Club La Mark Late Models and Big 8 Late Models


These cars travel at speeds near 100 mph on Wisconsin’s Fastest Half-Mile.  Late Model divisions are featured at tracks throughout the Midwest.  These cars feature a made for racing chassis on a 105″ wheelbase with a base weight of 2850 lbs. with driver. Coil over suspensions are permitted. The engines are based on the Chevy 350 or Ford 351, with a maximum displacement of 368 cubic inches, and must use flat top pistons, wet sump oiling system, spec cast iron heads, spec aluminum intake manifold and Holley 4412 two barrel carburetor.

    MIS will be hosting a Limited Late Model Challenge in 2014. The teams that preregistered to compete are listed below.

    Late Model Challenge Pre-registered Teams

    • John DeAngelis
    • Brent Edmunds