Moving Target Awaits MISfitz at Madison in 2024

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Oregon, WI- The MISfitz division at Madison International Speedway will have a new target when they take to ‘Wisconsin’s Fastest Half Mile’ for the 2024 racing season. An alternate established time will now be in play for the class which has had a twenty second time limit since its inception in 2019. The feature winner will determine the established time for the next event while in victory lane, by drawing a time of 19.900, 20.000, 20.100 or 20.200 seconds. That new time will then be in effect the next event the class is competing in at MIS.

“We wanted to change it up a bit, giving the teams a moving target to aim for on a weekly basis.” Noted Speedway promoter Gregg McKarns. “A couple different people had mentioned this concept, so we figured we would give it a try.” The division has taken the popular bracket method from Drag Racing and applied it into the Oval Racing world. Drivers are allowed one ‘Mulligan’ per race in which they can be under the set time, but not faster than 0.300 seconds below the established time. A second lap below the set time will result in a disqualification from that event, they will then be scored and paid at the rear of that event.

This style of racing allows an array of racing vehicles to compete within the same division. A mix of Sportsman, 602 Late Models, Trucks and Modifieds are prevalent while an occasional Vintage car or Hobby Stock has tried their hand at the MISfitz formula.

“The simple explanation is, if it is a stock stub chassis you can run any engine you wish. If it is a fabricated chassis you must run a 602 Chevrolet crate engine. You must run treaded Hoosier tires on an eight inch wheel, beyond that, from carburetors to transmissions, it is pretty wide open.” Added McKarns. “It was tiresome watching racers that wanted to go have fun, get bogged down in the finances of chasing speed on the track. Now we have drivers visiting victory lane on three year old tires, with a smile on their face.”

The Friday night racing season begins on Friday Night, May 17 at MIS. The Dave’s White Rock MISfitz will be joined by the Late Models, Midwest Dash and the Roto-Rooter 6shooters for Double Features. For a complete 2024 season schedule, rules and more, please visit Madison International Speedway is located at 1122 Sunrise Road in Oregon, WI featuring both a half-mile and quarter-mile paved oval racing surface.