Nason, Trute, and Papini Big Winners at Salute to America Night at MIS

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Austin Nason, Dave Trute, and Alex Papini were the big winners at Madison tonight as part of the Salute to America Night. Besides a great racing program, the fans were also able to witness the biggest and best fireworks extravaganza presented by ThunderCat, the local gods of thunder.

Austin Nason Picks Up Big 8 Late Model Victory

Austin Nason took the lead from Bobby Wilberg on lap 26 and led the rest of the way to pick up the victory in the Big 8 Late Model 48 lap main event.

Lyle Nowak and Michael Ostdiek brought the field of twenty-three Big 8 Late Models to the green flag, and it was Ostdiek taking the early lead followed by Nowak, John Beale, Wayne Freimund, and Cole Anderson. On lap 5 Bobby Wilberg stormed by Anderson to take the fifth spot. Two laps later Beale was off the pace which allowed Wilberg and Freimund to move up to third and fourth.

Ostdiek was building a sizeable lead and it appeared the only thing that would slow him down was a caution flag and that’s exactly what happened on lap 11 for a spin in turn two.

A spin on the restart brought out the race’s second caution flag.

When the race went green again, Ostdiek maintained his lead with Wilberg in close pursuit followed by Austin Nason, Nowak, and Michael Bilderback.

On lap 15 Wilberg was able to take the lead coming out of turn four and built up a three car length lead over Nason who was able to motor by Ostdiek. Bilderback continued to run in fourth position with Jon Reynolds Jr. breaking into the the top five on lap 17. On lap 18 a spin coming out of turn two brought out another caution flag.

Wilberg continued to lead after the green flag followed by Nason, Ostdiek, Reynolds Jr., and Bilderback. On lap 21 Bilderback wrestled the fourth position away from Reynolds Jr.

At the half-way mark Wilberg had a three car length lead over Nason as the two began to check away from the field. On lap 26 Nason found the room he needed to get inside Wilberg to take the lead before the caution flag came out one lap later for a spin just ahead of the leaders in turn three.

Nason and Wilberg jumped out front on the restart with Ostdiek, Reynolds Jr., and Bilderback battling it out for third through fifth. On lap 31 Reynolds Jr. earned the third spot followed by Bilderback and Ostdiek. With two laps to go Bilderback was able to get by Reynolds Jr. for third, but out front it was Nason holding off Wilberg to pick up the checkered flag.

“I didn’t think I was going to have enough to get by him. I followed his line because he knows how to get around here. I found my opportunity to get by him and took it,” said Nason in a post race interview with Eric Huenefeld.

Bobby Wilberg set fast time with a lap of 18.798. Hunter Drefahl and Michael Clapper won the ten lap qualifying heats. Lyle Nowak won the odd dash with the even dash going to Michael Ostdiek.


Dave Trute Tops the Great Northern Sportsman Field

Dave Trute of New Lisbon, Wisconsin, took the lead on lap 14 and never looked back as he won the 25 lap feature for the Great Northern Sportsman Series.

Ted Reuvers and Steve Anderson brought the field of nineteen Great Northern Sportsman Series drivers to the green flag. Reuvers took the early lead with Chad Smith and Jake Arneson up to challenge before the caution came out on lap 2 for a spin in turn two. Reuvers continued to lead after the restart with Anderson back up to second followed by Smith and Arneson.

On lap 4 Devon Schmidt and Jason Thoma were up to third and fourth ahead of Arneson. On lap 7 Anderson moved to the inside of Reuvers to take the lead. One lap later Schmidt was up to second closely followed by Thoma. On lap 9 both Schmidt and Thoma powered by Anderson going down the backstretch and quickly distanced themselves from the rest of the field. Just when Thoma was about to make his move for the lead, the caution flag came out on lap 10 for a spin.

After the restart the race stayed green for only one lap before another caution for a spin. Schmidt was able to maintain his lead when the race went green again with Thoma and Dave Trute in pursuit. The three cars broke away for the field with Trute moving into the lead on lap 14 coming down the back shoot.

Trute wasted no time in building up a ten car length advantage over Schmidt, Thoma, and Michael Gilomen and cruised his way to victory lane. Schmidt was able to hold off Thoma for third with Gilomen and Anderson rounding out the top five.

“The car ran good there for awhile. The guys got racing on the backstretch in front of me, and I found my opportunity to get the lead,” said Trute in a post race interview.

Fast time for the Sportsman was a 20.062 by Dave Trute. Kyle Gennett won the eight lap qualifying race. Michael Gilomen won the odd dash while Jason Thoma took the win in the even dash.


Alex Papini Dominates the Midwest Dash Series Field

Alex Papini was unstoppable tonight as he picked up the win in the 20 lap feature for the Midwest Dash Series in addition to setting fast time and winning his heat.

Dave Schmidt and Derek Bettenhausen paced the field to the green flag. Bobby Selsing Jr. was the leader after the first lap with Gary Stark taking the top spot on lap 2. On lap 3 Alex Papini, who started in tenth, took the lead from Stark and quickly raced to a fifteen car length lead. Stark, Zack Rodriguez, Devon Dixon, and Kyle Stark rounded out the top five, but were still well behind the leader.

On lap 11 Gary Stark pulled into the infield moving Rodriguez up to second and Dixon to third. Despite his best efforts, Rodriguez could get no closer than seven car lengths as Papini cruised his way to victory lane.

Papini was the fastest qualifier with a lap of 21.245. Heat races were won by Derek Bettenhausen and Papini.

“It was really special to be able to do this in my uncle’s car. This all came together at the last minute and it was a lot of fun,” said Papini from victory lane.

Big 8 Late Models

48 Lap Feature: 1-10 Austin Nason, Bobby Wilberg, Michael Bilderback, Jon Reynolds Jr., Michael Ostdiek, Cole Anderson, Brent Edmunds, Michael Bachaus, Wayne Freimund, John Beale
11-20 Lyle Nowak, Michael Clapper, Dave Edwards, Caleb Adrian, Shawn Gunsolus, Eric Connell, Cody Kippenhan, Mike Lloyd, Tory Adams, Rich Schuman Jr.
21-23 Tyler Hromodka, Mike Taylor, Hunter Drefahl

Even Qualifier: Michael Clapper, Eric Connell, Cody Kippenhan, Mike Taylor
Odd Qualifier: Hunter Drefahl, Dave Edwards, Tory Adams, Shawn Gunsolus, Tyler Hromodka
Odd Dash: Lyle Nowak, Wayne Friemund, Cole Anderson, Bobby Wilberg, Caleb Adrian, Austin Nason, Jon Reynolds Jr.
Even Dash: Michael Ostdiek, John Beale, Michael Bilderback, Rich Schuman Jr., Brent Edmunds, Michael Bachaus, Mike Lloyd

Qualifying: Bobby Wilberg, Michael Bilderback, Austin Nason, Brent Edmunds, Caleb Adrian, Michael Bachaus, Jon Reynolds Jr., Rich Schuman Jr., Cole Anderson, Michael Ostdiek, Wayne Freimund, John Beale, Lyle Nowak, Mike Lloyd, Dave Edwards, Eric Connell, Michael Clapper, Shawn Gunsolus, Hunter Drefahl. Cody Kippenhan, Tory Adams, Mike Taylor, Tyler Hromodka

25 Lap Feature: Dave Trute, Devon Schmidt, Jason Thoma, Michael Gilomen, Steve Anderson, Jake Arneson, Darrell Garman, Ted Reuvers, Chad Smith, Jeremy Wolff, Tim Coley, Nick Lensinger, Howie Ware, Peter Gillis, Adam Oxborough, Jim Taylor, Patrick Fetherston, Chris Weber, Kyle Gennett

Qualifying Heat 1: Kyle Gennett, Jeremy Wolff, Nick Letsinger, Adam Oxborough, Peter Gillis, Patrick Fetherston, Jim Taylor
Odd Dash: Michael Gilomen, Steve Anderson, Dave Trute, Chris Weber, Darrell Garman, Tim Coley
Even Dash: Jason Thoma, Ted Reuvers, Jake Arneson, Howie Ware, Devon Schmidt, Chad Smith
Qualifying: Dave Trute, Jason Thoma, Chris Weber, Devon Schmidt, Michael Gilomen, Jake Arneson, Tim Coley, Chad Smith, Steve Anderson, Ted Ruevers, Darrell Garman, Howie Ware, Jeremy Wolff, Kyle Gennett, Peter Gillis, Jim Taylor, Nick Letsinger, Patrick Fetherston, Adam Oxborough

Midwest Dash Series
20 Lap Feature:1. Alex Papini (Machesney Park, IL), 2. Zach Rodriguez (Rockton, IL), 3. Devon Dixon (Janesville, WI), 4. John Handeland (Belleville, WI), 5. George Sparkman (Loves Park, IL), 6. Aaron Rude (Cambridge, WI), 7. Bobby Selsing Jr. (Johnson Creek, WI), 8. David Schmidt (Cudahy, WI), 9. Derek Bettenhausen (Milton, WI), 10. Nick Schmidt (Watertown, WI), 11. Greg DiMaggio (Oregon, WI), 12. Gary Stark (Fort Atkinson, WI), 13. Chandale Swartwout (Janesville, WI), 14. Noah Pankow (Jefferson, WI), 15. Kyle Stark (Waterloo, WI),

Heat 1:1. Alex Papini (Machesney Park, IL), 2. Gary Stark (Fort Atkinson, WI), 3. George Sparkman (Loves Park, IL), 4. Zach Rodriguez (Rockton, IL), 5. John Handeland (Belleville, WI), 6. Aaron Rude (Cambridge, WI), 7. Devon Dixon (Janesville, WI),

Heat 2:1. Derek Bettenhausen (Milton, WI), 2. Greg DiMaggio (Oregon, WI), 3. Bobby Selsing Jr. (Johnson Creek, WI), 4. Nick Schmidt (Watertown, WI), 5. David Schmidt (Cudahy, WI), 6. Noah Pankow (Jefferson, WI), 7. Chandale Swartwout (Janesville, WI),

Qualifying:1. Alex Papini (Machesney Park, IL), 2. Zach Rodriguez (Rockton, IL), 3. Devon Dixon (Janesville, WI), 4. Aaron Rude (Cambridge, WI), 5. John Handeland (Belleville, WI), 6. Gary Stark (Fort Atkinson, WI), 7. George Sparkman (Loves Park, IL), 8. Bobby Selsing Jr. (Johnson Creek, WI), 9. Derek Bettenhausen (Milton, WI), 10. David Schmidt (Cudahy, WI), 11. Nick Schmidt (Watertown, WI), 12. Greg DiMaggio (Oregon, WI), 13. Chandale Swartwout (Janesville, WI), 14. Noah Pankow (Jefferson, WI), 15. Aaron Randell (Janesville, WI),

There is no racing on Friday, July 3rd so action returns to MIS on Friday, July 10th with the second round of the Super Late Model Triple Crown Challenge plus the Dave’s White Rock Sportsman, Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits, and Roto Rooter 6Shooters. Practice begins at 5:00 with qualifying at 6:20 and racing at 7:30. For more information follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and our website at