Knuese and Prunty Big Winners at Madison

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Kevin Knuese (Midwest Truck Series) and Dennis Prunty (602 Late Models) were the big winners at Madison International Speedway as part of the Joe Shear Classic on Sunday afternoon.

Knuese Edges Miller for Midwest Truck Series Win

Kevin Knuese held off Bryce Miller by inches to win the 36 lap feature for the Midwest Truck Series.

Twenty-eight Midwest Trucks came to the green flag with Kevin Knuese and Morgan Schissel leading the way. Schissel was quickest at the start taking the lead over Knuese. Rookie Ryan Braseth was up to third followed by Jeff Holtz and Kevin Zielezinski. On lap 6 Bryce Miller was able to crack the top five.

Out front Schissel had his hands full with Knuese with Knuese taking over the top spot on lap 11 with Holtz, Miller, and Ryan Braseth in pursuit. Miller took the third spot on lap 14 while lapped traffic slowed down Knuese and Schissel allowing Miller to close the gap.

On lap 20 Miller powered his way past Schissel for second with just a one second difference now between he and Knuese. Miller continued to close the gap with the lead down to less than a second with ten laps to go. A spin on the backstretch brought out the first caution flag on lap 27.

Knuese lined up on the inside with Miller choosing the outside for the restart with the second row consisting of Schissel and Holtz. When the green flag waved, Miller took the lead on the outside and was able to maintain a half truck length advantage over Knuese who wasn’t about to let him go. Side by side they raced with Knuese regaining the lead on lap 31 just before the caution came out for fluid on the track.

Once again Knuese chose to line up on the inside with Miller going to the outside. Miller got a great start on the restart to take the lead, but the caution flag came out again for a spin back in the pack meaning another restart.

Knuese and Miller were wheel to wheel with Miller holding a slight advantage on the outside with one lap to go. Knuese was able to fight back and pull even and eventually take the lead coming out of turn four and win by .053 seconds.

Rounding out the top five were Holtz, Swan, and Danielle Behn.

Miller’s truck was disqualified following post race inspection.

Miller was fast qualifier with a time of 18.830 (95.592 mph). Heat winners were Randy Sargent, Tyler Hansen, and Aaron Moyer.

Prunty Holds Off Carlson for 602 Late Model Victory

Dennis Prunty held off Tom Carlson to take home the checkered flag in the 36 lap Outlaw 602 Late Model feature.

Kevin Kulka and Brad Warthan paced the field to the green flag. Disaster struck on the opening lap when seven cars tangled up in turn two forcing a complete restart. Warthan took the lead over Kulka with Charlie Bates and Pete Moore side by side for third. On lap 3 Ray Hellenbrand was able to move into third and then took second from Kulka two laps later.

But on the move was Dennis Prunty who was up to third on lap 7 as the top three were checking away from the field. On lap 10 Jason Stark moved into the top five. Prunty took away the second position from Hellenbrand on lap 11 and quickly began to dial in the leader. On lap 15 Prunty worked to the inside of Warthan for the lead shortly before the caution flag came out for a spin well behind the leaders.

Prunty and Warthan brought the field back to the green, but Warthan got loose and made heavy contact with the wall bringing out the caution.

After a lengthy clean up, Prunty and Stark led the field back to the green flag with 21 laps still to go. Lining up in row two was Bryce Miller and Tom Carlson. Miller jumped up to the inside of Prunty to battle for the lead followed by Stark and Carlson. On lap 18 Miller tried for the lead and got loose on the front stretch allowing Stark and Carlson to move to challenge the leader. While Stark and Carlson were battling it out for second, Prunty was increasing his lead out front. With ten laps to go Carlson moved past Stark before a spin brought out another caution flag and took away Prunty’s advantage.

A single file restart kept Prunty out front followed by Carlson, Stark, and Alex Hartwig. Prunty’s lead over Carlson was a car length with seven laps to go. With two laps to go a spin in turn two brought out the caution setting up another single file restart. Prunty was able to maintain his lead over Carlson for the final two laps to pick up the checkered flag.

Tom Carlson set a new track record in qualifying with a lap of 18.682 (96.349 mph). Carlson won the Dash with Hunter Stenson and Warthan picking up the wins in the heat races.

Racing continues at Madison on Friday, May 13th for the NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Racing opener with double feature action in the NASCAR Late Models, Dave’s White Rock MISfitz, Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits, and Roto Rooter 6Shooters.

Midwest Trucks
Feature: (36 Laps) 1-10 Kevin Knuese, Jeff Holtz, James Swan, Danielle Behn, Russ Hansen, Morgan Schissel, Chester Ace, Kevin Zielezinski, Kody Hubred, Chris Blawat
11-20 Brandon Reichenberger, Randy Sargent, Dillon Schwanbeck, Kenny Joosten, James Lynch, Alex Braseth, Kevin Berg, Ryan Braseth, Danny Darnell, Aaron Moyer
21-28 Eugene Gregorich, Nick Roehl, Tye Wilke, Tom Gee, Cody Vander Loop, Tyler Noble, Sean Eurick, Bryce Miller

Heat One (8 Laps): Randy Sargent, Tom Gee, Dillon Schwanbeck, Alex Braseth, Kenny Joosten, Danny Darnell, Tyler Noble, Sean Eurick

Heat Two (8 Laps): Tyler Hansen, Chris Blawat, Chester Ace, Ryan Braseth, Bryce Miller, Kevin Berg, Kody Hubred, Morgan Schissel, Brandon Reichneberger, Danielle Behn

Heat Three (8 Laps): Aaron Moyer, Nick Roehl, Cody Vander Loop, Kevin Knuese, Jeff Holtz, James Swan, James Lynch, Tye Wilke, Kevin Zielezinski, Russ Hanse

Qualifying: (1-10) Bryce Miller, James Swan, Chester Ace, Jeff Holtz, Danielle Behn, Russ Hansen, Ryan Braseth, Kevin Zielezinski, Morgan Schissel, Kevin Knuese
(11-20) Chris Blawat, Tye Wilke, Kody Hubred, Nick Roehl, Brandon Reichenberger, James Lynch, Tyler Hansen, Aaron Moyer, Kevin Berg, Cody Vander Loop
(21-30) Randy Sargent, Alex Braseth, Dillon Schwanbeck, Kenny Joosten, Tom Gee, Danny Darnell, Eugene Gregorich III- NT, Tyler Noble- NT, Sean Eurick- NT, Nick Quinnell- NT

602 Outlaw Late Models
Feature: (1-10) Dennis Prunty, Tom Carlson, Jason Stark, Alex Hartwig, Brian Johnson Sr., Chase Hunter, Pete Moore, Bryce Miller, Ethan Rose, Brian Ulrich
(11-21) Rick Coppernoll, Kevin Kulka, Charlie Bates, Mason Hellenbrand, Greg Bowers, Brad Warthan, Ray Hellenbrand, Hunter Stenson, James Storey, Clayton Storey, Madison Larson

Dash (6 Laps): Greg Bowers, James Storey, Alex Hartwig, Bryce Miller, Chase Hunter, Tom Carlson

Heat One (8 Laps): Hunter Stenson, Clayton Storey, Ethan Rose, Brian Ulrich, Madison Larson, Mason Hellenbrand

Heat Two (8 Laps): Brad Warthan, Jason Stark, Kevin Kulka, Ray Hellenbrand, Dennis Prunty, Brian Johnson Sr.,Charlie Bates

Qualifying: (1-10) Tom Carlson, Bryce Miller, Chase Hunter, Alex Hartwig, Greg Bowers, James Storey, Jason Stark, Dennis Prunty, Ray Hellenbrand, Brian Johnson Sr
(11-21) Charlie Bates, Pete Moore, Brad Warthan, Kevin Kulka, Hunter Stenson, Clayton Storey, Ethan Rose, Brian Ulrich, Rick Coppernoll, Madison Larson, Mason Hellenbrand