A Clean Sweep for Nick Schmidt in the Bandits

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Nick Schmidt earned a clean sweep tonight in the Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits. With his two wins, he now has five feature wins in a row for the season and 21 wins in his career at Madison.

Ryan Oetzel and Ethan Degner paced the field to the green flag in the first 20 lap feature for the Bandits. Oetzel took the early lead over Degner and Stephen Hillary. On lap 4 Nick Schmidt had worked his way up to third and began hunting down Oetzel. On lap 8 Schmidt moved to the outside of Oetzel to take the lead. A good battle was taking place behind the top two with Nick Newton and Bart Brockmann fighting it out for third. A spin on lap 14 brought out the caution flag and taking away Schmidt’s margin.

The cone came out for the restart with Schmidt lining up on the inside and Brockmann on the outside with Oetzel and Newton in the second row. Brockmann drifted up the track allowing Schmidt to regain the lead and build a six car length lead. A spin in front of the leader with two laps to go brought out the second caution of the race.

Carson Phillips, who had moved into third before the caution, elected to line up to the outside of the restart. Schmidt was simply too quick and cruised to victory lane followed by Brockmann and Phillips.

From victory lane, Schmidt thanked everyone who helps make it possible for him to race each week.

Nick Schmidt picked up the clean sweep by winning the second 20 lap feature for the Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits.

RJ Nicholson took the early lead with Ethan Degner and Jake Biever winning the battle to get to second and third. On lap 8 Biever moved to second with Nick Schmidt up to third and taking second on lap 10. On lap 13 Schmidt took the lead from Nicholson. On lap 16 Bart Brockmann made a bold move going three wide and taking second followed by Nick Newton, Mike Beyer, and Biever. But nobody could catch Schmidt as the race went green the rest of the way as he took home his second checkered.
“I’m going to keep working harder and harder to get back to victory lane,” said Schmidt.

Nick Schmidt was fast qualifier with a lap of 15.046 (59.817 mph) and also made it three wins in a row in the RA Heating and Air Conditioning Dash.


1. 09NS-Nick Schmidt, 15.0460; 2. 70BB-Bart Brockmann, 15.1990; 3. 10DS-Dave Schmidt, 15.3840; 4. 15CP-Carson Phillips, 15.3990; 5. 41NN-Nick Newton, 15.4740; 6. 64TR-Trent Rueth, 15.6560; 7. 44RN-RJ Nicholson, 15.6850; 8. 08SH-Stephen Hillary, 15.7000; 9. 62ED-Ethan Degner, 15.7110; 10. 5RO-Ryan Oetzel, 15.9260; 11. 0JB-Jake Biever, 15.9450; 12. 70MB-Mike Beyer, 15.9830; 13. 61BD-Brandon Delacy, 16.3630; 14. 65TH-Tyler Hibner, 16.3820; 15. 44JK-Jeremy Kirnberger, 17.4090

Bandits – Dash 6 Laps
1. 09NS-Nick Schmidt , Watertown, WI[4], 2. 10DS-Dave Schmidt , Cudahy, WI[2], 3. 70BB-Bart Brockmann , Rockford, IL[3], 4. 15CP-Carson Phillips , Edgerton, WI[1], 5. 41NN-Nick Newton , Jefferson, WI[5], 6. 64TR-Trent Rueth , Johnson Creek, WI[6]

Bandits – Feature 1 20 Laps
1. 09NS-Nick Schmidt , Watertown, WI[10], 2. 70BB-Bart Brockmann , Rockford, IL[9], 3. 15CP-Carson Phillips , Edgerton, WI[7], 4. 41NN-Nick Newton , Jefferson, WI[6], 5. 70MB-Mike Beyer , Machesney Park, IL[12], 6. 5RO-Ryan Oetzel , Brodhead, WI[1], 7. 08SH-Stephen Hillary , Beloit, WI[3], 8. 62ED-Ethan Degner , Watertown, WI[2], 9. 0JB-Jake Biever , Janesville, WI[11], 10. 44RN-RJ Nicholson , Oregon, WI[4], 11. 65TH-Tyler Hibner , Oregon, WI[14], 12. 44JK-Jeremy Kirnberger , Janesville, WI[15], 13. 10DS-Dave Schmidt , Cudahy, WI[8], 14. 64TR-Trent Rueth , Johnson Creek, WI[5], 15. 61BD-Brandon Delacy , Mcfarland, WI[13]

Bandits – Feature 2 20 Laps
1. 09NS-Nick Schmidt , Watertown, WI[11], 2. 70BB-Bart Brockmann , Rockford, IL[10], 3. 41NN-Nick Newton , Jefferson, WI[8], 4. 70MB-Mike Beyer , Machesney Park, IL[7], 5. 0JB-Jake Biever , Janesville, WI[3], 6. 10DS-Dave Schmidt , Cudahy, WI[13], 7. 44RN-RJ Nicholson , Oregon, WI[2], 8. 15CP-Carson Phillips , Edgerton, WI[9], 9. 62ED-Ethan Degner , Watertown, WI[4], 10. 64TR-Trent Rueth , Johnson Creek, WI[14], 11. 5RO-Ryan Oetzel , Brodhead, WI[6], 12. 08SH-Stephen Hillary , Beloit, WI[5], 13. 65TH-Tyler Hibner , Oregon, WI[1], 14. 44JK-Jeremy Kirnberger , Janesville, WI[12]