Looking Back: ARCA Results at Madison from the 70’s

Looking Back:  ARCA Results at Madison from the 70’s

The ARCA Racing Series will be here on Sunday, August 25th for the third straight season, but did you know they were also at Madison (Capital Speedway) in 1970, 1971, and 1973.  Here’s a look back at the results:

1970:  100 Laps

1-10)  Ramo Stott, Andy Hampton, Iggy Katona, Tom Bowsher, Ross Smith, Dave Dayton, Mike Flora, Norm Weltmeyer, Bob Thomas, Danny Dean

11-20)  Charles Paxton, Bobby Junior, Hubert West, Blackie Wangerin, Namon Martin, Grant Wilmot, Paul Wensenk, John Early, Wayne Trinkle

21-23)  Ed Richardville, Lee Hayden, Tony Trinkle

1971:  100 Laps

1-10)  Tom Bowsher, Ramo Stott, Kenny Reiter, A. Arnold, Iggy Katona, Bill Clemons, Andy Hampton, Harold Fair, Ronald Vanarsdale, Leonard Blanchard

11-20)  Mike Flora, N.D Copley, Kenny Black, Bob McCoy, Cliff Hamm, Ed Richardville, Hubert West, Johnny West, LeRoy Austin, Danny Dean

21-24)  Steve Arndt, Bob Thomas, Dave Dayton, Dave Schwartz

DNS:  Blackie Wangerin, Norm Weltmeyer, Joe Booher, Bobby Junior, Charlie Paxton, Cleve Smith, Jesse Griffin

Fast Qualifier:  Bill Clemons in a 1971 Hornet (21.12 seconds)

1972: 100 Laps

1-10)  Bruce Gould, A. Arnold, Ron Hutcherson, Wayne Watercutter, Dick Smith, Johnny Reimer, Rick Sundling, Wayne Trinkle, Dave Dayton, Tom Culbertson

11-20)  Bob Thomas, Larry Anderson, Kenny Reiter, Ed Richardville, Bobby Junior, Frank Sandlin, Larry Scott, Mike Lynn, Kenny Black, N. D. Copley

21-25)  Jim Tobin, Dennis Caves, Cliff Hamm, Ladd Huber, Bobby Watson

Fast Qualifier:  A. Arnold in a 1973 Camaro (20.73 seconds)