Madison International Speedway

2014 Super Late Model Rules



As pertains to carb spacers, the top of a plenum divider (if applicable) must be flat and parallel to the top of the intake manifold.

Updated 1-31-2014 (Download PDF)

Super Late Model Weekly Payout

1-5:  $1000 / $750 / $600 / $500 / $400

6-10:  $350 / $325 / $300 / $275 / $250

11+: $250

B and B Lawn Care Dash:  Payout for overall points in dash events at end of season

1st- $500  2nd- $400  3rd- $300  4th- $200 5th- $100  6th- $100

Super Late Model Triple Crown Challenge Payout

$2500 to win / $500 to start


The Guidelines and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These guidelines shall govern the condition of events and participation therein. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of events and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator, or official. The Director of competition, or his authorized designate, shall be empowered to permit minor deviation from any of the guidelines and or regulations herein, or impose any further restriction, which, in his or her opinion, does not alter the purpose of the organization. Deviation of these guidelines and or regulations will be the responsibility of MIS officials, whose decisions are final.

MIS will follow Midwest Tour rules, with minor deviations as listed below. MIS reserves the right to add variations to the Midwest Tour rules.

MIS may change any rule at any time in an effort to reduce the cost of racing, maintain equal competition, or improve safety.

                 1. FRONT AND REAR TREAD WIDTH 

 Maximum width allowed is 66”, (no weight reduction allowed for less than 65”). Measurement taken with frame height set no lower than 3” on left side and 3 1/2” on right side.

                 2. WEIGHT 

 Weight for all 4 bbl. cars will be 2750 lbs., and 58% maximum left side.

 Weight for all 2 bbl. cars will be 2725 lbs., and 59% maximum left side.

 Gas allowance is one pound per lap.

                 3. CARBURETOR 

9 to 1 engines are allowed, at maximum, to run a gauge legal 390 CFM 4 bbl. carb, part # 6895 or #80507. Booster bar may be removed from the center of the booster. Maximum allowed is .473” inside diameter of boosters. Boosters may be tapered from the center seam down, and must retain .700” minimum length. All four boosters must be the same style. No other modifications allowed.

All other engines are allowed, at maximum, to run a gauge legal 750 CFM 4 bbl. carb, part # 4779 or #80528, or a gauge legal 650 CFM 4 bbl. carb, part #80541 with no modifications or epoxy on boosters.

Midwest Tour 4412 2 bbl. carb allowed on all engines, (see weight rule above).

Whichever carb option is used for qualifying (2 or 4 bbl.), must be maintained for the remainder of that event.


4 bbl. carb spacers are limited to 1” maximum thickness (1 1/8” including gaskets), may be straight or tapered bore, no part may extend into intake manifold. 2 bbl. carb spacers must follow Midwest Tour rules.


 GM cast iron engines must be located so that the furthest forward spark plug is no more than 2 1/2” behind the front axle centerline. Measurement is taken from center of spark plug hole. Ford, Chrysler, and LS allowed 4 1/2”, measured as above. Minimum crankshaft height is 10”, front and rear, measured with ride height set at 4”.

6. MISC.

 All bodies must conform to ABC body rules. Body measurements taken with frame height set at 4”. No shifting allowed on restarts.


Hoosier F25 left, Hoosier F48 right, and must use the same four tires for all of the days events , (qualifying, dash, heats, qualifying races, semi-feature and feature). Bleeders are not allowed.


 All drivers must have a spotter (labeled with car number or name) in the designated spotter area during all racing events.


 Tow hooks on front and rear required.


 Required and installed no more than 12” above track surface, with unobstructed view of the track, and arrow pointing down. Location is mandatory: forward from center of rear axle to center of transponder is 8”.


 Your final finishing position will be determined after all applicable cars have passed thru tech. Drivers finishing behind disqualified drivers will have their finishing position adjusted upward, and points and money will be awarded based on that result.


  Not allowed.


 The chart below will be applied for violations as shown. Once a penalty has been applied, a subsequent violation will be counted as 2nd offense, etc., regardless of category. Also, on championship night, manipulation of this system to improve your position in the point standings will not be allowed

                                                                                                           POINTS            FINE

 WEIGHT                   1 TO 5     lbs. Lite             1st Offense             Warning                0

                                                                            2nd Offense          10 Points               0

                                                                            3rd Offense           20 Points            $50


                                   6 TO 25    lbs. Lite           1st Offense            10 Points             $25

                                                                            2nd Offense           20 Points            $50

                                                                            3rd Offense            40 Points            $75


                                   Over 25    lbs. Lite            1st Offense              DQ                  DQ


POINTS            FINE

 LEFT %                    0.1 TO 0.2 % High              1st Offense            Warning              0

                                                                            2nd Offense         10 Points              0

                                                                            3rd Offense          20 Points            $50


                                   0.3 TO 0.5%                     1st Offense         10 Points             $25

                                                                            2nd Offense        20 Points             $50

                                                                            3rd Offense         40 Points             $75


                                   OVER 0.6% High             1st Offense        20 Points           $75

                                                                            2nd Offense            DQ                 DQ


                                                                                                           POINTS              FINE

 TRACK                    1/16” TO 1/8” Wide            1st Offense             Warning                0

                                                                            2nd Offense            10 Points             0

                                                                            3rd Offense             20 Points          $50


                                   3/16” TO 1/2″ Wide         1st Offense             10 Points            $25

                                                                            2nd Offense            20 Points         $50

                                                                            3rd Offense            40 Points          $75


                                   OVER 1/2″ Wide           1st Offense               20 Points           $75

                                                                            2nd Offense               DQ                 DQ