More Than Just a Coat

More Than Just a Coat

Jim Olson of Harvard, Illinois, was hoping to be racing at Madison International Speedway on Sunday.  The Super Late Model driver was looking forward to participating in this season’s Triple Crown Challenge, but his car wasn’t quite ready.

So he decided to jump on his motorcycle and make the ninety minute ride from his home in Harvard, Illinois, to the track to watch the first round of the Challenge.  “I wasn’t going to miss the race and especially supporting MIS,” said Olson, who hopes to be ready for the second round in July.

After enjoying the race it was time for Olson to head home.  Although he wished he was out on the track, he was glad he came to MIS.  “What a great race on Father’s Day,” he said.

But when he got to his bike parked in the motorcycle parking area near the main office he realized that he forgot to lock his Tour Pack.  “To my amazement someone had stolen my leather jacket and my leather vest.  I realize that it was my fault that I forgot to lock my Tour Pack,” said Olson.

“I’m the type of guy who would help anyone who needs help be it charity events or someone who can’t pay for a meal in a restaurant.  It bothers me that someone would be so low as to steal someone’s coat.  I know that 99.9% of race fans are good people.  But unfortunately we have someone who doesn’t care about anyone else,” added Olson.

“I just want the coat and vest back…that’s all.  No questions asked.”

If anyone has any information about this theft please contact Olson at Jim Olson Collision Center (