Baumeister Jr., Trute, Schmidt, and Buna Travel to Victory Lane at Madison

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Photo Courtesy Jess Riedner / Website

John Baumeister Jr. (NASCAR Late Models), Dave Trute (Dave’s White Rock Sportsman), Nick Schmidt (Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits), and Steve Buna (Roto Rooter 6Shooters) won feature races tonight at Madison International Speedway.

John Baumeister Jr. Leads Wire to Wire in Late Model Victory

John Baumeister Jr. took the lead from the start and never looked back as he picked up the win in the 30 lap feature for the NASCAR Late Models

Baumeister Jr. and Jon Reynolds Jr. led the field to the green flag. Baumeister Jr. jumped out the lead with Jeremy Miller moving past Reynolds Jr. for the second spot with Brent Edmunds and Will Rece rounding out the top five.

On lap 5 Reynolds Jr. took second back from Miller with Edmunds and Rece also passing Miller one lap later.

Baumeister Jr.’s advantage was nearly ten car lengths at the half way point of the race.

But the driver on the move was Shaun Scheel who was up to fifth on lap 16 and then passed Rece for fourth on lap 19 before going to work on Edmunds. As the three were fighting it out well behind the top two, Baumeister Jr. and Reynolds Jr. were checking away from the field.

On lap 24 Scheel muscled his way past Edmunds for third with Rece in tow. Reynolds Jr. did everything he could do to catch the leader, but Baumeister Jr. was simply too quick tonight as he cruised to victory lane. Rounding out the top five were Scheel, Rece, and Zack Riddle.

Shaun Scheel was fastest in qualifying with a lap of 18.912 (95.178 mph). Bobby Wilberg took the checkered flag in the Dash. Jon Reynolds Jr. and Zack Riddle won the heat races.

“We got the front row position and never looked back,” said Baumeister Jr. “We’re ready for next week’s Big 8 race here.”

Dave Trute Wins the Sportsman Bounty

Dave Trute held off Robert Hansberry Jr. in the 20 lap feature for the Dave’s White Rock Sportsman and picked up the $300 prize for winning the bounty.

Bryan Hellenbrand and Ray Hellenbrand paced the field to the green flag. Ray Hellenbrand took the early advantage with Gary Hellenbrand moving up to second and Chad Smith to third. On the move were the cars of Jason Stark and Dave Trute who moved up third and fourth on lap 3.

One lap later Stark moved past Gary Hellenbrand for second with Trute following right behind him in third. Robert Hansberry Jr. cracked the top five on lap 7. But out front it was Ray Hellenbrand who was building up a sizeable lead over the field.

By the half-way point both Stark and Trute had caught Ray Hellenbrand with Stark taking the lead coming out of turn two on lap 11 with Trute passing Hellenbrand coming out of four. Meanwhile, Hansberry Jr. was now up to fourth with a lot of real estate between him and the top three.

With five laps to go Stark and Trute were battling it out for the lead when two cars back in the pack got together bringing out the race’s first caution flag.

This brought out the cone for the restart with Stark choosing the inside and Trute the outside with Ray Hellenbrand going inside and Hansberry Jr. outside in the second row.

It was a great restart for Trute who quickly jumped out to a two car length lead over Stark and Hansberry Jr. Hansberry Jr. was able to wrestle the second spot away from Stark going down the backstretch. It looked like it might be smooth sailing for Trute, but the caution flag came out with two laps to go when the cars of Gary Hellenbrand and Tim Wondrash got together in turn two.

Trute would bring the field back to green single file with Hansberry Jr. right behind him. Despite his best efforts, Hansberry Jr. was unable to get by Trute who was able to hold on for the win. Jason Stark, Jake Schraufnagel, and Jay Kalbus rounded out the top five. Following post race inspection Stark’s car was disqualified.

“I tried to save the car as much as I could for the end. The caution flags tightened things up a little bit. It feels good to win, the hour and a half drive was worth it,” said Trute from victory lane.

Hansberry Jr. set fast time with a lap of 19.987 (90.059 mph). Dan Harris was declared the winner in the six lap Dash. Heat races were won by Mike Taylor and Dave Trute.

Two in a Row for Nick Schmidt

For the second time this year Nick Schmidt picked up a feature win for the Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits.

Ronnie Osborne and James Junget brought the Bandits field to the green flag in their 25 lap feature. The pair ran side by side for the first two circuits before Junget cleared Osborne for the lead on lap 3. Dave Schmidt moved into third on lap 4 before taking the second position one lap later.

Junget and Schmidt put some distance between themselves and the third place car of Steve Dickson. On lap 8 Nick Schmidt moved past McKayla Adams to take fourth.

By lap 10 Junget and Dave Schmidt were running side by side for the lead which allowed Dickson and Nick Schmidt to gain some ground. On lap 13 Nick Schmidt passed Dickson for third and moved into second place on lap 15.

On lap 17 Nick Schmidt worked to the outside of Junget coming out of turn two to take the lead and wasted no time building up a six car length lead over the field. With four laps to go Lyle Phillips joined the mix racing alongside Junget while Nick Schmidt was checking away out front.

There was no stopping Nick Schmidt tonight as he cruised to victory lane. Phillips finished second followed by Junget, Adams, and Dickson.

Nick Schmidt set fast time with a lap of 14.786 and also captured the Dash. Steve Dickson and Dave Schmidt were victorious in the heat races.

Steve Buna Picks Up First 6Shooter Win

Steve Buna won the 15 lap feature for the Roto Rooter 6Shooters.

Trevor Chilson and Todd Carteron brought the field of 6Shooters to the green flag. Chilson jumped out to a big lead as the pack bunched up behind him. Steven Buna was running second, but it was Brandon Riedner quickly up to third by lap 3 after starting seventh. On lap 5 Jim Ronspiez worked to the inside of Riedner as the two battled it out for third.

A spin in turn one on lap 6 brought out the caution flag and negated Chilson’s advantage out front. Chilson was able to maintain his lead over Buna by two car lengths. With four laps to go Buna worked his way to the outside of Chilson and took the lead one lap later with Riedner moving into second with two to go.

While Riedner and Ronspiez were fighting it out for second, Buna raced his way to victory lane.

“This is a new car for me this year,” said Buna from victory lane. “If you have $400 this is a great place to race.”

Heat races were won by Chad Niday and Brandon Riedner.

Coming up on June 29thit’s the Colony Brands Salute to America Night featuring the Bytec Inc. Dairyland 100. for the USAC Silver Crown Series and the Montgomery Ward 48 for the Big 8 Late Models.

See the Silver Crown cars approach speeds of over 140 mph on Wisconsin’s Fastest Half-Mile. Topping off the evening will be the area’s biggest and best aerial and ground fireworks display presented by Spielbauer Fireworks. Qualifying begins at 6:15 with racing at 7:30.


NASCAR Late Models
A Feature 1 30 laps
1. 19B-John Baumeister, [1]; 2. X-Jon Reynolds Jr, [2]; 3. 8S-Shaun Scheel, [8]; 4. 15WR-Will Rece, [7]; 5. 14R-Zack Riddle, [6]; 6. 87E-Brent Edmunds, [5]; 7. 28W-Bobby Wilberg, [9]; 8. 5M-Jeremy Miller, [3]; 9. 00W-Brody Willett, [4]; 10. 37S-Jason Schuler, [14]; 11. 15R-Pat Richgels, [10]; 12. 14T-Kyle Taylor, [11]; 13. 32H-Ken Hoff Jr., [13]; 14. 3G-Shawn Gunsolus, [12] Dash 1 6 laps
1. 28W-Bobby Wilberg, [6]; 2. 8S-Shaun Scheel, [4]; 3. 14R-Zack Riddle, [3]; 4. 00W-Brody Willett, [5]; 5. 87E-Brent Edmunds, [1] Heat 1 8 laps | 00:00:00
1. X-Jon Reynolds Jr, [5]; 2. 37S-Jason Schuler, [7]; 3. 15R-Pat Richgels, [3]; 4. 19B-John Baumeister, [4]; 5. 3G-Shawn Gunsolus, [1]; 6. 14T-Kyle Taylor, [2]; 7. 32H-Ken Hoff Jr., [6] Heat 2 8 laps
1. 14R-Zack Riddle, [4]; 2. 15WR-Will Rece, [5]; 3. 00W-Brody Willett, [1]; 4. 8S-Shaun Scheel, [6]; 5. 28W-Bobby Wilberg, [3]; 6. 5M-Jeremy Miller, [7]; 7. 87E-Brent Edmunds, [2] Qualifying 1
1. 8S-Shaun Scheel, [10]; 2. 15WR-Will Rece, [6]; 3. 14R-Zack Riddle, [9]; 4. 28W-Bobby Wilberg, [13]; 5. 87E-Brent Edmunds, [2]; 6. 00W-Brody Willett, [14]; 7. 5M-Jeremy Miller, [5]; 8. X-Jon Reynolds Jr, [7]; 9. 37S-Jason Schuler, [11]; 10. 19B-John Baumeister, [1]; 11. 15R-Pat Richgels, [8]; 12. 14T-Kyle Taylor, [12]; 13. 3G-Shawn Gunsolus, [3]; 14. 32H-Ken Hoff Jr., [4]

Dave’s White Rock Sportsman
A Feature 1 20 laps
1. 2T-Dave Trute, [10]; 2. 95H-Robert Hansberry, [11]; 3. 29S-Jake Schraufnagel, [9]; 4. 27K-Jay Kalbus, [5]; 5. 99TR-Trevor Robinson, [3]; 6. 25H-Dan Harris, [7]; 7. 78H-Ray Hellenbrand, [2]; 8. 1H-Bryan Hellenbrand, [1]; 9. 7M-Sam Messel, [14]; 10. 00H-Gary Hellenbrand, [4]; 11. 84W-Tim Wondrash, [13]; 12. 82S-Chad Smith, [6]; 13. 4T-Mike Taylor, [12]; (DQ) 63S-Jason Stark, [8]

Dash 1 6 laps
1. 25H-Dan Harris, [2]; 2. 95H-Robert Hansberry, [6]; 3. 2T-Dave Trute, [5]; 4. 82S-Chad Smith, [1]; 5. 29S-Jake Schraufnagel, [4]; (DQ) 63S-Jason Stark, [3] Heat 1 8 laps
1. 78H-Ray Hellenbrand, [5]; 2. 7M-Sam Messel, [1]; 3. 4T-Mike Taylor, [3]; 4. 00H-Gary Hellenbrand, [7]; 5. 84W-Tim Wondrash, [2]; 6. 1H-Bryan Hellenbrand, [4]; 7. 99TR-Trevor Robinson, [6] Heat 2 8 laps
1. 2T-Dave Trute, [6]; 2. 95H-Robert Hansberry, [7]; 3. 27K-Jay Kalbus, [1]; 4. 29S-Jake Schraufnagel, [5]; 5. 25H-Dan Harris, [3]; 6. 82S-Chad Smith, [2]; (DQ) 63S-Jason Stark, [4] Qualifying 1 2 laps
1. 95H-Robert Hansberry, [1]; 2. 2T-Dave Trute, [13]; 3. 29S-Jake Schraufnagel, [9]; 4. 25H-Dan Harris, [2]; 5. 82S-Chad Smith, [10]; 6. 27K-Jay Kalbus, [6]; 7. 00H-Gary Hellenbrand, [4]; 8. 99TR-Trevor Robinson, [8]; 9. 78H-Ray Hellenbrand, [5]; 10. 1H-Bryan Hellenbrand, [3]; 11. 4T-Mike Taylor, [12]; 12. 84W-Tim Wondrash, [14]; 13. 7M-Sam Messel, [7]; (DQ) 63S-Jason Stark, [11]

Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits
A Feature 1 20 laps
1. 09S-Nick Schmidt, [8]; 2. 35P-Lyle Phillips, [6]; 3. 695J-James Junget, [2]; 4. 49A-McKayla Adams, [7]; 5. 10D-Steve Dickson, [3]; 6. 83K-Bill Kohn, [4]; 7. 10S-Dave Schmidt, [5]; 8. 19O-Ronnie Osborne, [1]; 9. 92R-Josh Rusch, [9] Dash 1 6 laps
1. 09S-Nick Schmidt, [5]; 2. 35P-Lyle Phillips, [3]; 3. 49A-McKayla Adams, [1]; 4. 10S-Dave Schmidt, [4]; 5. 10D-Steve Dickson, [2]; 6. 83K-Bill Kohn, [6] Heat 1 8 laps
1. 10D-Steve Dickson, [3]; 2. 695J-James Junget, [2]; 3. 83K-Bill Kohn, [4]; 4. 19O-Ronnie Osborne, [1]; 5. 92R-Josh Rusch, [5] Heat 2 8 laps
1. 10S-Dave Schmidt, [1]; 2. 35P-Lyle Phillips, [2]; 3. 49A-McKayla Adams, [3]; 4. 09S-Nick Schmidt, [4] Qualifying 1
1. 09S-Nick Schmidt, [9]; 2. 49A-McKayla Adams, [1]; 3. 35P-Lyle Phillips, [6]; 4. 10S-Dave Schmidt, [8]; 5. 83K-Bill Kohn, [4]; 6. 10D-Steve Dickson, [2]; 7. 695J-James Junget, [3]; 8. 19O-Ronnie Osborne, [5]; 9. 92R-Josh Rusch, [7]

Roto Rooter 6Shooters
A Feature 1 12 laps
1. 16B-Steve Buna, [3]; 2. 18R-Jim Ronspiez, [8]; 3. 4D-Brandon Riedner, [7]; 4. 101C-Trevor Chilson, [1]; 5. 5JM-Josh Morris, [5]; 6. 55N-Chad Niday, [6]; 7. 08L-Don Ledwidge, [11]; 8. 28M-Vanessa Morales, [9]; 9. 78M-Ken Morris, [10]; 10. 151C-Todd Carteron, [2]; 11. 19O-Ronnie Osborne, [4]; 12. 4W-Kevin Whitford, [12] Heat 1 6 laps
1. 55N-Chad Niday, [5]; 2. 101C-Trevor Chilson, [1]; 3. 16B-Steve Buna, [4]; 4. 08L-Don Ledwidge, [2]; 5. 28M-Vanessa Morales, [3] Heat 2 6 laps
1. 4D-Brandon Riedner, [4]; 2. 18R-Jim Ronspiez, [5]; 3. 78M-Ken Morris, [6]; 4. 19O-Ronnie Osborne, [2]; 5. 151C-Todd Carteron, [1]; 6. 5JM-Josh Morris, [3]