Bilderback and Riddle Take Home Late Model Checkered Flags at Madison

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Michael Bilderback won the first 30 lap feature for the NASCAR Late Models while Zack Riddle took home top honors in the second main event. For their efforts each driver took home $1000 for their wins. Madison will be paying $1000 to the winner of the late model features all season long.

Casey Johnson and Morgan Schissel paced the field to the green flag in the Worldwide Technology Raceway Enjoy Illinois 300 thirty lap feature for the NASCAR Late Models. Johnson jumped out to the lead with Shaun Scheel moving past Schissel for second. After four laps and a lot of position changes within the top ten, Scheel took the lead over Johnson with Michael Bilderback in third followed by Jon Reynolds Jr. On lap 7 Bilderback moved up to second with Reynolds Jr. into third ahead of Johnson before a backstretch spin brought out the caution flag.

Scheel maintained his lead following the restart but only for one lap before Bilderback slid to the inside to take over the top spot. On lap 10 Reynolds Jr. passed Scheel for second. But the car on the march was Dale Nottestad who by lap 12 had moved all the way up to fifth from his eleventh starting position just before the caution came out on lap 13.

Bilderback led the field back to the green followed by Reynolds Jr. who tried to work his way to the inside of the leader but coming up just short. Scheel, Nottestad, and Schissel continued to keep pace with the top three. With ten laps to go, Bilderback had increased his lead to three car lengths over Reynolds Jr. His lead continued to increase as the rest of the field was hoping for a caution flag that never came out as Bilderback picked up the win followed by Reynolds Jr., Scheel, Nottestad, and Schissel.

“First time at Madison with this car,” said Bilderback who obviously liked what he saw in the first race and was already planning his strategy for the second race.

Zack Riddle won his twenty-first career Late Model feature in the second 30 lap event.

Casey Johnson and Bobby Wilberg comprised the front row for the second feature sponsored by Trace My Space Custom Drawer Inserts. From the outside Wilberg took the lead on lap 3 with Zack Riddle up to second followed by Johnson, Austin Nason, and Jacob Goede. A spin on lap 7 brought out the first caution flag.

Wilberg continued to lead before drifting up the track coming out of turn two on lap 8 with Riddle gaining a slight advantage. On lap 10 a spin back in the field brought out the second caution flag. Riddle continued to lead following the restart and opened up an eight car length lead over Wilberg and Nason who were side by side for second. With 13 laps to go another spin brought out the caution flag and negated Riddle’s margin over the field.

Riddle chose to line up on the inside with Nason to the outside followed by Wilberg and Johnson in row two. Riddle continued to lead over Wilberg as the two broke away while Nason and Goede were fighting it out for third. On lap 19 Goede moved into third with Bilderback moving past Nason for fourth. But another spin brought out another caution.
Once again Riddle was able to maintain the lead with Goede passing Wilberg for second on lap 21 with Nason in third and Bilderback passing Wilberg for fourth on lap 23. But there was no denying the defending champion Riddle who cruised to victory lane. Goede, Nason, Bilderback, and Jon Reynolds Jr. rounded out the top five.

“We had a heckuva field of drivers here tonight. It’s great being able to race with these guys. “This feels like Madison of old, so many good cars here,” said Riddle.

Rusty Hansen won the RA Heating and Air Conditioning Dash. Quick time was set by Dale Nottestad with a lap of 18.585 (96.852 mph).

1. 2DN-Dale Nottestad, 18.5850; 2. 14ZR-Zack Riddle, 18.6160; 3. 14AN-Austin Nason, 18.6210; 4. 7RH-Russ Hansen, 18.6390; 5. X-Jon Reynolds, 18.6610; 6. 72JG-Jacob Goede, 18.7060; 7. 2MB-Michael Bilderback, 18.7220; 8. 28BW-Bobby Wilberg, 18.7220; 9. 8SS-Shaun Scheel, 18.7380; 10. 71MS-Morgan Schissel, 18.7930; 11. 5CJ-Casey Johnson, 18.8620; 12. 33KK-Kevin Knuese, 18.8740; 13. 37SR-Seth Reamer, 18.9130; 14. 19MH-Michael Haggar, 18.9640; 15. 4SS-Stephen Scheel, 18.9750; 16. 5JH-Jeff Holmgren, 18.9930; 17. 15PR-Pat Richgels, 19.0880; 18. 87BE-Brent Edmunds, 19.0910; 19. 66AP-Adam Peschek, 19.2270; 20. 17MS-Mark Simonsen, 19.2350; 21. 97KS-Kyle Smith, 19.2370; 22. 1JT-Josh Thiering, 19.4540; 23. 32PD-Paul Dygon, 20.7780

Late Models – Dash 6 Laps
1. 7RH-Russ Hansen , Sun Prairie, WI[7], 2. 14ZR-Zack Riddle , Oregon, WI[3], 3. 14AN-Austin Nason , Roscoe, IL[5], 4. 72JG-Jacob Goede , Carver, MN[11], 5. X-Jon Reynolds Jr, Loves Park, IL[9], 6. 2DN-Dale Nottestad , Cambridge, WI[1]

Late Models – Feature 1 30 Laps
1. 2MB-Michael Bilderback , South Beloit, IL[5], 2. X-Jon Reynolds Jr, Loves Park, IL[7], 3. 8SS-Shaun Scheel , Lake Mills, WI[3], 4. 2DN-Dale Nottestad , Cambridge, WI[11], 5. 71MS-Morgan Schissel , Rio, WI[2], 6. 72JG-Jacob Goede , Carver, MN[6], 7. 14ZR-Zack Riddle , Oregon, WI[10], 8. 14AN-Austin Nason , Roscoe, IL[9], 9. 28BW-Bobby Wilberg , Beloit, WI[4], 10. 5CJ-Casey Johnson , Edgerton, WI[1], 11. 7RH-Russ Hansen , Sun Prairie, WI[8], 12. 37SR-Seth Reamer , Marshall, WI[13], 13. 4SS-Stephen Scheel , Lake Mills, WI[15], 14. 33KK-Kevin Knuese , Waunakee, WI[12], 15. 5JH-Jeff Holmgren Jr, East Troy, WI[16], 16. 19MH-Michael Haggar , Hanover, MN[14], 17. 87BE-Brent Edmunds , Monticello, WI[18], 18. 15PR-Pat Richgels , Lake Mills, WI[17], 19. 97KS-Kyle Smith , Lake Mills, WI[21], 20. 17MS-Mark Simonsen , Crystal Lake, IL[20], 21. 1JT-Josh Thiering , South Beloit, IL[22], 22. 32PD-Paul Dygon , Wind City, WI[23], 23. 66AP-Adam Peschek , Oconomowoc, WI[19]

Late Models – Feature 2 30 Laps
1. 14ZR-Zack Riddle , Oregon, WI[4], 2. 72JG-Jacob Goede , Carver, MN[5], 3. 14AN-Austin Nason , Roscoe, IL[3], 4. 2MB-Michael Bilderback , South Beloit, IL[10], 5. X-Jon Reynolds Jr, Loves Park, IL[9], 6. 28BW-Bobby Wilberg , Beloit, WI[2], 7. 8SS-Shaun Scheel , Lake Mills, WI[8], 8. 71MS-Morgan Schissel , Rio, WI[6], 9. 5CJ-Casey Johnson , Edgerton, WI[1], 10. 19MH-Michael Haggar , Hanover, MN[16], 11. 87BE-Brent Edmunds , Monticello, WI[17], 12. 4SS-Stephen Scheel , Lake Mills, WI[13], 13. 33KK-Kevin Knuese , Waunakee, WI[14], 14. 5JH-Jeff Holmgren Jr, East Troy, WI[15], 15. 7RH-Russ Hansen , Sun Prairie, WI[11], 16. 97KS-Kyle Smith , Lake Mills, WI[19], 17. 15PR-Pat Richgels , Lake Mills, WI[18], 18. 17MS-Mark Simonsen , Crystal Lake, IL[20], 19. 37SR-Seth Reamer , Marshall, WI[12], 20. 1JT-Josh Thiering , South Beloit, IL[21], 21. 32PD-Paul Dygon , Wind City, WI[22], 22. 66AP-Adam Peschek , Oconomowoc, WI[23], 23. 2DN-Dale Nottestad , Cambridge, WI[7]