Completion of August 14 Late Model and Bandit Feature at start of August 28 Program at Madison Int’l Speedway

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No new cars will be added to either 8/14 feature on 8/28.

Late Models
LM will run on tires as stated on their 8/14 tire card for completion of 8/14 feature. A new tire card will be utilized for 8/28 feature.

Those with damaged tires will be allowed to run used tires in place but will forfeit running order, must be approved change.

Cars involved in lap 8 caution will be allowed to rejoin at tail of field, regardless of the extent of their damage as long as it is deemed to be in the same car as we allow cars to be worked on when off track during red flag conditions.

Field will be lined up single file and then when we go from Red (this is an extended Red Flag) to yellow they will be given the cone option except for cars involved in caution or whom went to pits prior to red flag

****line-up as they would have been given cone option Friday 8/14****
(Remainder not eligible for cone on lap 8 restart)
We will complete remaining 22 laps.
Any car unable to re-start will be awarded proper finishing position/pay based on last completed lap.

They will line-up for 8/14 feature as posted, any car not able to start will be scored/paid according to line-up, that row or rows will be rolled up.
1 35 Phillips 11 DiMaggio
2 9 Tolliver 77 Watters
3 49 Adams 695 Smith
4 5 Shelley 19 DeLacy
5 10 Dickson 09 Schmidt
6 10 Schmidt 51 Snyder
7 75 Schneeberg 06 Lembke
8 14 Alverson

Order of Events August 28
5pm Practice
6:15pm Qualifying for 8/28 program, new cars allowed, etc
7:00pm Drivers meeting
Remaining 22 laps of 8/14 LM Feature
8/14 Bandit Feature 20 laps
Opening Ceremonies minus LM/Bandit Dash (will draw at Drivers Mtg)
Sp Dash
LM Dash
Bandit Dash
Super Cup Heats
SP heat
LM heats
Bandit heats
Super Cup Feature
SP Feature
LM 8/28 Feature
Bandit 8/28 Feature
School Bus Jump

If you have any questions please contact Gregg McKarns at 608-835-9700 or
Thank you.