Fun and Thrills at Friday Night Fright

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Trevor Chilson Scores 6Shooter Win

Trevor Chilson topped an eleven car field to win the 15 lap 6Shooter Feature as part of Friday Night Fright at Madison International Speedway. It was a big night of excitement featuring Gary Oscarson jumping the school bus through an RV, Vertical Mischief performing motorcycle stunts, drifting action, Mechanical Mischief and Tailgator Monster Trucks, Spectacular Drags, and a demolition derby. The night was capped off with a great fireworks show compliments of Thunder Cat Fireworks.

Marcos Kinder and Jared Konkol brought the eleven car field to the green flag. Konkol took the lead after won with Guenter Schwoerer up to second followed by Trevor Chilson. On lap 3 Schwoerer drifted high allowing Chilson to move into second place. On lap 4 Chilson powered his way past Konkol for the lead and quickly built up a big lead. Jim Ronspiez moved into second place on lap 6 and started to chase down Chilson.
Caution came out on lap 8 for a spin in turn three involving Kinder and Tony Lugo-Caruso.

After the green flag waved again, Chilson continued to lead with Ronspiez in hot pursuit followed by Konkol and Schwoerer. But in the end it was all Chilson who picked up his first-ever win at Madison. Ronspiez finished in second followed by Konkol, Kyle Dopkins, and Schwoerer.

“I want to thank everybody who helped me out,” said Chilson. “This is a team effort and it’s a blast. Everyone should come out and try this.”
Trevor Chilson and James Wells won the eight lap heat races.

Charlie Roland won the Spectacular Drags, Chad Gallagher won the demolition derby and the Madison Pace Truck edged the Rockford Pace Truck.

6 Shooters 9/11/2015
15 Lap Feature:1. Trevor Chilson (Middleton , WI), 2. Jim Ronspiez (Sun Prairie, WI), 3. Jared Konkel (Madison, WI), 4. Kyle Dopkins (Columbus, WI), 5. Guenther Schwoerer (McFarland, WI), 6. Marcos Kinder (McFarland, WI), 7. Antonio Lugo Caruso (McFarland, WI), 8. Preston Brandt (McFarland, ), 9. Robert Stoltz (Madison, WI), 10. James Wells (Monroe, WI), 11. Eric Vois (Madison, WI),

Heat 1:1. James Wells (Monroe, WI), 2. Jim Ronspiez (Sun Prairie, WI), 3. Antonio Lugo Caruso (McFarland, WI), 4. Guenther Schwoerer (McFarland, WI), 5. Jared Konkel (Madison, WI), 6. Robert Stoltz (Madison, WI),
Heat 2:1. Trevor Chilson (Middleton , WI), 2. Eric Vois (Madison, WI), 3. Kyle Dopkins (Columbus, WI), 4. Preston Brandt (McFarland, ), 5. Marcos Kinder (McFarland, WI),