Badgerland Madison Pre-Event Notes of Interest

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As we head into this Friday Night’s (August 5) rescheduled Badgerland Challenge Event, we wanted to share the following information to answer various questions.  I have the Dixieland this Tuesday at WIR, so I wanted to get this information to you well ahead of Friday.  Please read through this Call, text, email or facebook me if you have any questions, I can’t promise I will get right back to you but I will try.


Thank you for supporting us at MIS and the Badgerland Challenge.

Gregg McKarns
815-703-0285 cell/text

Friday August 5 Schedule of Events:  
3:30pm Pit Gates Open
5pm Practice
6pm Spectator Gates Open
6:15 Qualifying for Sportsman (2 Laps)
Drivers Meeting to Follow
6:45pm Fan Autograph Session on-track, all cars and drivers on track
7:20pm Opening Ceremonies
7:30pm Racing Begins
Sportsman Dash
6shooter Feature #1
Green Mamba Jet Fire Show
Sportsman Heats
Late Model Feature
Bandit Feature
Sportsman Feature
6shooter Feature #2
Green Mamba Jet Car Meltdown

LATE MODELS: The feature field will line-up minus any cars that were in the original June 10 line-up that are unable to return.  ONLY IF the feature field is under the original 26 car starting field will we then add cars to the tail of the field based on Badgerland and MIS points.  Once again, your 15 day NASCAR License will be covered for you. If you know you are unable to compete and were in original field OR you were not in field and would like to compete this Friday night please let me know ASAP by email at

LATE MODEL TIRES: Weekly MIS teams will be allotted two new tires into the Tire Bank for this show.  Weekly teams are still required to utilize tires from their bank, with a maximum of 2 of those being new.  Non-weekly teams are also allowed a maximum of 2 new tires for this event and must present two used tires prior to being allowed to practice on Friday, at which time they will be given a practice decal to allow them on the track.

SPORTSMAN: Sportsman completed their feature event on June 10, therefor this Friday night will be a full racing program with Qualifying, Dash and Heats and the 20 lap feature event, this is NOT part of the Badgerland Challenge.  That being said, any and all Sportsman Cars are invited to compete this Friday night.  No car may have more than one new tire on their car (max 1 new, min 3 used).

QUEST SPORTSMAN INCENTIVE: Quest Industrial has indicated that they will sponsor 3 pit passes for each Sportsman team competing on August 5, additionally your 15 day NASCAR License will be covered.

BANDITS:  The feature field will line-up minus any cars that were in original line-up that are unable to return.  YES, we will add cars to the tail of the line-up as it was not a full field, meaning if you were not here on June 10 YOU CAN STILL RACE this Friday night.
6shooters:  With your limited number of events on the schedule, you will be able to run two features on Friday.  The first feature will utilize the line-up from June 10 plus any additional ‘new’ cars added to the back of the field as it was not a full field.  We will use the finish of the first feature to line-up the second feature.

AUTOGRAPHS: All teams will be on-track for the autograph session this Friday night, please come prepared with autograph cards, pens/markers, sponsor handouts and anything else such as candy that you may want to hand out to the race fans.  This is a great opportunity to interact with the short track faithful, please take advantage of it.

RAINCHECKS: Pit Pass Wristbands from June 10 were (Member) Yellow Flame 84751-84860 and (non-Member) Solid Yellow 46001-46164).

Late Models
Row 1:  33K / 19B
Row 2:  5B / 2N
Row 3:  40G / 87E
Row 4:  28W / XR
Row 5:  5J / 5M
Row 6:  7H / 14R
Row 7:  17G / 78L
Row 8:  11L / 71O
Row 9:  95F / 4S
Row 10:  15R / 3G
Row 11:  8S / 77L
Row 12:  84V / 97S
Row 13:  99D / 32H

Row 1:  35P / 695J
Row 2:  10S / 10D
Row 3:  09S / 19D
Row 4:  9T / 49A
Row 5:  95L / 70B
Row 6:  7M / 77W

Row 1:  7K / 47LC
Row 2:  04W / 55N
Row 3:  8K / 7S
Row 4: 103M / 18R
Row 5: 101C / 11