Jeremy Miller Wins Salute to America 48 at Madison

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Dave Trute and Kyle Stark Also Back in Victory Lane

Jeremy Miller powered his way to victory lane in the Big 8 Late Model feature while Dave Trute took top honors in the Great Northern Sportsman Series and Kyle Stark ruled the Midwest Dash Series.

It’s Miller Time at Madison… Big 8 Style

Jeremy Miller started third in the twenty-four car field, took the lead on the second lap and never looked back as he won the 48 lap feature for the Big 8 Late Models in a caution free event.

Brady Liddle and Wayne Freimund brought the field to the green flag with Liddle taking the early lead with Jeremy Miller and Dale Nottestad wasting no time to challenge.

Miller took the lead coming out of turn two on lap 2 with Liddle and Nottestad fighting it out for second as the three broke away from the pack.  Two laps later Nottestad won his battle with Liddle for second with John Baumeister and Rich Schuman Jr. completing the top five.  On lap 9 both Schuman Jr. and Michael Bilderback moved up a position when they overtook Baumeister.

Out front Miller was building up a sizeable advantage of nearly two seconds over the field.  On lap 14 Bilderback worked past Schuman Jr. for third with Casey Johnson also moving into the top five.  On lap 18 Bilderback took the third spot from Liddle with Johnson and Zack Riddle also powering their way past Liddle.

On lap 29 Bilderback was closing fast on Nottestad for second and took the spot away, but he still had a lot of ground to catch the leader.  Two laps later, Johnson passed Nottestad for the third position.

Bilderback was doing his best to keep Miller in his sights, but with ten laps to go was nearly three seconds behind and hoping for a caution flag.  Making matters worse for Bilderback was getting caught behind lapped traffic with eight laps to go allowing Miller to keep his advantage.

But for Bilderback and the rest of the field the yellow flag would not come out and Miller would roll his way to victory lane in a dominant effort in the Salute to America race.  Bilderback finished in second followed by Johnson, Nottestad, and Riddle.

Fast time in qualifying was set by Jeremy Miller with a lap of 18.441 which broke his old Big 8 Late Model record at Madison.  Heat winners were Michael Ostdiek and Shane Morrissey.  Winners in the six lap dashes were Brady Liddle and Wayne Freimund.  Grant Griesbach won the twelve lap Last Chance race.

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Dave Trute Trumps the Sportsman Field

Dave Trute won the 25 lap feature for the Great Northern Sportsman Series when he took the lead with four laps to go.

Jamie Dummer and Mark DePorter brought the seventeen car field to the green flag.  DePorter took the early advantage from his outside starting position but only by half a car length over Dummer.  The first caution flag of the race came out on lap 4 for a spin on the backstretch.

DePorter maintained his lead on the restart with Rick Shermerhorn in second.  But it was Dave Trute on the move  as he was up to challenge for the lead and looked about to take it just before the caution flag waved when the cars of Jamie Dummer and Chad Smith tangled in turn four bringing out the second caution flag and ending both driver’s nights prematurely.

Following the restart, DePorter and Shermerhorn ran side by side with Trute in close pursuit with Scott Luck and Jason Thoma rounding out the top five.  On lap 9 Luck moved past Trute for third and then powered his way past Shermerhorn.  One lap later, Chris Weber raced his way past Shermerhorn for fourth followed by Paul Neisus.

On lap 15 Luck worked his way to the outside of DePorter before taking the lead on lap 16.  Trute overtook DePorter for second on lap 17, but it was Luck still out front by a car length as the two checked away from the field.  Would Luck be able to do something that not many drivers have done this year…hold off Dave Trute.

On lap 21 Trute found the room he needed and pulled to the inside of Luck to take the lead coming out of turn two and quickly checked away from the field.  Luck finished second followed by DePorter, Paul Neisus, and Chris Weber.

Dave Trute set a new GNSS track record at Madison with a lap of 19.960. Shawn Evans won the eight lap heat race.  Dash wins went to Paul Neisus and Randy Humfeld.

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Stark Shows the Way in the Midwest Dash Series

Kyle Stark did it again at Madison as the “King of the Four Cylinders” won the 20 lap feature for the Midwest Dash Series by topping the twenty-two car field.

Nick Schmidt took the lead from the pole and held it for two laps before James Bell took the lead coming down the front shoot.  Kyle Stark moved up to second followed by Zach Rodriguez. On lap 4 Stark pulled to the outside of Bell and one lap later took the lead coming out of turn four.  On lap 6 Rodriguez overtook Bell for second as the top three raced away from the rest of the field.

On lap 12 Rodriguez caught Stark but couldn’t quite make the pass for the lead as the two worked their way through lapped traffic.  With five laps to go and four lapped cars in front of them the leaders were able to maneuver their way through with Stark able to increase his lead.  But Rodriguez was going to come up just short as Stark picked up the win.  Following the top two were Bell, George Sparkman, and John Handeland.

Kyle Stark was the fastest qualifier with a lap of 21.750. Chris Gottschalk won the eight lap heat race.  Winners in the six lap Dash races were Zach Rodriguez and George Sparkman.

There will be no racing next Friday (July 1st) at Madison.  The next action comes up on Friday, July 8th with Hall of Fame Night featuring the Club LaMark NASCAR Late Models, Dave’s White Rock Sportsman, Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits, and Legends all racing double features. Plus there will be a Racer’s Reunion for former Madison drivers.  Pit gates open at 3:30, practice at 5:00, qualifying at 6:15, and racing at 7:30.


Big 8 Late Models

48 Lap Feature:  (1-10)  Jeremy Miller, Michael Bilderback, Casey Johnson, Dale Nottestad, Zack Riddle, J Herbst, Rich Schuman Jr., Brent Edmunds, John Baumeister Jr., Brady Liddle

(11-20)  Jon Reynolds Jr., Shane Morrissey, Michael Ostdiek, Matt Lundberg, Zach Less, Ryan Kamish, Wayne Freimund, Jake Zellmer, Mike Ehde, Grant Griesbach

(21-24)  Brody Willet, Cody Kippenhan, Tyler Hromadka, Tom Gille

10 Lap Heat 1:  (1-7)  Michael Ostdiek, Mike Ehde, Tory Adams, Brody Willet, Cody Kippenhan, Zach Less, Jared Duda- DNS

10 Lap Heat 2: (1-7)  Shane Morrissey, Ryan Kamish, Grant Griesbach, Jake Zellmer, Tyler Hromadka, Todd Oliver, Hunter Drefahl

6 Lap Odd Dash: (1-7) Brady Liddle, Jeremy Miller, John Baumeister Jr., Rich Schuman Jr., Casey Johnson, J Herbst, Jon Reynolds Jr.

6 Lap Even Dash: (1-7) Wayne Freimund, Dale Nottestad, Tom Gille, Zack Riddle, Michael Bilderback, Brent Edmunds, Matt Lundberg

12 Lap Last Chance Race:  (1-9)  Grant Griesbach, Zach Less, Brody Willet, Jake Zellmer, Cody Kippenhan, Tyler Hromadka, Jared Duda, Tory Adams, Todd Oliver, Hunter Drefahl-DNS

Qualifying (1-10)  Jeremy Miller- Rockford, IL,  Michael Bilderback- South Beloit, IL, Casey Johnson- Edgerton, WI, Zack Riddle- Brooklyn, WI, Rich Schuman Jr.- Portage, WI, Dale Nottestad- Cambridge, WI, J. Herbst- West Salem, WI, Brent Edmunds- Monticello, WI,John Baumeister Jr.- Beloit, WI, Tom Gille- Winnebago, IL

(11-20)  Jon Reynolds Jr.- Rockford, IL,  Matt Lundberg-  Rockton, IL, Brady Liddle- Oregon, WI,  Wayne Freimund- Elkhorn, WI, Michael Ostdiek- Lakeville, MN, Jake Zellmer- New Berlin, WI, Zach Less- Manchester, IA, Shane Morrissey- Cuba City, WI, Mike Ehde- Prairie du Chien, WI, Grant Griesbach- Waukesha, WI

(21-28)  Brody Willett- Alburnett, IA, Ryan Kamish- Bloomington, MN, Cody Kippenhan- Ypsilanti, MI, Todd Oliver- West Salem, WI, Tory Adams- Madison, WI, Hunter Drefahl- Evansville, WI, Jared Duda- St. Michael, MN, Tyler Hromadka- Brookfield, WI

Great Northern Sportsman Series

25 Lap Feature:  (1-10)  Dave Trute, Scott Luck, Mark DePorter, Paul Neisus, Chris Weber, Jason Thoma, Shawn Evans, Michael Gilomen, Mike Taylor, Tim Coley

(11-17)  Rick Johnson Jr., Randy Humfeld, Gary Hellenbrand, Rick Shermerhorn, Adam Oxborough, Jamie Dummer, Chad Smith

8 Lap Heat Race: (1-5) Shawn Evans, Tim Coley, Gary Hellenbrand, Rick Johnson Jr., Adam Oxborough

6 Lap Odd Dash: (1-6) Randy Humfeld, Jason Thoma, Dave Trute, Rick Shermerhorn, Michael Gilomen, Mark DePorter

6 Lap Even Dash: (1-6)  Paul Neisus, Chris Weber, Jamie Dummer, Scott Luck, Mike Taylor, Chad Smith

Qualifying (1-10)  Dave Trute-New Lisbon, WI, Scott Luck- North Freedom, WI,  Jason Thoma- Jefferson, WI, Chris Weber- Sparta, WI, Michael Gilomen- Northfield, MN, Chad Smith- Davis Junction, IL, Rick Schermerhorn- Coon Valley, WI, Mike Taylor- Stoughton, WI, Mark DePorter- Fort Atkinson, WI, Jamie Dummer- Tomah, WI

(11-17)  Randy Humfeld- Chaseburg, WI , Paul Neisus- Hastings, MN, Shawn Evans- Kenyon, MN, Tim Coley- Madison, WI, Adam Oxborough- New Prague, MN, Rick Johnson- West Salem, WI, Gary Hellenbrand- Verona, WI

Midwest Dash Series

20 Lap Feature:  (1-10)  Kyle Stark, Zach Rodriguez, James Bell, George Sparkman, John Handeland, Dave Auringer, Phil Malouf, Seth Green, Nick Schmidt, Chris Gottschalk

(11-20)  Brandon DeLacy, Aaron Randall, Chris Angrick, Lyle Phillips, Keith Bell, Scott Schlafke, Seth Reamer, Tim Finstad, Andy Raley, Mark English

(21-22)  Todd Snow, Hanna Raley

8 Lap Heat Race: (1-11) Chris Gottschalk, Aaron Randall, Keith Bell, Scott Schlafke, Lyle Phillips, Andy Raley, Hanna Raley, Seth Reamer, David Schmidt, Todd Snow, Tim Finstad

6 Lap Odd Dash:  (1-6) Zach Rodriguez, Kyle Stark, James Bell, Brandon DeLacy, Dave Auringer, Chris Angrick

6 Lap Even Dash: (1-6) George Sparkman, John Handeland, Seth Green, Phil Malouf, Nick Schmidt, Mark English

Qualifying (1-10)  Kyle Stark- Marshall, WI, George Sparkman- Loves Park, IL, Zach Rodriguez- Rockton, IL, John Handeland- Belleville, WI, Dave Auringer- Prior Lake, MN, Phil Malouf- Manitowish Waters, WI, James Bell- Fort Atkinson, WI, Mark English- Janesville, WI, Brandon DeLacy- Stoughton, WI, Seth Green- Milton, WI

(11-20)-  Chris Angrick- Fort Atkinson, Nick Schmidt- Watertown, WI, Chris Gottschalk- Fort Atkinson, Aaron Randall- Janesville, WI, David Schmidt- Cudahy, WI, Andy Raley- Fall River, WI, Lyle Phillips- Edgerton, WI, Seth Reimer- Jefferson, WI, Tim Finstad- Poynette, WI, Scott Schlafke-

(21-23)  Todd Snow, Keith Bell- Brodhead, WI, Hanna Raley- Fall River, WI