Jacob Goede Tops the Field at Madison

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Potter, Schmidt, and Dahlberg Also Winners

After taking the lead on lap 7, it was smooth sailing for Jacob Goede who picked up the Late Model checkered flag tonight at Madison. Other winners included Landry Potter (MISfitz), Nick Schmidt (Bandits), and Jayden Dahlberg (High School Racing Association).

Goede’s Great at Madison Tonight

Jacob Goede made the five hour trip from Carver, Minnesota, a little more rewarding by taking home the win in the 30 lap feature for the NASCAR Late Models.

The field was brought to the field by Will Rece and Brady Liddle with Liddle taking the early lead. But on the move was Jacob Goede who was quickly up to second ahead of Rece. On lap 4 Bobby Wilberg was able to take the third spot from Rece.

On lap 7 Goede worked to the inside of Liddle coming down the front shoot and took the lead coming out of turn one. After starting 9th, Zack Riddle joined the top five one lap later. Goede’s lead opened up to seven car lengths on lap 12 with Riddle and Wilberg fighting it out for second. On lap 15 Wilberg was able to get the second spot from Liddle with Riddle now applying heavy pressure on Liddle for third.

With the action hot and heavy behind him, Goede was able to build a solid lead ahead of Wilberg and Riddle, the latter who had captured the third spot from Liddle on lap 18. Unfortunately, Liddle’s night would end one lap later when he took his car to the pits.

It seemed like the only thing that would slow down the speedy Goede would be a caution flag. Wilberg and Riddle desperately tried to reel him in with the laps quickly counting down, but the race stayed green the entire way allowing Goede to wheel his way to victory lane. Wilberg was able to hold off Riddle for second while Shaun Scheel and Stephen Scheel rounded out the top five.

“A couple of weeks ago we weren’t even able to run so we changed everything. It’s a great way to get things going especially when we make the five hour trip here,” said Goede.

Zack Riddle set fast time with a lap of 18.730 (96.103 mph) and also picked up the RA Heating and Air Conditioning Dash. Wins in the heat races went to Kyle Smith and Goede.

A Clean Sweep for Landry Potter

Landry Potter of Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, brought his modified to Madison and went home with a clean sweep as he won the 20 lap feature for the Dave’s White Rock MISfitz.

Rookie Eric Adrian and Tim Wondrash paced the field to the green flag. Wondrash took the point with Mike Taylor and Landry Potter in hot pursuit. On lap 2 Potter sprinted out to the lead with John Wood moving up to second.

By the half-way mark, Potter still held an eight car length lead while Ray Hellenbrand raced his way past Wood for second. Hellenbrand closed the gap to a couple of car lengths with six laps to go with Colton Morgan moving by Wood for third. With three laps to go, Hellenbrand moved to the outside of Potter looking to take the lead. But Potter was able to withstand the charge and hold off Hellenbrand by less than a car length to pick up the win.

“We just kind of threw this car together in one night. I am still learning the whole time thing,” said Potter from victory lane.

Potter was fastest in qualifying with a lap of 20.182 (89.188 mph). He also won the RA Heating and Air Conditioning Dash. Heat races were won by Potter and Ray Hellenbrand.

Nick Schmidt Back in Victory Lane

Nick Schmidt won the 25 lap feature for the Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits. It was his fourteenth career feature win at Madison.

Wanda Dobbs and Steve Dickson led the Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits feature field to the green flag. From the outside, Dickson took the early advantage with Ronnie Osborne up to second. On lap 7 Osborne took the point from Dickson with Nick Schmidt right on his tail. By lap 10 the two were running side by side with Osborne hanging tough on the outside. This allowed Jeremy Bredeson to join the mix. On lap 12 Schmidt was able to take the lead from Osborne with Bredeson moving into second one lap later.

With ten laps to go, Schmidt had opened up an eight car length advantage over Bredeson. With the laps winding down all Bredeson could hope for was a caution flag to negate Schmidt’s lead. But the race stayed green allowing Schmidt to comfortably race his way to victory lane. Bredeson, Osborne, Kevin Beyer, and Dickson rounded out the top five.

“It was a good night,” said Schmidt.

Fast time was Jeremy Bredeson with a lap of 15.007 (59.972 mph). Schmidt won the RA Heating and Air Conditioning Dash and the heat race.

Jayden Dahlberg Best of the High School Racing Association

In the first ever High School Racing Association event at Madison, Jayden Dahlberg of South Beloit, Illinois, held off Brandon Liddle to win the 15 lap feature on the famous “Ring of Fire.”

Brandon Liddle and Mady Meyers brought the field to the green flag. Liddle took the early lead with Chance Lounsbury and Ashton Kinsey running side by side for second. Liddle built up a five car length advantage over the field by lap 5 with Jayden Dahlberg passing both Lounsbury and Kinsey for second on lap 6.

Now Dahlberg set his sights on Liddle as he quickly closed the gap. On lap 10 Dahlberg squeezed his way inside of Liddle going into turn one and with grass flying took the lead and never looked back on his journey to the checkered flag. Liddle was second followed by Lounsbury, Kinsey, and Meyers.

“This is just unreal,” said a very excited Dahlberg from victory lane.

Ashton Kinsey won the heat race.

Late Models
Feature: (1-10) Jacob Goede, Bobby Wilberg, Zack Riddle, Shaun Scheel, Stephen Scheel, Will Rece, Brent Edmunds, Pat Richgels, Jeff Holmgren Jr., Braden Berge
(11-16) Kyle Smith, Hunter Drefahl, Gary Krueger, Brady Liddle, Jerry Stafford
RA Heating and Air Conditioning Dash: (1-6) Zack Riddle, Shaun Scheel, Stephen Scheel, Jeff Holmgren Jr., Jacob Goede, Brent Edmunds
Heat One: (1-8) Kyle Smith, Pat Richgels, Braden Berge, Hunter Drefahl, Will Rece, Jerry Stafford, Gary Krueger
Heat Two: (1-8) Jacob Goede, Brent Edmunds, Stephen Scheel, Bobby Wilberg, Shaun Scheel, Zack Riddle, Brady Liddle, Jeff Holmgren Jr.
Qualifying: (1-10) Zack Riddle, Shaun Scheel, Jeff Holmgren Jr., Stephen Scheel, Brent Edmunds, Jacob Goede, Bobby Wilberg, Brady Liddle, Will Rece, Pat Richgels
(11-16) Braden Berge, Kyle Smith, Vince Wilkinson, Hunter Drefahl, Jerry Stafford, Gary Krueger

Feature: (1-10) Landry Potter, Ray Hellenbrand, John Wood, Mike Taylor, Tim Wondrash, Rick Coppernoll, Eric Adrian, Dan Lerdahl, Colton Morgan
RA Heating and Air Conditioning Dash: (1-6) Landry Potter, Colton Morgan, Mike Taylor, Ray Hellenbrand, Tim Wondrash, John Wood
Heat One: (1-4) Ray Hellenbrand, Rick Coppernoll, Eric Adrian, Dan Lerdahl
Heat Two: (1-5) Landry Potter, Colton Morgan, Mike Taylor, John Wood, Tim Wondrash
Qualifying: (1-10) Landry Potter, Colton Morgan, Mike Taylor, John Wood, Tim Wondrash, Ray Hellenbrand, Eric Adrian, Rick Coppernoll, Dan Lerdahl, Chris Wangrow

Feature: (1-7) Nick Schmidt, Jeremy Bredeson, Ronnie Osborne, Kevin Beyer, Steve Dickson, Wanda Dobbs
RA Heating and Air Conditioning Dash: (1-6) Nick Schmidt, Jeremy Bredeson, Ronnie Osborne, Steve Dickson, Kevin Beyer, Wanda Dobbs
Heat One: (1-7) Nick Schmidt, Ronnie Osborne, Steve Dickson, Jeremy Bredeson, Kevin Beyer, Wanda Dobbs, Ben Rucker
Qualifying: (1-7) Jeremy Bredeson, Nick Schmidt, Ronnie Osborne, Kevin Beyer, Steve Dickson, Wanda Dobbs, Ben Rucker

Feature: (1-5) Jayden Dahlberg, Brandon Liddle, Chance Lounsbury, Ashton Kinsey, Mady Meyers
Heat One: (1-5) Ashton Kinsey, Jayden Dahlberg, Chance Lounsbury, Mady Meyers, Brandon Liddle

Racing continues on Friday, June 11th with Kids’ Night featuring a $1000 Coin Scramble presented by Oregon Community Bank and racing action in the Late Models, MISfitz, Bandits, and Bandoleros. All kids 11 and under admitted free.