MIS Saturday Practice…YES!

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It must be the start of the season for us as the weather has become unfavorable and the rumors that we have cancelled this Saturday’s practice are beginning to swirl. We DO plan on HAVING practice this Saturday April 29. Remember, teams arriving before 10am to help with the clean-up day get free practice, others unable to help can still practice but will need to pay at the gate ($20 Member/$25 non-Member). The track will be HOT from 1pm until 4pm with rotating divisions based on the cars that show up, but as in the past, we plan on everyone getting ample time on the track.

Reminder, we do have our tire sale tonight (Thursday) from 5-7pm, additionally we will have tires on-sale during practice on Saturday, tire barn will open at noon. Tires available are Hoosier 3035/3045 ($147), McCreary 10″ ($130), Hoosier F-75 and American Racer 870 ($105)

We have the NASCAR Weekly decals, Al is working on putting the ARCAMT decal packages together this weekend as we just got some more decals delivered.

We currently DO NOT have a fuel vendor at Madison International Speedway, please plan ahead, thank you.

Road Destruction-
The WI DOT has once again shut down the Hwy 51 exit off of I-90 northbound/west, if coming from south take the Hwy 14 exit in Janesville and head north. You will pass Hwy 92 (Brooklyn), then Dave’s White Rock Bar, the Hwy A, then you will see green Madison International Speedway sign, turn right on Oak Hill, go one mile and you will be at Southwest corner of the pits, turn left on Sunrise to the main gate.