Dennis Prunty Ready for Challenge at MIS

Dennis Prunty Ready for the Challenge

by John Wells

Dennis Prunty is ready to take on the Super Late Model Triple Crown Challenge at Madison International Speedway and hopes to build on his success from the 2012 season.  Last year he won the track championship at the Slinger Speedway and the title in the TUNDRA Series at Dells Raceway Park.

So what was the key to his success?

 “It took a lot of work.  It took focus and dedication.  It meant working on the car whenever I needed to do and making some changes to the car even if I won.  I needed to keep on top of things and worked hard on tire management.”

Now he looks ahead to the 2013 season.  “My main goal is to have fun and win races and not focus as much on point racing.  The half-mile at Madison is fast and you have to have everything perfect plus the level of competition is going to be very high.”

He began his racing career in 1991 and has worked his way up from Street Stocks to Midwest Modifieds to the Super Late Models.  “I had been going to races since I was four so it was in the family.  It’s was my parents, brother Dan, and Dave’s Repair that really got me started in the sport.”

“I remember my first race at MIS back in 1992…I won.”

Prunty won his first track championship at Slinger in 1999 in the Midwest Modifieds and followed it up with another crown in 2000 before entering the Super Late Model ranks in 2001.

Over the years Prunty has learned a great deal about racing and about himself.  “If your competitors don’t respect you, you will never be able to win a race.  You need to race people the way you want to be raced.” 

As for the people he has enjoyed racing against the most over the course of his career?  “Jerry Eckhardt, Conrad Morgan, Lowell Bennett, Dale Prunty, Mike Egan and the list goes on and on.  I’ve really enjoyed racing against Ross Kenseth when I travel and of course the guys with the big semis.”

If he could go back and change anything over his twenty plus years in racing what would it be?  “I had an opportunity to driver for Dale Weyer back in 1996.  I didn’t think I was good enough so I turned it down.  I always wonder where I would be now if had taken that ride.”

Prunty has some good advice for anyone who is considering going into racing.  “Unless you are going to make a career out of racing remember it is a hobby and it should be fun.  Keep your family and friends involved.  If you can’t afford it don’t do it or stay at a level you can afford.”

His own daughter might be one of those moving up in the racing world.  “If my daughter stays with it you will be hearing her name more often,” he added.

Wiedmeyer Express is Prunty’s primary sponsor for the 2013 season and like all racers he’s looking for more supporters to come on board.

See Dennis Prunty and the #42 car in this season’s Super Late Model Triple Crown Challenge at Madison International Speedway.