 season at Madison International Speedway. The new division, yet to be named, will replace the Sportsman division on Friday Nights at ‘Wisconsin’s Fastest Half Mile’. The division will have an established time of 20.000 seconds or 90 MPH per lap, allowing a multitude of racers to partake in the division, including those Sportsman teams that have supported MIS over the past four seasons.

“Most of our Sportsman cars were right in that twenty second range already. This will allow them to run their cars as they are while providing the potential for more cars to compete.” Stated Speedway co-owner Gregg McKarns. “We have a surplus of mid-level type classes in our region, most with struggling counts. That is not fair to the fans in the stands and it likely isn’t much fun for the drivers either. Under this program, divisions such as Sportsman, Modifieds, Mid-American, Vintage, Trucks and 602 Late Models can all race one another.” A nightly purse of $300 to win and $100 to start has been established and the class will compete for a $3,000 point fund as the second division in the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series.

He went on to explain how most of these divisions utilize common engine, suspension and basic driveline components. The belief is that teams will be able to mechanically slow or speed a car up to meet the twenty second limit based on need. “My Dad always told me that weight, tires, spoiler and carburetor were the simplest ways to even out speed, that lesson still holds true today.” Added McKarns. “The folks that make up these classes are amongst the most intelligent and resourceful in short track auto racing. We are putting it in their hands to figure out what they need to compete and wanted to get their brains working overtime this off season.”

The general rule overview is that any stock frame chassis can run any engine combination while a fabricated chassis is limited to the GM 602 Crate Motor only. Furthermore, any carburetor can be used in order to achieve the set time. Any treaded Hoosier Racing Tire which properly mounts on an eight inch wheel showing 1/32” off of new tire depth may be utilized. The American Racer 870 tire will be allowed through the end of June, allowing teams to deplete their stock piles at the start of the season. Body and spoiler rules are fairly wide open and the minimum weights and suspension components are based on the regionally accepted standards. MIS officials felt it was important that teams would not have to change major components which would make them ineligible to run the division the vehicle was originally designed to run in. READ FULL RULES HERE

While time limits are not new to Motorsports, they are better known for their involvement in Drag Racing. The Bahama Bracket Nationals at Rockford Speedway and Super Shoe Nationals at Kalamazoo Speedway are examples of this method being used for annual special oval track events, now the concept will be applied to weekly racing at MIS. This division will have an established time of 20.000 seconds. Drivers will be allowed one ‘Mulligan’ per race (heat as well as feature) in which they can be under the set time, but not faster than 19.700 seconds. Once their ‘Mulligan’ has been used, they will be warned but able to maintain their running position on track. If that driver surpasses the 20.000 second mark again in the same race, they will be disqualified from the event and scored and payed at the rear of that event.

“I am sure that there will be those that are skeptical of this, so be it. I sat in the stands at the Bahama Brackets last month and was thoroughly entertained, the racing was fantastic, and it’s that way every year.” McKarns commented. “This concept has been proven time and time again. Drag racing boasts large competitor counts due to this concept. Teams can use what they have and can go back to having fun.” Teams are encouraged to get their cars ready for the 2019 season. Any team wanting to test in preparation for the 2019 season is encouraged to contact McKarns to arrange for complimentary track time next Spring. MIS will hold an online naming contest next week for this new division. Friday night racing action will begin at Madison International Speedway on Friday May 17, 2019. For additional information visit or call 608-835-9700.