Chilson and Ledwidge Pick Up Madison Wins

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Trevor Chilson and Dandy Don Ledwidge picked up the wins tonight in the Roto Rooter 6Shooter features at Madison International Speedway. Kevin Whitford won the first annual 6Shooter Flag Pole Race.

The races were part of the third annual “Night of Destruction” that also featured Monster Trucks, drifting events, one on one spectator racing, a burn out contest, and a motorcycle exhibition. The night was capped off with a spectacular fireworks show that lit up the sky for ten miles in all directions.

In the first twelve lap feature race, Chilson took the lead from the start followed by Jim Ronspiez and Shaun Yingling. Ronsipiez did his best to chase down the leader, but Chilson was simply too strong and raced his way to victory lane by leading wire to wire. Ronspiez finished in second followed by Kevin Whitford, Ronnie Osborne, and Nick Krohn.

In the second twelve lap event, Don Ledwidge took the lead on lap 8 and led the rest of the way to pick up his first-ever feature win at Madison. Chris Brugger took the early and led the first four laps before Mike Bollinger wrestled away the top spot. Bollinger was able to lead for two laps before Ronnie Osborne took the top spot on lap 7. One lap later Ledwidge made his move to take the lead. The rest of the race belonged to Ledwidge who held off Ronspiez, Whitford, Osborne, and Bollinger.

Heat races were won by Mike Seidel and Mike Bollinger.

Seven drivers took the challenge to run the six lap Flag Pole race. Chilson was the dominant car for the first five laps before Whitford took over the lead on the final lap and took home the checkered flag. Chilson finished second followed by Osborne, Chad Niday, and Chris Brugger.

Nate Larson won the Spectacular Drags driving a yellow 2002 Mustang while Jared Marty topped the competition in the Burn Out competition.

The next event at Madison is the One on One Street Drags on Thursday, September 14th. Gates open at 6:00 with practice and “Grudge” racing at 6:30 followed by bracket racing in more than ten divisions at 7:30. Pit passes and grandstand admission is $10.00 with entry fees set at $10.00 per bracket.


Roto Rooter 6Shooters

A Feature 1

1. 101C-Trevor Chilson, [1]; 2. 99R-Jim Ronspiez, [3]; 3. 4W-Kevin Whitford, [7]; 4. 19O-Ronnie Osborne, [12]; 5. 8K-Nick Krohn, [9]; 6. 08L-Don Ledwidge, [10]; 7. 01B-Mike Bollinger, [14]; 8. 83X-Cory Xander, [4]; 9. 3S-Tyler Spiegel, [8]; 10. 55N-Chad Niday, [6]; 11. 54B-Chris Brugger, [5]; 12. 123Y Shaun Yingling, [2]; 13. 04L-Trent Ledwidge, [13]; 14. 66M-Ken Morris, [15]; 15. 11S-Mike Seidel, [11]; (DNS) 16B-Steve Buna, ; (DNS) 27G-Randy Grant, ; (DNS) 69J-David Johnson,

A Feature 2

1. 08L-Don Ledwidge, [7]; 2. 99R-Jim Ronspiez, [11]; 3. 4W-Kevin Whitford, [10]; 4. 19O-Ronnie Osborne, [9]; 5. 01B-Mike Bollinger, [6]; 6. 101C-Trevor Chilson, [12]; 7. 55N-Chad Niday, [3]; 8. 54B-Chris Brugger, [2]; 9. 123Y Shaun Yingling, [1]; 10. 04L-Trent Ledwidge, [13]; 11. 83X-Cory Xander, [5]; 12. 8K-Nick Krohn, [8]; 13. 11S-Mike Seidel, [15]; 14. 3S-Tyler Spiegel, [4]; (DNS) 69J-David Johnson,

Heat 1 6 laps | 00:00:00

1. 11S-Mike Seidel, [3]; 2. 8K-Nick Krohn, [2]; 3. 4W-Kevin Whitford, [4]; 4. 54B-Chris Brugger, [6]; 5. 99R-Jim Ronspiez, [1]; 6. 101C-Trevor Chilson, [7]; 7. 66M-Ken Morris, [5]; (DNS) 16B-Steve Buna, ; (DNS) 27G-Randy Grant,

Heat 2 6 laps | 00:00:00

01B-Mike Bollinger, [5]; 2. 19O-Ronnie Osborne, [7]; 3. 08L-Don Ledwidge, [1]; 4. 3S-Tyler Spiegel, [9]; 5. 55N-Chad Niday, [3]; 6. 83X-Cory Xander, [4]; 7. 123Y Shaun Yingling, [8]; 8. 04L-Trent Ledwidge, [2]; 9. 69J-David Johnson, [6

Flag Pole Race 12 laps

1. 4W-Kevin Whitford, [7]; 2. 101C-Trevor Chilson, [5]; 3. 19O-Ronnie Osborne, [4]; 4. 55N-Chad Niday, [3]; 5. 54B-Chris Brugger, [6]; 6. 69J-David Johnson, [2]; 7. 123Y Shaun Yingling, [1]