New Opportunities for Bandits at MIS

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Great Opportunities for the Bandits at MIS

The Pellitteri Waste Systems Bandits will be in action throughout July and August at MIS with some new twists added to their racing program thanks to sponsors who want to see the division grow and get more drivers into the sport.

E15 Ethanol Bandit Challenge

The Wisconsin Corn Growers and The United Wisconsin Grain Producers have come forward to present the E15 Ethanol Bandit Challenge at Madison International Speedway.  Racing events are scheduled for July 25, August 8, August 15, and August 29 and are all part of the weekly racing program at MIS.  Any MIS legal Bandit car is welcome to participate regardless of whether or not you are a new driver.

The purpose of the E15 Ethanol Bandit Challenge is to get new drivers into the sport as there are extra incentives for the “young guns” in local racing.  Drivers with less than three years of racing experience (any division) can qualify for a chance to win a $500 bonus by being the first of the eligible drivers across the finish line.  This incentive applies for the four dates listed above.

To be eligible for the “Young Gun” incentive in the E15 Ethanol Challenge drivers must have less than three years of racing experience, driver / car owner must show proof of purchase of a minimum of 10 gallons of E15 Ethanol at Pathfinder Chassis, and the car must run an E15 Ethanol Challenge window decal.

Veteran drivers with an MIS legal Bandit car are eligible to compete in these events even if you are not part of the E15 Ethanol Challenge.

Bandit Shootout on August 1st

On Friday, August 1st MIS will be hosting the Bandit Shootout that pays $500 to the winner and $100 to start.  Drivers will be competing in a 25 lap feature to see who will be the “King of the Ring.”

 Rules questions can be directed to Dave Oswald at 608.839.5507.

 Purchase a Membership / Get Two Pit Passes Each Week

 Drivers who pay a $50 membership will receive two free pit passes every time they race.   This program has been available all season.

 Thanks to the Wisconsin Corn Growers and the United Wisconsin Grain Producers for making these incentives possible.