Here Comes Jeff Storm

Here Comes Jeff Storm

Jeff Storm of Waterford, Wisconsin, is no stranger to super late model racing at MIS and is really looking forward to being back in 2013.

“My goal for 2013 is pretty simple.  Win!  I love the speed and the challenge of the half-mile and I know it takes a lot of hard work and preparation if you’re going to win at MIS.”

“What I love most about Madison is it’s a big half-mile, high speed type of track with two racing grooves.  It’s a very challenging race track.  Some of those challenges are it’s tough on brakes and being able to roll through the center of the tight corners.,” said Storm.

His greatest accomplishment at Madison occurred back in 2005 when he raced weekly in the super late model division, won a couple of races, and finished third in the points.  Last season he turned one of the fastest laps ever at Madison during qualifying with a circuit of 17.511 while setting fast time at the Fall Classic.

“My biggest accomplishment is probably the fact that I have been able to do this for twenty-five years and am fortunate enough to drive for an established car owner like Scott Dahlberg especially when you consider all of the young talent out there.  Still being able to be a threat to win races means a lot to me,” he added.

Storm has been around racing since his senior year in high school when he got involved in drag racing before purchasing a street stock in 1987.  “I got a little bored with drag racing so I built a circle track car,” he said.

Storm is quick to credit those who make it possible for him to race at tracks such as Madison.  “I have a dedicated crew that helps out at the shop when they can.  Guys like James Straube, Randy “Larry” Geldon, Nate Beirer, Mark Schoenburg, Russ Blakely, and Dan Kimball do whatever it takes to get things done.  My dad is probably still the best fabricator around that I know and he helps me out a lot.  I’ve been married for twenty-two years and my wife is very supportive along with my daughter, Jessica.  My family is very understanding.  This sport is basically all I do in the summer, and it takes all of my spare time,” he noted.

His sponsors include Great Lakes Components, Fiber-Tek Inc., Storm Trucking, and A.E.C Racing Engines.

He sums it all up by saying, “If you want to run up front, you have to work hard.  You get out of it what you put into it.  Effort is everything.”

Jeff Storm is another great example of one of the many talented drivers coming to MIS this summer.