Attention Super Late Model Teams

Attention Super Late Model Teams:

The objective of Madison International Speedway now and in the future will be to improve our racing program and to let all of you that participate be able to better afford your sport. As we all know our sport is very financially demanding. We have to continue to modify our racing program to make it easier for the up and comers to be able to compete with the veterans who excel week after week on the track. I hope that you will recognize that we are not attempting to disadvantage those of you that have the benefit of experience and age; you are the ones who keep racing in the forefront for our sport around the world.


It was very apparent to all of us at MIS that we suffered from a small field of cars at our last two Friday nights. We are aware that the fans did not get good value on either evening and may not return in the future. This is something we have to avoid. We are going to do all we can at MIS to avoid disappointing your & our fans.


We respect all of you that love and participate in this sport and we have been listening to your suggestions. In that regard we are immediately changing the purse for the Triple Crown Series to better reward the racers deeper in the field. We hope this will bring more super- late models for these events.


We really appreciate all of you who have supported us in the past and present; you are the best short track racers in the business and I thank you for racing at Madison. Changing the purse is not appealing to any of us, but maybe a few extra dollars to those that finish further back will allow them to race at all of our events which will help them improve their skills. I hope you all will support this effort.


We appreciate your input!



Terry Kunes




Payout:  Triple Crown Challenge Race #3

1st:  $2500                                    12th:  $650

2nd:  $1500                                    13th:  $625

3rd:  $1000                                    14th:  $600

4th:  $950                                    15th:  $575

5th:  $900                                    16th-20th:  $550

6th:  $850                                    21st-23rd:  $525

7th:  $825                                    24th-26th:  $500

8th:  $800

9th:  $750

10th: $700

11th: $675