Jon Reynolds Jr. is the Late Model Winner at Madison

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Hansberry Jr., Schmidt, and Addams Also Take Home Wins

Jon Reynolds Jr. (Late Models), Robert Hansberry Jr. (Sportsman), Nick Schmidt (Bandits), and Trevor Addams (Super Cups) picked up wins tonight as part of Back to School Night at Madison International Speedway.  Thanks to First Supply many young fans received brand new bicycles while Ziegler Crane Service provided trophies for the bike, big wheel, and power wheel races.

Somehow the heavy rains in the area avoided the race track tonight.  To be sure of getting the entire program in the heat races for the three weekly divisions were canceled.


Reynolds Jr. Receives the Late Model Checkered Flag

Jon Reynolds Jr. won the 30 lap feature for the Club LaMark NASCAR Late Models after John Baumeister Jr. who appeared to win the race on the track was disqualified and runner-up Kevin Knuese was placed back two positions due to a restart violation.

Reynolds Jr. and Pat Richgels paced the field to the green flag.  Reynolds Jr. took the early lead with Tom Gille up to second followed by Matt Lundberg.  On lap 3 Kevin Knuese moved into the top four when he worked his way past Richgels.

Big time trouble brought out the caution flag on lap 5 when the car of Rusty Hansen made contact with John Beale sending him into the backstretch wall and ending the night for both drivers due to damage.

Reynolds Jr. led the field back to green with Lundberg and Knuese in the second row followed by Bobby Wilberg and Brent Edmunds.  Reynolds Jr. got a good start and was able to maintain his lead with Lundberg up to second before several cars made contact in turn four one lap later bringing out the caution flag and ending the night for Zack Riddle whose car was heavily damaged.

The lead continued for Reynolds Jr. on the restart with John Baumeister Jr. moving past Lundberg for second on lap 7.  Baumeister Jr. was on the rear bumper of the leader by lap 12 before a spinning car brought out the caution flag.

Reynolds Jr. continued to be the leader when the green flag waved again with Baumeister Jr. a close second followed by Knuese, Liddle, and Lundberg.

At the half way mark Baumeister Jr. was on the back bumper of Reynolds Jr.  Then with ten laps to go Baumeister Jr. launched his way to the inside of Reynolds Jr. to take the lead.

But quickly up to challenge was Knuese who applied heavy pressure on the leader, but Baumeister Jr. was able to hold him and the rest of the field off to pick up the victory.

After the race Baumeister Jr. was disqualified which meant the second place car of Knuese would inherit the win.  But a restart violation moved Knuese back two positions thus the car that appeared to finish third on the track became the winner.

Fast qualifier was Kevin Knuese with a mark of 18.730 (96.103 mph).  Bobby Wilberg won the RA Heating and Air Conditioning Dash.


Hansberry Takes Home the Sportsman Checkered Flag

Robert Hansberry Jr. won the 20 lap feature for the Dave’s White Rock Sportsman.  It was the fourth win of the season for the two-time Madison track champion.

The field was brought to the green flag with Gary Hellenbrand and Johnny Robinson II who stayed side by side for the first four laps before Hellenbrand slowed coming out of turn two which gave Robinson II the lead.

On lap 6 Hansberry Jr. pulled to the outside of Robinson II with Hansberry Jr. taking the lead one lap later and opened up a five car length advantage over Robinson II.  On lap 9 Anderson powered his way into second coming out of turn two but still trailed Hansberry Jr. by over a second.

Mike Taylor took the third spot from Robinson II on lap 12 while Anderson had cut Hansberry Jr’s lead to less than one second.

Would Anderson have enough time to catch the leader?  He was able to cut the lead to two car lengths with one lap to go, but this race belonged to Hansberry Jr. who raced his way to victory lane.

“Steve’s team has been doing a lot of work on his car and he was coming fast.  We’re glad to win another one for everybody at Quest,” said Hansberry Jr.

Steve Anderson was fast qualifier with a lap of 19.895 (90.475 mph) and won the RA Heating and Air Conditioning Dash.


Nick Schmidt Maneuvers His Way to Victory Lane

Nick Schmidt won the 20 lap feature for the Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits.

McKayla Adams and Cade Watters raced side by side for the first four laps before Watters took the top spot with Dan Snyder up to second and Ronnie Coppernoll in third.  The caution flag came out on lap 7 when the cars of Adams and Bill Kohn went off the track.

Watters continued to pace the field with Snyder working the top side fighting for the lead.  On lap 8 both Nick Schmidt and Steve Dickson were up to join the top five.

Three laps later on lap 11 Nick Schmidt took the lead squeezing by on the inside of both Watters and Snyder on the front shoot.

Schmidt and Snyder quickly checked away from the field while several cars were battling it out for third.  With four laps to go the caution flag waved for a spin on the backstretch.

Schmidt led the field back to the restart with James Junget and Dan Snyder comprising the second row.  A great start by Schmidt allowed him to continue his lead while Junget and Snyder were locked in a battle for second.  Schmidt was able to cruise to victory lane followed by Snyder, Junget, Lyle Phillips, and Coppernoll.

“This one wasn’t easy.  It was about being patient and a little lucky,” said Schmidt.

A new track record was set in qualifying when Dave Schmidt turned a lap of 14.877.


Trevor Addams Picks Up the Win in the Super Cups

Trevor Addams won the 20 lap feature for the Central States Region Super Cups.

Noah Eisenhower and Trevor Addams led the field to the green flag with Addams wasting no time jumping out to a huge lead while Zachary Tinkle was racing side by side with Eisenhower for second.  On lap 3 Tinkle moved into second with Jamie Domski up to third on lap later.  Domski moved into second on lap 8 shortly before the caution came out when two cars spun in turn four.

Addams continued his leading ways after the restart with Domski in second followed by Dallas Frueh, Eisenhower, and Lucas Schmitt.  On lap 11 the second caution of the event came out for a spin on the backstretch.

Addams continued to lead but both Domski and Frueh were applying heavy pressure.  With five laps to go Domski had cut the lead to two car lengths, but the speedy Addams was able to rebuild his lead and lead wire to wire to pick up the win.  Domski, Frueh, Eisenhower, and Steve Naples.

“We won this race for two friends who are battling cancer, “said a happy Addams from victory lane.

A brief rain shower washed out Super Cup qualifying.  Heat races were won by Trevor Addams and Zachary Tinkle.

It’s a double header of action at Madison next week.  On Thursday, August 18th the One on One Street Drags and Shine and Show Contest return with gates open at 6:00 PM, practice and grudge matches at 6:30, and bracket drag racing at 7:30.

On Friday, August 19th the Super Late Models return for round three of the Triple Crown Challenge featuring the Howie Lettow Classic 50.  Also in action will be the Midwest Trucks, Legends, and Roto Rooter 6Shooters.  Pit gates open at 3:30, practice at 5:00, grandstands open at 6:00, qualifying at 6:15 with racing at 7:30.


Madison International Speedway

Club LaMark NASCAR Late Models

30 Lap Feature:1. Jon Reynolds Jr. (Rockford, IL), 2. Brady Liddle (Oregon, WI), 3. Kevin Knuese (Waukesha, WI), 4. Tom Gille (Winnebago, IL), 5. Matt Lundberg (Rockton, IL), 6. Brian Beale (Franklin, WI), 7. Hunter Drefahl (Evansville, WI), 8. Pat Richgels (Lake Mills, WI), 9. Bobby Wilberg (Beloit, WI), 10. Ken Hoff Jr. (Stoughton, WI), 11. Shawn Gunsolus (Stoughton, WI), 12. Brent Edmunds (Monticello, WI), 13. Zack Riddle (Brooklyn, WI), 14. John Beale (Madison, WI), 15. Rusty Hansen (Sun Prairie, WI), 16. John Baumeister (Beloit, WI),

Qualifying:1. Kevin Knuese (Waukesha, WI), 2. Bobby Wilberg (Beloit, WI), 3. Zack Riddle (Brooklyn, WI), 4. Brent Edmunds (Monticello, WI), 5. Brian Beale (Franklin, WI), 6. Rusty Hansen (Sun Prairie, WI), 7. Matt Lundberg (Rockton, IL), 8. Tom Gille (Winnebago, IL), 9. John Beale (Madison, WI), 10. Pat Richgels (Lake Mills, WI), 11. Jon Reynolds Jr. (Rockford, IL), 12. Shawn Gunsolus (Stoughton, WI), 13. Brady Liddle (Oregon, WI), 14. Hunter Drefahl (Evansville, WI), 15. Ken Hoff Jr. (Stoughton, WI), 16. John Baumeister (Beloit, WI),

RA Heating / AC Dash:1. Bobby Wilberg (Beloit, WI), 2. Zack Riddle (Brooklyn, WI), 3. Kevin Knuese (Waukesha, WI), 4. Rusty Hansen (Sun Prairie, WI), 5. Brent Edmunds (Monticello, WI), 6. Brian Beale (Franklin, WI),

Dave’s White Rock Sportsman

20 Lap Feature:1. Robert Hansberry (Beloit, WI), 2. Steve Anderson (Evansville, WI), 3. Mike  Taylor (Stoughton, WI), 4. Johnny  Robinson II (South Beloit, IL), 5. Gary Hellenbrand (Verona, WI), 6. Trevor Robinson (Beloit, WI), 7. Tim  Wondrash (Brooklyn, WI),

Qualifying:1. Steve Anderson (Evansville, WI), 2. Robert Hansberry (Beloit, WI), 3. Mike  Taylor (Stoughton, WI), 4. Johnny  Robinson II (South Beloit, IL), 5. Gary Hellenbrand (Verona, WI), 6. Trevor Robinson (Beloit, WI), 7. Tim  Wondrash (Brooklyn, WI),

RA Heating / AC Dash:1. Steve Anderson (Evansville, WI), 2. Robert Hansberry (Beloit, WI), 3. Mike  Taylor (Stoughton, WI), 4. Johnny  Robinson II (South Beloit, IL), 5. Gary Hellenbrand (Verona, WI), 6. Trevor Robinson (Beloit, WI),

Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits

20 Lap Feature:1. Nick Schmidt (Watertown, WI), 2. Dan Snyder (Stoughton, WI), 3. James Junget (Rio, WI), 4. Lyle Phillips (Edgerton, WI), 5. Ronnie Coppernoll (Sun Prairie, WI), 6. Steve Dickson (Rockton, IL), 7. Sam Messel (Monroe, WI), 8. Cade Watters (Sun Prairie, WI), 9. David Schmidt (Cudahy, WI), 10. McKayla Adams (Sun Prairie, WI), 11. Dave Lembke (Germantown, WI), 12. Brandon Schirmer (Monroe, WI), 13. Jack Deem (South Wayne, WI), 14. Brandon DeLacy (Stoughton, WI), 15. Bill Kohn (Madison, WI),

Qualifying:1. David Schmidt (Cudahy, WI), 2. Nick Schmidt (Watertown, WI), 3. Brandon DeLacy (Stoughton, WI), 4. Steve Dickson (Rockton, IL), 5. Lyle Phillips (Edgerton, WI), 6. Ronnie Coppernoll (Sun Prairie, WI), 7. James Junget (Rio, WI), 8. Dan Snyder (Stoughton, WI), 9. Sam Messel (Monroe, WI), 10. Cade Watters (Sun Prairie, WI), 11. McKayla Adams (Sun Prairie, WI), 12. Bill Kohn (Madison, WI), 13. Dave Lembke (Germantown, WI), 14. Brandon Schirmer (Monroe, WI), 15. Jack Deem (South Wayne, WI),

RA Heating / AC Dash:1. Lyle Phillips (Edgerton, WI), 2. Brandon DeLacy (Stoughton, WI), 3. Steve Dickson (Rockton, IL), 4. Nick Schmidt (Watertown, WI), 5. David Schmidt (Cudahy, WI), 6. Ronnie Coppernoll (Sun Prairie, WI),

Central States Region Super Cups

Feature: (1-10)  Trevor Addams- South Beloit, IL, Jamie Domski- Genoa City, WI, Dallas Frueh- Aurora, IL, Noah Eisenhower- Freeport, IL, Steve Naples- Bartlett, IL, Alex Ertmann- Winnetka, IL, Mike Mucha- Bolingbrook, IL, Lucas Schmitt- Glendale Heights, IL, Drake Bendt- Janesville, WI, Zachary Tinkle- Park Ridge, IL

8 Lap Heat 1:  Trevor Addams, Noah Eisenhower, Dallas Frueh, Alex Ertmann, Steve Naples

8 Lap Heat 2: Zachary Tinkle, Jamie Domski, Lucas Schmitt, Mike Mucha, Drake Bendt

Qualifying:  Rained Out