Jeremy Miller Back in Victory Lane at Madison

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Tackman, Gille, and Berg Also Winners

Jeremy Miller may have stepped away from weekly racing for the time being, but he quickly found his way back to a familiar place, victory lane, by winning the 48 lap race for the Big 8 Late Models on Racers’ Reunion Night at Madison International Speedway. Meanwhile, RJ Tackman picked up the win in the Mid American Racing Series with Tom Gille (Upper Midwest Vintage Series) and Mitchell Berg (HSRA) also getting wins.

As part of the Racers’ Reunion a group of former drivers was able to join the Big 8 Late Model drivers during their on-track introductions.

Miller Holds Off Rece for Big 8 Win

Jeremy Miller won the 48 lap feature for the Big 8 Late Models, It was his fifth Big 8 win at Madison going back to 2006. It was also his 18th career Late Model win at Madison.

The 22nd Big 8 race at Madison was brought to the green flag by Brent Edmunds and Franc Beldowski. The pair raced side by side for the first three laps with Beldowski finally able to get a slight advantage before a spin behind them brought out the caution flag.

Beldowski led the field back to the green flag followed by Edmunds and Shaun Scheel. He was able to open up a six car length lead followed by Edmunds, Will Rece, Michael Bilderback, and Shaun Scheel. On lap 9 Jeremy Miller broke into the top five while one lap later Rece and Bilderback moved up to second and third. Jeff Holmgren Jr. moved into fifth on lap 11 with Dale Nottestad into sixth.

On lap 16 Will Rece worked to the inside of Beldowski coming out of turn two to take the lead with Bilderback and Miller also getting by Beldowski. Nottestad worked his way into the top five on lap 18. At the half-way mark Rece was running strong out front as he had built up a three car length lead over Bilderback.

Things got very interesting on lap 26 when a car spun just ahead of Rece as he was coming out of turn three. Rece was able to move to the high side of the track to avoid making contact as the caution flag came out.

Rece brought the field back to green with Bilderback and Miller side by side behind him. Rece was able to increase his lead up to six car lengths while Miller and Bilderback were fighting it out for second. On lap 27 Bilderback and Jeff Holmgren Jr. made contact on the front stretch with Holmgren Jr. hitting the wall and bringing out another caution flag. Holmgren Jr. was able to stay on the track while Bilderback made a quick trip to the pits before returning.

Once again, Rece would lead the field back to the green flag while the three cars behind him at the time of the caution all chose to line up on the inside which allowed Shaun Scheel was able to move up to the outside of the second row next to Miller. When the green flag waved, Rece continued to lead with Miller in second and Nottestad and Shaun Scheel racing for third. Rece and Miller pulled away from the pack with Miller showing he had more speed as he took the lead on lap 31. Jon Reynolds Jr. passed Nottestad for third on lap 34 but had a lot of ground to cover in order to catch the top two who were pulling away from the field.

Out front Miller’s lead over Rece was increasing and time was quickly running out on the rest of the field as the race stayed green the rest of the way as Miller was able to hold off Rece to pick up the win. Following the top two were Reynolds Jr., Nottestad, and Shaun Scheel.

“The car was perfect all night. We tightened some things up after the heat races which was definitely the right call,” said Miller. “I’ve had a lot of good teachers, and I’ve been a pretty good student here over the years.”

Fastest in qualifying was Jeremy Miller with a lap of 18.577 (96.894 mph). Heat winners were Brent Edmunds, Shaun Scheel, and Jerry Mueller.

RJ Tackman Takes Home the Checkered Flag

RJ Tackman won the 25 lap feature for the Mid American Racing Series. It was his first career win in the series.

Bobby Gash and Jason Kolbe paced the field of twenty-three cars to the green flag. Gash jumped out to the early lead of four lengths over Kolbe and followed by RJ Tackman, Clay Curts, and Bill Prietzel. On lap 5 Kolbe pulled to the inside of Gash to challenge for the lead, but couldn’t make the pass. A spin behind the leaders brought out the caution flag on lap 6.

Gash chose to line up on the outside for the restart with Kolbe going inside followed by Tackman and Curts. Gash was able to maintain his lead over Kolbe for a lap before the two made contact coming out of turn three bringing out the caution flag and sending both cars to the back of the field.

This was good news for RJ Tackman who inherited the lead and chose to line up on the inside for the restart with Curts on the outside. It was a great restart for Tackman who wasted no time getting back in front of the field. However, moving up quickly behind the leaders was Ron Vandermeir Jr.who was challenging Curts for second as Tackman was building up a six car length lead. On lap 7 Vandermeir Jr. moved past Curts for second. Prietzel was now fourth followed by Andrew Meyerhofer. Two laps later Timmy Stewart raced by Meyerhofer to take the fifth position.

While Tackman continued his strong run out front, Vandermeir Jr. had cut his lead to three car lengths with eight laps to go. The biggest challenge for both Tackman and Vandermeir Jr. would be lapped traffic, but both were able to work their way around the slower cars. Tackman was able to increase his lead back to six lengths with four laps to go and continued his leading ways all the way to victory lane to pick up the win. Vandermeir Jr., Curts, Prietzel, and Stewart rounded out the top five.

“I have been chasing this win for seven years,” said a jubilant Tackman from victory lane. “This car was on rails all night long.”

Rick Corso was the fast qualifier with a lap of 19.456 (92.516 mph). Winners in the heat races were Dan Calhoun, RJ Tackman, and Jason Thoma.

Tom Gille Powers His Way to Victory Lane

Tom Gille took home the checkered flag in the 12 lap feature for the Upper Midwest Vintage Series.

Mike Breckenridge and Eric Melchior led the sixteen car field to the green flag. Breckenridge grabbed the early advantage with Melchior gaining the lead on the second lap followed closely by Justin Jessop. Jessop raced by Melchior on lap 4 to take the lead. But on the move was Tom Gille who quickly moved up to second one lap later. On lap 5 Gille moved to the outside of Jessop coming out of turn two to take the lead, but a spinning car would bring out the caution flag putting Jessop back in front.

Jessop led the field back to the green flag and Gille wasted no time taking back the lead. On lap 6 Jim Kulseth moved into third ahead of Melchior. But out front Gille had a huge advantage as he raced away from the field to pick up the win. Kulseth finished second followed by Jessop, Ralph Cottone, and Roger Peterson.

“It’s not the same car, but parts are off the original John Knaus car,” said Gille who added that some of those parts go back over forty years. In his career at Madison, Gille has now won in three different divisions including the Late Models and Madison Late Models.

Heat race wins went to Eric Melchior and Gille.

Mitchell Berg Best of the HSRA

Sporting the green and gold of Melrose Mindoro High School, Mitchell Berg won the 12 lap feature for the HSRA (High School Racing Association). It was his second win of the season.

Logan Miller took the early lead, but it was Mitchell Berg who wasted no time getting by Miller to take the top spot. Berg built his lead up to ten lengths at the half-way point as Miller and Elliott Hawkins were putting on a great race for second with Hawkins getting the spot on lap 8. Hawkins then went to work on Berg cutting his lead in half. With two laps to go Berg and Hawkins had to maneuver their way around lapped traffic with Berg able to maintain his lead and pick up the checkered flag.

From victory lane Berg said, “This is an awesome series that gets you into racing.”

The heat race was won by Elliott Hawkins.

Next week at Madison it’s Kids’ Night presented by Union 464 with free admission for all kids 11 and under plus bike, big wheel, and power wheel races along with bike giveaways. Racing action will be in the NASCAR Late Models, Dave’s White Rock MISfitz, Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits, and Roto Rooter 6Shooters.


Big 8 Late Models – Feature 48 Laps
1. 5JM-Jeremy Miller , Rockford, IL[10], 2. 77WR-William Rece , Stoughton, WI[6], 3. X-Jon Reynolds Jr , Loves Park, IL[15], 4. 2DN-Dale Nottestad , Cambridge, WI[9], 5. 8SS-Shaun Scheel , Lake Mills, WI[3], 6. 49JM-Jerry Mueller , Richfield, WI[12], 7. 2MB-Michael Bilderback , South Beloit, IL[8], 8. 61FB-Franc Beldowski , Rockford, IL[2], 9. 4SS-Stephen Scheel , Lake Mills, WI[5], 10. 6OG-Owin Giles , Elko New Market, MN[13], 11. 28BW-Bobby Wilberg , Beloit, WI[4], 12. 87BE-Brent Edmunds , Monticello, WI[1], 13. 7MH-Mitch Haver , West Bend, WI[14], 14. 93JB-John Beinlich , Carol Stream, IL[16], 15. 10DM-Dusty Mann , Swisher, IA[11], 16. 17MS-Mark Simonsen , Crystal Lake, IL[17], 17. 49MA-McKayla Adams , Sun Prairie, WI[19], 18. 32PD-Paul Dygon , Wind Lake, WI[22], 19. 14HR-Hanna Raley , Fall River, WI[18], 20. 5JH-Jeff Holmgren Jr , East Troy, WI[7], 21. 58TH-Tyler Hromadka , Colgate, WI[21], 22. 11RS-Randy Sargent , South Beloit, IL[20]


1. 5JM-Jeremy Miller, 18.5770; 2. 2DN-Dale Nottestad, 18.7050; 3. 2MB-Michael Bilderback, 18.7220; 4. 5JH-Jeff Holmgren Jr, 18.7400; 5. 77WR-William Rece, 18.8630; 6. 4SS-Stephen Scheel, 18.9210; 7. 28BW-Bobby Wilberg, 18.9350; 8. 8SS-Shaun Scheel, 18.9460; 9. 61FB-Franc Beldowski, 19.0050; 10. 87BE-Brent Edmunds, 19.0740; 11. 10DM-Dusty Mann, 19.1290; 12. 49JM-Jerry Mueller, 19.1570; 13. 6OG-Owin Giles, 19.1580; 14. 7MH-Mitch Haver, 19.1800; 15. 93JB-John Beinlich, 19.3210; 16. 17MS-Mark Simonsen, 19.4060; 17. 14HR-Hanna Raley, 19.5360; 18. 49MA-McKayla Adams, 19.5530; 19. 11RS-Randy Sargent, 19.6040; 20. 58TH-Tyler Hromadka, 19.6440; 21. 32PD-Paul Dygon, 20.1730; 22. X-Jon Reynolds Jr, NT

Big 8 Late Models – Heat 1 8 Laps
1. 87BE-Brent Edmunds , Monticello, WI[3], 2. 5JM-Jeremy Miller , Rockford, IL[6], 3. 5JH-Jeff Holmgren Jr , East Troy, WI[5], 4. 28BW-Bobby Wilberg , Beloit, WI[4], 5. 6OG-Owin Giles , Elko New Market, MN[2], 6. 17MS-Mark Simonsen , Crystal Lake, IL[1], 7. 11RS-Randy Sargent , South Beloit, IL[7]

Big 8 Late Models – Heat 2 8 Laps
1. 8SS-Shaun Scheel , Lake Mills, WI[4], 2. 77WR-William Rece , Stoughton, WI[5], 3. 7MH-Mitch Haver , West Bend, WI[2], 4. 10DM-Dusty Mann , Swisher, IA[3], 5. 58TH-Tyler Hromadka , Colgate, WI[7], 6. 14HR-Hanna Raley , Fall River, WI[1]

Big 8 Late Models – Heat 3 8 Laps
1. 49JM-Jerry Mueller , Richfield, WI[2], 2. 61FB-Franc Beldowski , Rockford, IL[3], 3. 2MB-Michael Bilderback , South Beloit, IL[5], 4. X-Jon Reynolds Jr , Loves Park, IL[8], 5. 4SS-Stephen Scheel , Lake Mills, WI[4], 6. 93JB-John Beinlich , Carol Stream, IL[1], 7. 49MA-McKayla Adams , Sun Prairie, WI[7], 8. 32PD-Paul Dygon , Wind Lake, WI[6]

Mid Am Racing Series – Feature 25 Laps
1. 3RT-Rick RJ Tackman , Hartford, WI[3], 2. 3RV-Ron Vandermeir Jr , Sheridan, IL[7], 3. 88CC-Clay Curts , Alsip, IL[4], 4. 5BP-Bill Prietzel , Hubertus, WI[5], 5. 18TS-Timmy Stewart , Griffith, IN[6], 6. 6JT-Jason Thoma , Jefferson, WI[11], 7. 88RC-Rick Corso , McHenry, IL[8], 8. 14AM-Andrew Meyerhofer , Menasha, WI[12], 9. 4DC-Dan Calhoun , McHenry, IL[18], 10. 16JV-John Ventrello Jr , Minooka, IL[17], 11. 37JK-Jason Kolbe , Lowell, IN[2], 12. 90TH-Tytus Helgestad , Edgerton, WI[13], 13. 40MW-Mike Wienc , Glen Ellyn, IL[21], 14. 76BG-Bobby Gash , Orland Park, IL[1], 15. 99JT-Jimmy Thorson , Sugar Grove, IL[15], 16. 99DL-Dale Lecus Jr , Caledonia, WI[14], 17. 54TS-Timmy Spatz , Hanover Park, IL[20], 18. 14AR-Andy Raley , Fall River, WI[19], 19. 32CV-Cameron Vandermeir , Sheridan, IL[22], 20. 7JC-Jim Cormack , Plover, WI[9], 21. 67KB-Keegan Bush , Hartford, WI[23], 22. 74SB-Steve Blair , Brownsburg, IN[16], 23. 8KC-Ken Calhoun , Johnsburg, IL[10]


1. 88RC-Rick Corso, 19.4560; 2. 3RV-Ron Vandermeir Jr, 19.5460; 3. 18TS-Timmy Stewart, 19.5600; 4. 5BP-Bill Prietzel, 19.5630; 5. 88CC-Clay Curts, 19.6470; 6. 3RT-Rick RJ Tackman, 19.6510; 7. 37JK-Jason Kolbe, 19.6530; 8. 76BG-Bobby Gash, 19.6910; 9. 7JC-Jim Cormack, 19.6990; 10. 8KC-Ken Calhoun, 19.7300; 11. 6JT-Jason Thoma, 19.7940; 12. 14AM-Andrew Meyerhofer, 19.9230; 13. 90TH-Tytus Helgestad, 19.9640; 14. 99DL-Dale Lecus Jr, 20.0590; 15. 99JT-Jimmy Thorson, 20.1530; 16. 74SB-Steve Blair, 20.1890; 17. 16JV-John Ventrello Jr, 20.1970; 18. 4DC-Dan Calhoun, 20.3270; 19. 14AR-Andy Raley, 20.5100; 20. 54TS-Timmy Spatz, 20.6560; 21. 40MW-Mike Wienc, 20.6730; 22. 32CV-Cameron Vandermeir, 21.1930; 23. 67KB-Keegan Bush, 21.3480

Mid Am – Heat 1 8 Laps
1. 4DC-Dan Calhoun , McHenry, IL[2], 2. 16JV-John Ventrello Jr , Minooka, IL[3], 3. 14AR-Andy Raley , Fall River, WI[1], 4. 74SB-Steve Blair , Brownsburg, IN[4], 5. 99JT-Jimmy Thorson , Sugar Grove, IL[5], 6. 40MW-Mike Wienc , Glen Ellyn, IL[7], 7. 54TS-Timmy Spatz , Hanover Park, IL[6], 8. 32CV-Cameron Vandermeir , Sheridan, IL[8], 9. 67KB-Keegan Bush , Hartford, WI

Mid Am- Heat 2 8 Laps
1. 3RT-Rick RJ Tackman , Hartford, WI[5], 2. 3RV-Ron Vandermeir Jr , Sheridan, IL[7], 3. 99DL-Dale Lecus Jr , Caledonia, WI[1], 4. 5BP-Bill Prietzel , Hubertus, WI[6], 5. 14AM-Andrew Meyerhofer , Menasha, WI[2], 6. 8KC-Ken Calhoun , Johnsburg, IL[3], 7. 76BG-Bobby Gash , Orland Park, IL[4], 8. 67KB-Keegan Bush , Hartford, WI[8]

Mid Am- Heat 3 8 Laps
1. 6JT-Jason Thoma , Jefferson, WI[2], 2. 37JK-Jason Kolbe , Lowell, IN[4], 3. 88RC-Rick Corso , McHenry, IL[7], 4. 88CC-Clay Curts , Alsip, IL[5], 5. 7JC-Jim Cormack , Plover, WI[3], 6. 90TH-Tytus Helgestad , Edgerton, WI[1], 7. 18TS-Timmy Stewart , Griffith, IN[6]

Upper Midwest Vintage – Feature 12 Laps
1. 98TG-Tom Gille , Winnebago, IL[11], 2. 20JK-Jim Kulseth , Rosemount, MN[12], 3. 8DG-Dave Gawronski , Reedsburg, WI[10], 4. 93BL-Brian Lee , Holmen, WI[9], 5. 97JJ-Justin Jessop , Black River Falls, WI[4], 6. 18RC-Ralph Cottone , Mindoro, WI[8], 7. 97EM-Eric Melchior , Watertown, WI[2], 8. 91RP-Roger Peterson , Plover, WI[5], 9. 8JB-Jay Bozart , Edgerton, WI[14], 10. 30MB-Mike Brekenridge , Northfield, MN[1], 11. 44CM-Chris Matz , Watertown, WI[3], 12. 21SH-Sean Herzog , Wausau, WI[7], 13. 74MW-Michael Wiesmann , Jefferson, WI[6]

Vintage – Heat 1 6 Laps
1. 97EM-Eric Melchior , Watertown, WI[2], 2. 91RP-Roger Peterson , Plover, WI[5], 3. 97JJ-Justin Jessop , Black River Falls, WI[4], 4. 30MB-Mike Brekenridge , Northfield, MN[1], 5. 8JB-Jay Bozart , Edgerton, WI[7], 6. 44CM-Chris Matz , Watertown, WI[3], 7. 74MW-Michael Wiesmann , Jefferson, WI[6], 8. 3LL-Lee Larsen , Brooklyn, WI[8]

Vintage – Heat 2 6 Laps
1. 98TG-Tom Gille , Winnebago, IL[8], 2. 8DG-Dave Gawronski , Reedsburg, WI[4], 3. 21SH-Sean Herzog , Wausau, WI[3], 4. 20JK-Jim Kulseth , Rosemount, MN[7], 5. 93BL-Brian Lee , Holmen, WI[5], 6. 18RC-Ralph Cottone , Mindoro, WI[2], 7. 55GP-Gene Pennington , Plainfield, IL[1], 8. 14KB-Kenny Baum , Appleton, WI[6]

HSRA – Feature 15 Laps
1. 2MB-Mitchell Berg , Mindoro, WI[3], 2. 4EH-Elliot Hawkins , Machesney Park, IL[5], 3. 00LM-Logan Miller , Rockford, IL[1], 4. 9JM-Jacob Mathison , Machesney Park, IL4], 5. 13JM-Jackson Martindale , Stillman Valley, IL[2], 6. 34KK-Kennedy Krueger , Sparta, WI[6]

HSRA – Heat 6 Laps
1. 4EH-Elliot Hawkins , Machesney Park, IL[3], 2. 9JM-Jacob Mathison , Machesney Park, IL2], 3. 2MB-Mitchell Berg , Mindoro, WI[4], 4. 13JM-Jackson Martindale , Stillman Valley, IL[1], 5. 00LM-Logan Miller , Rockford, IL[6], 6. 34KK-Kennedy Krueger , Sparta, WI[5]