Reynolds Jr., Arneson, and Schneider Visit Victory Lane on Salute to America Night

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Reynolds Jr., Arneson, and Schneider Visit Victory Lane

by John Wells

Jon Reynolds Jr. (BIg 8 Late Models), Jake Arneson (Great Northern Sportsman Series), and Jerry Schneider (Vintage) won feature races as part of Salute to America Night at Madison International Speedway.  Capping off the evening’s events was a spectacular fireworks display from ThunderCat.

Jon Reynolds Jr. Goes Wire to Wire to Win Big 8 Feature

Jon Reynolds Jr. won the 48 lap feature for the Big 8 Late Models on Salute to America Night at Madison International Speedway.

Reynolds Jr. and Kevin Knuese paced the field of twenty-four to the green flag.  Reynolds Jr. took the lead from the top with Dan Lensing, Dale Nottestad, and Bobby Wilberg up to second through fourth.  Nottestad and Wilberg were both able to pass Lensing on lap 5 but were still eight lengths behind the leader.  The caution flag came out on lap 8 when Chris Marek’s machine stopped on the backstretch.

Reynolds Jr. maintained the lead with Nottestad, Wilberg, Tim Sargent, and Knuese in pursuit before the caution flag came out  on lap 8 when Brady Liddle’s car spun in turn three.  Wilberg had mechanical issues and was forced to take his car to the pits ending his night.

The race stayed green for just one lap before Michael Clapper spun on the backstretch.  On the restart Reynolds Jr. and Nottestad jumped ahead of the field followed by Sargent, Knuese, and Lensing.  A spin in turn two brought out the caution flag on lap 14.

Reynolds Jr. and Nottestad once again put more than ten lengths between themselves and the field while Lensing and Sargent were fighting it out for third.  By lap 25 Reynolds Jr. had built a five car length lead over Nottestad with Lensing a distant third followed by Knuese and Sargent.  On lap 33 Reynolds Jr. had to slow to get around lapped traffic allowing Nottestad to cut into his lead.  But two laps later the lead was back to seven car lengths and growing.  On lap 42 Casey Johnson was up to fourth after passing Knuese.

Only a caution flag could slow down Reynolds Jr., but it didn’t happen tonight as he cruised to victory lane.  Nottestad finished second followed by Lensing, Johnson, and Austin Nason.

“I’ve spent most of my life up here watching my dad and other people race…I just love this place.  It’s cool winning here,” said Reynolds Jr. from victory lane.

J Herbst won the twelve lap last chance race with Michael Clapper, Dave Edwards, and Casey Strese also transferring.

Transferring to the feature from the qualifying races were Bill Baumeister and Casey Johnson from the first race and  Steve Dobbratz and Mike Ehde from the second.

Jon Reynolds Jr. won the first six lap dash while Kevin Knuese took home the win in the second. Both races determined the starting fourteen in the feature.

Bobby Wilberg set fast time in qualifying with a lap of 18.930 (95.087 mph).

Big 8 Feature:  1-10) Reynolds Jr., Nottestad, Lensing, Johnson, Nason, Knuese, Sargent, Pawelski, Goldade, Bernhagen
11-20)  Meyerhofer, Dobbratz, DeAngelis Jr., Morrissey, Baumeister, Herbst, Gille, Edwards, Strese, Ehde
21-24)  Clapper, Liddle, Wilberg, Marek

Big 8 Last Chance Race: Herbst, Clapper, Edwards, Strese, Brutti, Miller, Freimund, Poehnelt, Gille, Philips, Olson, Jasinski, Morrissey

Big 8 Qualifying Race #1:  Baumeister, Johnson, Herbst, Brutti, Miller, Gille, Goodwin, Jasinski, Freimund, Morrissey, Evraets
Big 8 Qualifying Race #2:  Dobbratz, Ehde, Edwards, Clapper, Strese, Poehnelt, Phillips, Olson, Kirberger, Edmunds

Big 8 Dash #1: Reynolds Jr., Lensing, Nottestad, Wilberg, Nason, DeAngelis Jr., Liddle
Big 8 Dash #2: Knuese, Pawleski, Meyerhofer, Sargent, Bernhagen, Marek, Goldade

Big 8 Qualifying:  1-10)  Bobby Wilberg, Chris Marek, Austin Nason, Tim Sargent, Dale Nottestad, Ryan Goldade, John DeAngelis Jr., Mike Meyerhofer, Brady Liddle, Jesse Bernhagen  11-20) Dan Lensing, Gregg Pawleski, Jon Reynolds Jr., Kevin Knuese, Casey Johnson, Brent Edmunds, Jake Gille, Mike Ehde, Bill Baumeister, Steve Dobbratz, 21-30)  Shane Morrissey, Kyle Kirberger, J Herbst, Dave Edwards, Andy Evraets, Shayne Poehnelt, Wayne Freimund, Michael Clapper, Mark Miller, Craig Phillips, 31-36)  Tony Brutti, Nick Nolden, Collin Olsen, Garrett Goodwin, Tom Jasinski, Casey Strese
Jake Arneson Rolls to Victory Lane in Sportsman Feature
Jake Arneson won the twenty-five lap feature for the Great Northern Sportsman Series.

Twenty-four Great Northern Sportsman Series cars came to the green flag paced by Chris Weber and Matt Lundberg.  The caution flag came out on lap 2 when the car of Jason Dunn spun in turn two. Weber maintained his lead after the restart with Lundberg in pursuit.  Working his way up through the field was Bill Prietzel who moved into third on lap 5 and was up to challenge Lundberg before the caution flag waved when Tim Coley’s car slowed with a flat tire.

Weber was able to lead for another lap before being overtaken by Prietzel on lap 7 before Michael Gilomen brought out the caution on the backstretch.  Prietzel increased his lead on the restart with Weber in second followed by Ryan Goldade, Jake Arneson, and Don Wickstrum.  On lap 10 the caution flag came out for an incident on the backstretch that ended Kody Hubred’s night.

Prietzel was off the pace on the restart allowing both Weber and Arneson to take the top two spots.  Goldade moved into second on lap 13 and worked his way to the outside of Weber as the two traded paint going down the front stretch as they battled for the lead.

Everything broke loose on lap 15 when Weber and Goldade made contact in turn four sending Goldade spinning and bringing out the caution flag. As a result Weber was sent to the back giving the lead to Arneson followed by Devin Schmidt,  Dusty Mann, Mike Taylor, and Chad Smith.

Arneson continued to lead after the restart as the top five remained the same.  Despite another caution flag for a spin, Arneson was able to maintain his advantage and make his first-ever visit to MIS a good one as he picked up the win.  Schmidt finished second followed by Mann, Taylor and Jason Thoma.

Chris Weber and Don Wickstrum won the six lap dash races.  Michael Gilomen and Rick Johnson won the eight lap qualifying heats.

25 Lap Feature:  1-10)  Arneson, Schmidt, Mann, Taylor, Thoma, Smith, Coley, Weber, Sellner, Js.Dummer, 11-20)  Dunn, Leis, Bragg, Alken, Rece, Wickstrum, Gilomen, Goldade, Jm. Dummer, Prietzel, 21-24) Johnson, Hubred, Robinson, Lundberg

GNSS Dash #1: Weber, Schmidt, Rece, Hubred, Coley, Thoma
GNSS Dash #2: Wickstrum, Goldade, Mann, Prietzel, Arneson, Lundberg
GNSS Qualifier #1: Gilomen, Smith, Taylor, Robinson II, Js. Dummer, Jm. Dummer
GNSS Qualifier #2: Johnson, Dunn, Leis, Sellner, Bragg, Alken

Great Northern Sportsman Series Qualifying:1. Kody Hubred (Utica, WI), 2. Bill Prietzel (Richfield, WI), 3. Jason Thoma (Jefferson, WI), 4. Ryan Goldade (Stoughton, WI), 5. Will Rece (Stoughton, WI), 6. Jake Arneson (Taylor, WI), 7. Tim Coley (Madison, WI), 8. Don Wickstrum (Monroe, WI), 9. Devin Schmidt (Belle Plaine, MN), 10. Matt Lundberg (Rockford, IL), 11. Chris Weber (Sparta, WI), 12. Dusty Mann (Farmington, MN), 13. Mike Taylor (Stoughton, WI), 14. Jason Dunn (Madison, WI), 15. Jason Dummer (Holmen, WI), 16. Rick Johnson (West Salem, WI), 17. Chad Smith (Machesney Park, IL), 18. Jason Bragg (Machesney Park, IL), 19. Michael Gilomen (Nerstrand, MN), 20. Tony Leis (Middle Ridge, WI), 21. Johnny Robinson II (South Beloit, IL), 22. Dillon Sellner (Farmington, MN), 23. Harm Alken (Prior Lake, MN), 24. Brandon Skolaski (Evansville, WI), 25. Jamie Dummer (Tomah, WI), 

Jerry Schneider Tops the Vintage Racing Field

Jerry Schneider won the 8 lap feature for the Vintage cars.
Tim Everson took the early lead in the Vintage feature with Jerry Schneider taking the top spot on lap 2.  Rex Rossier was up to second on lap 3 and tried to work his way to the inside to take the lead.  Schneider was able to hold off Rossier for the win followed by Royce Rossier, Bob Heine, and Everson.
Bob Heine won the six lap heat race for the Vintage cars.
Vintage Feature:  Jerry Schneider, Rex Rossier, Royce Rossier, Bob Heine, Tim Everson
Vintage Heat Race:  Bob Heine, Rex Rossier, Jerry Schneider, Royce Rossier, Tim Everson

There will be no racing at Madison on July 4th so the next event will be Round Two of the Super Late Model Triple Crown Challenge Series that pays $4000 to the winner on Friday, July 11th.  The Sportsman and Bandits will also be in action.  For more information  about racing at MIS checkout the track website at